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Whomp, Whomp

Whomp, whomp, a Tuesday rainy and dreary day here, typical.  Glad you all enjoyed the few photos from my wedding weekend in Wisconsin.  If anything, the trip solidified my desire to have a destination wedding somewhere fun and tropical.  It was nice having everyone at the wedding staying in the same resort, mine and Darren’s room even connected to some of the other guests.  Less stress, less people, more fun for everyone!

A few things to answer that were addressed in the comments section:

  1. Ya’ll are too kind about my hair, seriously!  Thank you for the compliments, and I too am loving being back to my dark roots.
  2. Yes, the bride did in fact show up to the reception 5 hours later still in her wedding dress.  As far as I know, she had it on all day because Dar didn’t even make it back to our hotel room until 4 pm.
  3. My nude pumps are Colin Stuart, via Victoria’s Secret.  For 4.5 inch heels they were surprisingly comfortable, and I had no problems in them.  I did take them off once I got drunk and wanted to dance though.  They can be found here.
  4. My dress I scored super cheap at the BCBG outlet, and I felt like I belonged on Mad Men in it.  Which you probably guessed, made me very happy.  It was also fun to twirl in.
  5. Someone thinks he needs to buy a house to live in before buying a diamond, so as much fun as a proposal in the near future would be, I’m placing bets on Spring 2012 sometime.  As Dar told the woman helping us Sunday, it took him 6 months to decide to spend $800 on a pressure washer, soooo…
  6. There is no six, but I hate ending on an odd number.

Somehow I made it through my word day yesterday without falling asleep, it was a miracle.  I did not, however, get a workout in.  Those will resume today, hopefully.  My night was not very exciting either.  It involved crawling into my bed at 7 pm and watching a few hours of Mad Men before passing out.  It also involved a lot of text messages to Darren about how much our situation sucks.  The first few days home after a visit are always the worst… whomp, whomp.

Luckily I have another busy weekend ahead of me to keep my mind off of it.  My good friend Michelle is having her bridal shower/bachelorette party this weekend and I am pumped.  I haven’t seen my friends from home since I was there at Easter, so this should be a lot of fun.  Another exhausting weekend of travel, but worth it.

I hope you all have a lovely day.  Bye.

In Which I Ramble, A Lot

Two more days until I head out to Wisconsin to see my loveeee!  Hooray!  Although, in looking at my flight info, I see I’m not scheduled to land in DC until 11 pm on Sunday night.  Why do I always think that’s a good idea?  It never is, especially when I need to be in work at 7 am on Monday morning.  Sigh.

Yesterday during lunch I finally had the opportunity to take one of the fitness classes at the work gym.  I have missed spin class dearly since dropping my old gym for the one located across the street, and a 12:15 pm class worked for me yesterday.  Unfortunately, it sucked.  Big time.  The music was blah, the instructor was not good, and if I hadn’t cranked my resistance up where I knew it should be, it would have been the lamest workout of all time.

There were a lot of first timers in the class, so I can understand taking it easy, but at least throw out some alternatives for those of us who have taken a class before.  This instructor was all about hill climbs, but kept us in the saddle for all the tracks except one, I would like to work other muscles in my legs please!  She never specified hand positions on the bike, where your RPMs should be, and she was recommending the resistance between 1-6.  Uh, I kept mine between 11-19.  Extremely disappointing :(.  I think one of the other trainers teaches a class sometimes, so I’ll have to ask her when she’ll be teaching and check it out.

After work I headed home to again immerse myself in the world of daytime drinking, casual sex, and two packs a day.  Dre and I are somewhere near the end of Season 2 I believe, and dreading the day when we’re all caught up and have to wait for episodes to air in real time.  We have also decided that what they say is true, if you watch enough smoking on TV, sure enough you’ll want a cigarette.  It doesn’t help that both of us used to enjoy a cig with our booze either, sigh.  Thankfully there is no longer a 7 Eleven across the street.

Ok, now for some beauty tips, because I am clearly qualified to give them.  Or not, but whatever.  I’m a sucker for marketing, and having naturally curly hair that becomes unruly in the summer humidity, I’ve missed having it straight.  So, when I saw the commercials for the new 3-Day Straight from Frizz Ease I had to try it.  I haven’t tried to wear my hair straight since I was in Chicago in June, it’s that bad.  Also, trying to blow dry without air conditioning is torture in and of itself, but that’s a story for another day.

So, I showered, sprayed the crap throughout my wet hair, blew dry it, and then took my straightener to it.  I was super impressed with how straight and shiny it was right off the bat, but the real test came when we went outside.  It was 98 and humid on Sunday, and my hair stayed straight and smooth while walking around outside, after sleeping on it, and after my sweaty spin workout yesterday.  Granted I didn’t wet my whole head, but what did get wet from a combo of sweat/shower spray, stayed straight when I dried it, without a brush.  It’s in a pony tail today, because it’s looking a little greasy, but still super straight.  I totally recommend this shit to all my frizzy/curly haired ladies.  And no, I did not get compensated for this review, I just feel your pain.  Proof?  This was yesterday:

And then today:

Not too bad for $9.99.  I like it.  Yes, I am making weird faces, I dunno, that’s just how I look.  Also, my hair will only look like that for another 8 hours, as I’m getting it done tonight.  Pray for my head, who knows what I’ll do.

TV is My Friend

Well, this past weekend was everything I wanted it to be.  Full of wine, TV, relaxation, and time with my couch.  I also accidentally went shopping and spent too much money, but that’s typical.  It really wasn’t my fault though, I had a $100 off coupon to Coach that expired on July 31, and I couldn’t let it go to waste.  I bought this, I really did need a black purse that can be used as a clutch and dressy bag for weddings and such.

I also bought that new Frizz Ease three-day straight crap, which I am in the process of reviewing, and from what I can tell it’s not crap at all.  I used it yesterday, and then ventured out in the 99 degree heat to run errands, eat lunch, etc, it’s still super straight today even after sleeping.  I’ll update you all tomorrow on the progress.  Yes, I will take one for the team and not wash my hair for a few days.

On Saturday night I discovered Netflix had release all of Mad Men to their instant queue, and yesterday I spent about 9 hours watching it with Adrienne.  I officially have an obsession, his name is Jon Hamm, aka Don Draper, aka sexy man beast.  However, did you know he’s only 5’11” ?  He looks so much larger than that on TV, it must be the shoulders…. mmm the shoulders, so broad and manly.  Oh, sorry, I got distracted.  Uh, thank god I get to see my boyfriend in three days, that’s all I have to say about that.  Although it was funny to hear the random comments popping out of mine and Adrienne’s mouth throughout the day.  Example:

Don to his daughter: “It’s ok, you can ride me around the living room.” (she wanted to go horse back riding with Betty)
Me: “I’ll ride you around the living room like a horse.”
Adrienne: “Mmmmhmmmm.”

Please send help, or men, the Mad Men marathon continues tonight.

I also watched the TLC special on Nick Lachey and Vanessa Manillo’s wedding, and at first it just made me miss Newlyweds, but the two of them as a couple grew on me.  Their wedding in the BVI looked really fun also.  Although, if I was interpreting conversations correctly, I don’t think she does a certain thing that men typically always want done.  Poor guy, first he marries Jess who wouldn’t give it up until marriage, and now he can’t get something else done.  Anyone else watch?  Did you interpret that also?

Alright, I’m out, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.