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I did it for America

So yesterday ended up flying by, and I’m betting the two-hour lunch I accidentally took had something to do with that.  Don’t worry though, it was for America so it’s ok.  I headed over to the gym at noon exactly so I could watch the woman’s World Cup game on TV while getting a workout in.  I ellipticalled for the entire first half, 50 minutes, stretched during the break, and did some abs once the game came back on.  At one point I was just sitting on the bench in the locker room watching, oops.  Of course I ended up leaving the TV right before US scored two goals and put the game in the bag, but I’m glad I got to see most of it.

I had to run some errands after work, which included trying to exchange a pair of crops at lululemon.  I ordered a pair online, they sent me the wrong size, and of course now my size is sold out online and out of stock in all my local stores.  However, they have great customer service, found a pair in my size and color preference in Santa Barbra, and now I just need to head back into my Clarendon store to get the exchange done.  I managed to walk out yesterday without buying anything, but I don’t know if my will power is strong enough to do that two days in a row.

Since I had paid for parking up until 6 pm, I decided to wander around a little bit and use up the time.  I ended up in Whole Foods, which could have been a disaster, but somehow I managed to walk up and down every aisle and only buy wine and mashed potatoes from the hot bar.  They were some damn good mashed potatoes too, and all I ended up eating for dinner, well along with some wine of course.

My appetite has been really strange lately, I’m still hungry for breakfast and lunch, but haven’t had an appetite for dinner.  Usually I ignore that and eat anyway because I like food, but last night I couldn’t even think about eating.  It’s not even that I’m just not hungry, I’ve been having stomach aches too.  I don’t know, weird, whatever.

While enjoying my wine, I was perusing Netflix and decided to watch Brothers with Natalie Portman, Toby Maguire, and Jake G.  Holy depressing.  Seriously, I don’t even know if I have an opinion other than that.  Well except that Jakey G looks sexy as hell with tattoos and Toby did a really good job of portraying a crazy person.  Although you couldn’t pay me enough to think that Natalie Portman has two children, nope.  But general review, it made me want to open another bottle of wine and drown in it.

I’m pretty excited for this weekend, my college roommate arrives in town today, my little sis gets here tomorrow, and Monday is my birthday!  I haven’t seen my sister since her college graduation back in May, and I miss her, plus she’s bring presents with her and that’s always cool.  I kid Col, I kid.  Anyway, have a great day!

I’m a Red Head Now

Last night as I was waiting for my prescription to be refilled, I made the poor decision to wander down the hair dye aisle of the pharmacy.  I haven’t had my hair colored since November of 2009, and the remnants of my blonde highlights hanging out at the bottom of my hair had really started to look orange and coppery.  I was not a fan.  After a quick decision, I headed home with a box of Auburn hair color.  I got a little nervous when the dye immediately turned purple after mixing it together, but overall I think I am a fan of my new “red” hair.

I’ll try to get some better pictures as the weekend progresses.  After taking my hair into my own hands, the rest of Friday night was very, very relaxed.  It involved wine and McDonalds, yup and it was delicious.  This morning I headed over to the gym around 9:30 to get a work out in.  I actually had a really good run and did about 3.8 miles in 35 minutes followed by 15 minutes on the elliptical.

I’d been dreaming about Wunder Unders for a while now, so after the gym I decided to head over to lululemon to scoop up a pair.  When I walked in the door and immediately saw the amazing Savasana Wraps laying on a table, I knew I’d be going home with one of those also.  I went a little crazy, and bought way to much stuff, so now I need to stay away for months, but I’m pretty happy with my purchases.

Modern Racer Tank, Cool Racerback, Savasana Wrap, Wunder Unders, Fast in Flight Tote.  I don’t want to put real clothes on today, can’t I just live in my new lululemon purchases?  Please?  Unfortunately I don’t think stretchy pants and hoodies are going to be completely acceptable for the day since Adrienne are going to head into DC to watch some football.  Maybe I can get away with leggings.

Have a great Saturday!

Last Day!

Today is officially my last day at work, and while I’m sad to be leaving the friends I made here over the past three years, I can’t wait to move on and start my new life in VA!  Moving day is in one week and I still have a ton to do, like make it through my first half marathon.

Last night was supposed to be my last run of my training plan, but by the time I got home from work I really didn’t feel like doing it.  I also got to thinking, throughout my entire training plan I was doing a short run on Thursday followed by my long run on Saturday.  One day of rest in between, and it worked pretty well.  Why should I switch up that routine now, so I think I’m just going to go out for a short 2-3 miles this afternoon instead.  Or maybe not, we’ll see :).  Instead of running I gave myself a pretty holiday manicure.

In my opinion, anything with sparkles is holiday themed, although my sister and boyfriend disagree with me on this matter.  And yes, I do have the smallest hands/fingers/nails ever, I know.  And a burn from my straightener on one finger, cute.

To celebrate my last day at work today, my girls are taking me out for one last lunch, and then we are having ice cream cake.  I’m not supposed to know about the cake, but my boss accidentally copied me on the email, although I don’t think he knows he did.  Meh whatever, haha, ice cream cake is my absolute favorite thing ever so I’m pretty excited for this afternoon.  I also have this currently burning a hole in my pocket.

That would be a $50 gift card to Lululemon that I won last month, and I’m hoping (seriously fingers crossed here) that I’ll get to leave work early and have a chance to hit up the one in Princeton and get home before rush hour traffic.  Tonight I plan to rest on the couch with my feet up, hydrating with some water, and trying to avoid the wine.  There’s just something wrong about not having a cocktail on a Friday night, especially when it’s your last day of work, but I think I can make it until Sunday to celebrate.

Tomorrow morning I have plans to meet Steph and Chrissey at the expo to pick up our race packets and then grab some food.  Pretty excited for the expo, not going to lie.  The only other one I’ve been to was for Broad Street two years ago, and I didn’t stay long or really check it out.   Again, if you want to receive text updates Sunday, here is the link!  The weather is still looking good for Sunday, at 6 am the forecasted temperature is 36 degrees.  With a race start time of 7 am, I’m thinking capris and a light long-sleeve shirt?  If I get too hot I can just push the sleeves up, I don’t want to have to worry about having my number pinned to a heavy long sleeve layer and then moving it around if I decide to lose a layer.  Blah, I don’t know! Haha.

Oh, and good news, despite still being wide awake at 11 pm, I managed to eventually fall asleep and sleep through the entire night!  So that’s at least one good night’s sleep before the race.  We’ll see how tonight and tomorrow go.  Happy Friday everyone!