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Hamburger Helper

I was stalking UPS tracking all day yesterday watching my shipping status update and hoping my purchases from Victoria’s Secret would be on my doorstep when I got home from work.  They were not.  I sadly trudged up the stairs to pull on my swimsuit and headed out to the gym.

The pool last night was the most crowded I have ever seen it.  Usually for at least some length of my swim I am the only person in the pool, but last night every lane had someone in it at all times.  Luckily for me I managed to grab one while it was empty and didn’t have to share, I hate sharing.  I did my usual workout and felt pretty good.  During my warm-up my arms and legs felt heavy, but that went away by the time I started my sets.  After my pool work-out, which took about 35-40 minutes, I walked on the treadmill at an incline for 15 minutes.  I was going to do 25, but my hip started to feel funny so I cut the time short.  Then the necessary stretches and ab work.

When I walked up to my front door after the gym, there was a large box sitting on my front stoop.  I may have let out a little squeal of glee :).  Speaking of Glee, it came back last night, wooo!  Anyway, I immediately ripped open the box and tried on my new digs.

Horrible Crackberry pic, but I sent it to the bf also.  It occurred to me only after looking at everything that I ordered the two tube tops in JMU colors, haha do we think I loved my college?  I also got a pair of Havaianas flip-flops and a dress.  I love getting things in the mail, so exciting!

Dinner was a homemade Hamburger Helper.  I used a box of Trader Joe’s organic white cheddar mac and cheese, and the last of my leftover hamburgers from last week.  Funny thing though, we were out of regular milk so I used 3 tbsp of Vanilla Soy Milk, interesting.  The mac and cheese definitely had a vanilla taste to it, still good though.

Yum.  While the TJ’s mac and cheese isn’t as cheesy as the Kraft 3 cheese, I still think it’s just as tasty.  Then for dessert I had a Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Bar.

I love these things, they are so good.  I enjoyed my dessert while watching last nights episode of LOST.  Which is getting crazy, btw.  I definitely let out a holy shit last night while watching at one point.  Still loving it though, the previews for next week featured that crazy ass song from Willy Wonka and totally creeped me out, weird.

So I think the boyfriend is coming tomorrow, although I’m not quite sure because he hasn’t told me whether it will be Thursday or Friday.  Also, I think he may have finally decided on a law school so we may be celebrating that this weekend.  Happy Wednesday everyone!

July, is that you?

Yesterday on my drive home from work the thermometer in my car hit 90 degrees, 90!  It is definitely feeling more like July than April, which would be lovely because my birthday is in July.  Except I’ll be turning 25 so maybe not, hmm… anyway.  Last night I hit the pool for a workout, and just kept imagining myself swimming outside, instead of inside in an echoing chlorine filled crap hole.  I’ve had some requests for this, and because I like to embarrass myself on the internet I decided to comply.

Sexy, isn’t it?  Haha I look awful.  Also it occurred to me after purchasing that suit that my high schools colors were navy and gold, and now I look like a member of the swim team.  I actually did get mistaken for a real swimmer last night.  The guy in the lane next to me asked who I swam for, and I was like oh, I don’t.  Apparently he doesn’t typically see people doing actual sets, to which I explained I’d get too bored just to aimlessly swim laps so I need a plan.  The workout last night was this:

Warm-up: 200 Swim.
Set 1:

  • 8 X 50 Swim. 1-2 @ 85%, 3-4 @ 90%, 5-6 @ 95%, 7-8 @ 100% (30-second rest)

Set 2:

  • 6 X 50 Swim. 1-3 @ 90%, 4-6 @ 90+% (25-second rest)

Set 3:

  • 4 X 50 Swim. Make each 50 faster than the previous. (20-second rest)

Set 4:

  • 2 X 50 Swim. Sprint. (60-second rest)

Cool Down: 200 swim, 200 Pull

Total distance: 1600

It was intense, I liked it, all together it took me about 45 minutes, and then I attempted some aqua jogging. I’m not really sure if I was doing it correctly 1) because I don’t have the floaty belt thing and 2) the pool isn’t deep enough where I can go that I don’t touch the bottom.  I did half a workout I found and then called it quits.  All together about 55 minutes in the pool.  I did some stretching and abs after, but then my stomach started to growl uncontrollably and I knew it was time to go home.

Again nothing exciting for dinner, this week is operation eat all the leftovers, so I had some leftover turkey and mashed potatoes from Easter (I totally typed Thanksgiving the first time).

And then because I needed some fruits and veggies in my life, I had a glass of red wine and some chips and salsa :).  I am sad to report that Kate is still a contestant on DWTS, poor old Buzz got sent home.  At least he was a cute old man, I would have much rather watched him then Kate stomp around like a clumsy dinosaur.  Obviously the most important part of my night last night, was Lost!  The episode was all about Desmond, and if I can get the bf to start talking in a Scottish accent and saying brotha, I will be one happy girl.  So sexy.  I think the episode was an attempt to answer some questions, but for anyone who watches doesn’t it look like they sent Desmond on the time travel loop of death again?  Aahhh I love this show!

Did anyone else participate in the #fitblog chat on Twitter last night?  It was INTENSE, I was barely able to keep up!  I ended up giving up before we were finished, Lost required lots of attention.  Alright everyone, have a fantastic Wednesday!

Just keep swimming

Loved Finding Nemo, I think my girlfriends and I all went to see it Senior year of high school when it came out in theaters.  Just keep swimming is what I kept telling myself last night in the pool, even though my arms were tired and my head was full of water.  I have a serious problem with getting water in my ears, I think it might be time to invest in some ear plugs.  The last thing I need is something else, like swimmers ear, to piss me off.  Unless anyone can offer any tips to get water out of your ears, except jumping up and down like an idiot because that hasn’t been working.  I was a little nervous that the pool would be as crowded after work as the rest of the gym is, but when I got there only one other person was swimming, and they left before I was done.  I had the whole pool to myself for pretty much my entire workout.  Which I’m not going to lie creeped me out a little.  I just kept picturing scenes from horror movies over and over in my head.  Luckily there were no mass murderers on the loose in LA Fitness last night.  I did the same workout from Sunday, just the whole thing this time.

  • 50m free, 50m kick, 50m back warm up
  • 10×50 m free
  • 10×50  m kick
  • 200 m free

I’m going to try and look for another workout today, this one was good but I think I can do more next time.  After the gym I headed home to make dinner.  Last week I stocked up on tofu at Trader Joe’s and figured I should probably use it.  I knew we had all the necessary veggies on hand for tofu lo-mein, and decided to throw that together.  Check out the massive pile of veggies.

There’s eggplant, carrots, broccoli, yellow pepper, orange pepper, red pepper, and onion.  I also added some frozen corn because I had it, and well why not.  Normally I don’t use this much, and I think because of that my liquid portions were off, the noodles didn’t really have a chance to absorb a lot, which left some of them kind of hard.  It still tasted good though, and I ate it, I just need to remember to increase the other amounts when I am increasing the veggies.

I think I finally got the right amount of red pepper flakes down, because I didn’t feel like I was eating the sun, success!  After dinner I settled in on the couch for a dose of my addiction, Lost.  I don’t really have too much to say about this episode except that the last 2 minutes left me very excited for next week, and that’s all I’m going to say because the bf didn’t get a chance to watch it and he’ll yell at me if I give anything away before he does.

Yesterday, Amy over at Second City Randomness gave me the Sunshine Award!  Thanks Amy!

I’m going to pass this a long to a few people who always make me laugh in the mornings.

Lindsay at Goodies Galore because I have an obsession with her dog Eleanor and would love to cuddle with her.

Sarah at Washington Ran Here because her comments always make me laugh, and she feels my pain with our horrible weather this year.

Andrea at Can You Stay For Dinner because I want her to invite me over for dinner.

Steph at The Bright Side because her blog is relatively new like mine, she’s from the Philly area like me, and I like her.

I could go on and on, I really have an absurd amount of ya’ll in my Reader, but I’ll stop at four.  Hey good news kids, it’s Wednesday the week is half over!  Have a great one!