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A Little Detour

Wooo Friday!  Today is pretty much like a half day for me since I am leaving at 11 to attend the department Christmas party at some godknowswhere country club in MD.  And yes, I am wearing a Christmas outfit, in fact it’s the exact same outfit I wore to my company Christmas party last year.  New company this year means no one will know, haha.

Last night, thanks to some ill advice from my GPS, it took me almost two hours to get home.  I thought I’d be smart and use the detour feature to avoid some traffic, but instead ended up taking a lovely scenic tour of Maryland, DC, and Georgetown.  It was lovely really, and I drove past Georgetown Cupcake and saw them filming!  At least now I know where all the good shops are in GT?  Anyways, by the time I finally made it home I was in no mood to cook and just heated up some leftovers from Wednesday night, poured a glass of wine, and joined my roommates who were watching Love Actually.  Nothing like a sappy romantic comedy about Christmas to get you in the Holiday spirit!

Now, I know I posted my Winter Wish List a few weeks ago, but my mom asked for more ideas so here is Winter Wish List Part II!  My new house doesn’t come equipped with all the nice kitchen appliances that my mom accumulated over the years, so I really need some of my own.  First thing on the list, this AMAZING Kitchen Aid mixer.  I’m obsessed, which is why it’s on here despite the ridiculous price tag.  It does everything, everything, and comes in so many pretty colors!

Kitchen Aid Artisan Series

Second on the list, is a set of nice wine glasses.  The roommates and I have a bunch, but they’re all mismatched and pretty much leftover from our college days, and I really miss the giant fish bowl sized ones my mom used to have.

BIG Glass!

These have been showing up in the blog world a lot lately, and I think it’s because they really are the perfect gift for any runner/athlete.  They are a pretty way to organize all the race medals you get so that you can keep them on display with pride :).

Medal Organizer

 And of course, anything and everything from lululemon would be appreciated.  Maybe specifically a pair of Wunder Under tights?  I mean obviously I’ll be happy with anything that appears under the tree Christmas morning, but it’s always nice to have a list to go off of ;).

Also, thanks to anyone who offered up hair dresser advice.  It seems we are all on the same page when it comes to finding a good one.  1) it’s impossible 2) if you do, don’t ever leave.  Happy Friday!


All traveled out

Between staying up until almost midnight last night watching LOST, traveling from home to NYC, to Long Island, back to NYC, and home again I am exhausted.  I am so thankful that next Monday is a holiday and that if I can make it to Friday it will be a three-day weekend.

Ok, first things first.  Last night was the series finale of LOST, six years of questions supposedly wrapped up.  So how did I like it?  Well, I cried, I had questions, I got some answers, and once I had time to think about the ending I liked it.  Initially I was disappointed, but now I think I get it, and you know what, it works.  Now it’s time to start watching all over again, from the beginning.

On Friday night I arrived in Penn Station at 7:01, a few subway rides and an actual stop at Subway later and I was at the boyfriends apartment.  After a quick dinner and outfit change, we hopped in a cab to head uptown.  It was a beautiful night in the city and we spent it outdoors on a roof with this view.

The Empire State Building supporting both the Yankees and the Mets for the weekend.  The summertime in the city is my absolute favorite time to be there.  On Saturday morning, the bf and I went on a 2 mile run along the East River.  It was the perfect temperature, and a gorgeous sunny morning.  We tried to go to 16 Handles for some self-serve frozen yogurt after the run, but it didn’t open until noon!  Come on now, some people want frozen yogurt at 11 am, geez.

Then it was time to journey on out to Long Island to celebrate Megan’s graduation from Hofstra law.  Originally the plan was to come back to the city at some point, but that didn’t work out and I woke up on a couch still on Long Island on Sunday morning.  As usual when I get together with a bunch of college friends, things tend to be a little out of control.  Bring six cans of alcoholic energy drink into the picture, and things are even more out of control.

Yes, you are reading that correctly 9.9% alc/vol, with caffeine.  These are always for sharing, never for drinking alone.

Me with my favorite ladies, the graduate is in the blue dress.  It was a day/night full of drinking and eating, flip cup and fun.  Somehow we made it out to a bar later, but I’m not sure how long we were actually there for.

All of the empty JOOSE cans, terrifying.  Sadly, on Sunday morning it was time to head back into the city so that we could all make it home in time for LOST.  I think I spent more time in Penn Station this weekend than anywhere else.  That is never how a weekend should be spent.  It was a great time though, and always good to see everyone, especially those that came up from VA and MD.  After a brief nap back at the bf’s, I took a 5:00 train home and didn’t move from my couch for the rest of the night once I got there.

I love fun weekends, but seriously my body is hating me today and I still have to make it through physical therapy tonight.  Ugh.  How was everyone else’s weekend?  I’m about to go catch up on the Google Reader, does anyone else have any thoughts on LOST?

Let’s chat about injury’s

I thought I’d use todays post to talk about what’s going on with my leg.  For those of you who read on a daily basis you know I’ve been going to physical therapy since March 29, for help with my knee and hip.  For all you newer readers out there, here is why.

Back in January, I was really looking to amp up my mileage and pace in preparation for the 10 mile race I planned on running in May.  I went to Barnes and Noble, bought a book, and mapped out a plan.  This new plan included speed sessions, long runs, and interval training averaging out to 25-30 miles a week.  Before I started using this plan, I was running on average 15 miles a week over a 3 day period.  I don’t know what finally put me over the edge, but you can read about the weekend that did me in, here.

After the first real issues of pain, I took one day off from running, felt good on Monday and attempted to get my speed work out in.  You can read about how disastrously that went, here.  After that failed workout, I couldn’t walk normally for a week because bending and straightening my leg made me want to collapse in pain.  I made an appointment with an Orthopedist, and went to see him a week and a half later.  I mention the appointment here, but basically he told me what I was already suspecting.  That my IT Band was very tight and causing friction in my knee, which is what was causing the pain.  He recommended some stretches for me to do, suggested I take Aleve to reduce inflammation, and at least 10 more days off of running.  Silly me for thinking that would be the end of it.

Exactly 10 days later, I hopped on a treadmill hoping for good things.  Instead I barely made it out of the gym before bursting into tears.  That temper tantrum is documented here.  On March 25 I went back to the Orthopedist and four days later I started physical therapy.  My diagnosis is Illiotibial Band Syndrome of the right leg.  This is my favorite website about the injury, where I got all of the following pictures.

The ITB is actually a long tendon. (Tendons connect muscles to bone.) It attaches to a short muscle at the top of the pelvis called the tensor fascia lata. The ITB runs down the side of the thigh and connects to the outside edge of the tibia (shinbone) just below the middle of the knee joint. You can feel the tendon on the outside of your thigh when you tighten your leg muscles. The ITB crosses over the side of the knee joint, giving added stability to the knee.[source]

ITB Syndrome is basically it’s an overuse injury that occurs when the Bursa Sac in the knee becomes inflamed causing the ITB tendon to snap back and forth instead of gliding smoothly.

ITBS can be treated with physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, ultrasound treatments, and in some cases surgery.  If surgery is needed, the Bursa Sac is removed and the IT Band is cut so that friction is reduced when bending and straightening the leg.

Scary right?  That is what I am hoping to avoid.  So yeah, that’s my injury story so far, and I am in week 7 of physical therapy and still experiencing pain when I reach around 2 miles of running, and my hip cracks about once every 5 minutes.  Also, I am not a doctor this is just information I have found and wanted to share.  If you think you may have the same problem, please see a real doctor!

Ok, did I bore you all with my medical post?  I hope not! Las night I hit the pool for a swim and did my usual workout.

  • 200m warm-up
  • 5×80
  • 6×50
  • 4×50
  • 2×50
  • 200m cool-down

Still loving the pool, but not when I am the only person in it!  I really am a huge baby.  Dinner, per request of my sister, was delicious take-out Chinese food.

Plus two steamed pork dumplings, and half a veggie spring roll that went unpictured.  Then it was time for LOST.  I really loved last nights ep, the writers are doing a great job of providing answers as the series finale looms overhead.  I can’t wait to see what next week holds before the 2.5 hour long series finale on May 23!

Ok everyone have a happy Wednesday, for some reason I kept thinking today was Friday, which is not cool!