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I Have None of the Confidence…

In my ability to finish this race in 12 days on anything but my hands and knees. I did a long run on Saturday, and told myself if I couldn’t do six then the race wasn’t happening. Well, I wanted to turn around after one, but I am nothing if not stubborn so I somehow hung in there for another five. It hurt, and it was hard, and I felt like crapola the entire time (and the next day), but I did six, so as of right now the race is still a go. I predict death somewhere around Hains Point, so look for me there when you haven’t heard from me in a while.

Screen shot 2014-03-24 at 9.58.17 PM

I don’t know where those first three miles came from, probably part of the reason I wanted to keel over and die during the last one. Someone teach me how to control my pace? Thanks. My right IT Band is incredibly tight, because who doesn’t love old injuries that come back to play, but there’s no actual pain while running (I mean besides normal pain from pounding pavement for an hour) so I’m ignoring it for now and just stretching and foam rolling a lot. Guys, seriously though, am I going to die during this? Please tell me I’ll make it, haha.

After running, and then feeling depressing about my run, I pulled myself together for a night out with some of my favorite ladies. We hit up Cava in Clarendon for some wine and Tapas, which I annihilated because ya know, rungry. I was tempted to also hunt down a slice of pizza at the end of the night, but that probably had more to do with the 100 Bud Lights and Fireball than actual hunger. Unfortunately (fortunately for my waist line) the cab showed up before I could run away and buy a pizza.


We ended up at RiRa where there was a delightfully fun band playing, so we danced and drank, and then I spent all day Sunday on my couch in my sweatpants, because I felt I earned it. Come to think of it, the dancing is probably part of the reason why my legs and feet were extra sore Sunday. Oh and by dancing, I mean jumping around like an idiot.


P.S. It’s snowing

P.P.S It’s March 25




Winter, Part 3000

snowThis is happening again. Supposedly we’re getting another 5-9 inches today, so that’s fun. March, you are drunk. I’m working from home, because I’d rather not risk my life trying to do a commute that takes me 45 minutes on a good morning.

Prior to the 400,000 winter storm of the year, it was actually a pretty nice weekend. I got out for my long run on Saturday afternoon when it was a lovely 37 degrees (feels like 32) and partly cloudy. I wore my new favorite Nike capris and a lightweight long sleeve and was perfectly comfortable. Well, until I got in the shower and realized my sports bra chaffed my poor underboobs. You’re not livin’ till you head out for an evening with bandaids on your boobs.


I’m pretty happy with my overall consistency pace wise on this run, as I have a tendency to shall we say “blow my load” in the early miles and then die at the end. I hopped on the W & OD Trail, which conveniently runs behind my neighborhood, and headed down towards The Village of Shirlington, did a loop through there and around the dog park, and came back. I particularly love when I’m running through Shirlington and get hit with clouds of people’s cigarette smoke. Blech.

photo (9)

Mile 7 was basically all rolling hills, which is terrible when you’re tired and butt is on fire and you just want to be back at your house to lay and die on the sidewalk. I’m heading out to Chicago! on Friday to hang out with this chick, and I think I’ve convinced her to do a long run with me. Amy, it’s supposed to be 8 but I won’t be mad if we don’t do that many :).

I know I’m a little ( a lot) crazy, but I’ve really enjoyed my long runs in the cold and I swear on all things unholy if it is hot and humid on April 6 I will lose my mind and throw an immature temper tantrum. The end.

Into the Wind

You know what I like about Saturday long runs?  Second breakfast.  Before heading out on my 8 miler this morning, I stuffed a bagel thin with veggie cream cheese in my face and downed two cups of iced coffee.  I’m currently snacking on a giant yogurt bowl full of Fage, raspberry’s, and half of a chocolate chip Cliff kids bar.  And drinking more iced coffee.  You know what I don’t like about Saturday long runs?  Trying to put on jeans after.  Never fun.

Anywho, after Thursday’s brutal 4 miler I was not looking forward to todays run at all.  It took me a little while to get my butt out the door, but once I did I was glad to be out there.  It was warm and sunny, despite the 35 mph gusts of wind that were blowing in my face for the first 4 miles.  You have no idea how much I was look forward to turning around and having that wind at my back.  It wasn’t my fastest run, and I didn’t feel my best, but I finished and it wasn’t horrible.

Note the difference in pace once I turned around and wasn’t running straight into the wind.  I’m also now sporting a super geeky iPod armband tanline, yay.  The roommates and I are heading out to get pedicures in a little bit, and then over to a friend’s house for the remainder of the day/night.

Last night after work, I met the girls out before even heading home.  They were well ahead of me and had been drinking since the afternoon, so I quickly caught up and enjoyed the joys of drinking outside in warm weather.  At 9:30 when I was driving home, it was still 72 degrees out.  Spring is here!  For now at least.  Alright well I’m off to enjoy my Saturday, I hope you all do the same!