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Oblique Workout

Is it tomorrow yet?  Dar and I looked into switching his flight to today since he finished his last job early and I can work from home, but it was too expensive. So, tomorrow it is.  I have a lot to do tonight, including  finishing cleaning my bathroom, browning meat and onions and garlic for my spaghetti sauce tomorrow so I’m not cooking at 7 am tomorrow, and making myself pretty.  That last one is the most annoying since I typically am a hot mess with my hair in a ponytail at work.

On Monday I did an awesome oblique workout that I found in Women’s Health and I wanted to share it with you guys.

I used 12 lb dumbbells and I’m still feeling it today.  Also, that second one where you rotate, awesome for the shoulders too.  Try it!

I have to teach a two-hour training class today, blaaaaaah, on top of all my regular work so hopefully the day passes quickly.  Anyway, that’s all I’ve really got for ya today, pretty much just wanted to share that workout.  Later!

Hurting Today

Well, I’m glad I’m not the only one who sometimes forgets their age.  It makes me feel better about losing my mind, so thanks for that.  Anywho… it wasn’t raining on my drive to work today for the first time in weeks, seriously.  So that was nice, although I’m pretty sure thunderstorms are supposed to return this afternoon.  I think they said on the news that this is the 5th rainiest September in DC history.  How fun.

In other exciting news that people who are not me won’t care about, after 7.5 longs weeks, I only have 3 more to get through until Darren comes to visit!  This time in exactly three weeks he will be hours from arriving in DC, hooray!  I’m thinking the next few will go by pretty quickly, because I’m traveling home for a friend’s wedding next week.  The first weekend of August was a longggg time ago friends.  A long time.

Yesterday after work I hit the gym for a full body lifting session, and then I got to work in the group fitness studio on flexibility and handstand practice.  I’ve decided that I really want to work on getting my flexibility and some of the strength I used to have back.  I worked on splits, back bends, and shoulders, and man can I feel it today.  It’s been awhile since I forced myself up and into a back bend and my stomach did not remember how to stretch that way.  Neither did my shoulders or spine for that matter, but I’m determined to work on it.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for ya’ll today. Happy Thursday!

Crushed Dreams

You know those people who get dressed up for work on a daily basis, do their hair and makeup, and well just generally look presentable?  Yeah, I’m not one of them.  In the summer, it’s even worse.  At least 3 out of 5 days of the week I wear flip flops to work, and I don’t even think that’s technically allowed, not that anyone’s ever said anything to me.  I never have makeup on, and my hair is always in a ponytail, unless I happened to sleep on it wet and my curls somehow dry themselves into something that doesn’t resemble a rat’s nest.  Let’s not forget that I work out at lunch and shower… that wet hair typically is piled into a bun on the top of my head.  If any of my co-workers saw me outside of the office, I doubt they’d recognize me.

This morning however, I realize I only have a short amount of time left to wear my favorite summer dresses and wedge heels.  And the hair, actually dried itself in a presentable manner.  Probably for the last time this year, I’m wearing my favorite coral and white J. Crew dress and wedges that I’ll refuse to put away until the first frost. I’m still not wearing any makeup, but I’m definitely more presentable than usual.  Go me.

My day of meetings went well yesterday, and helped Tuesday go by quickly.  My afternoon workout wasn’t too shabby either.  After three months of using the treadmills here at work, I finally realized you can customize the “walk” “jog” and “run” speeds on the machine to make it easier when doing intervals.  I took advantage of that yesterday during my warm-up and did 1.5 miles alternating between 6.5 and 7.5.  I followed the run up with a full body weights workout.

So yesterday I worked myself all into a tizzy and super cranky mood, because I found plane tickets from Milwaukee to DC for this weekend for $211, non-stop.  That’s a fantastic deal, if you ask me, especially when you consider that I extended the offer to split the price.  I texted Darren the information, and he said “still that cheap, huh?  Nice.”  I was like, yeah you really should come! October 20 is soooo far away.  He’s all, nah I can’t I already scheduled work for this weekend.  Then I’m all, well you’re the boss, reschedule!  He shot me down, I was annoyed.  I still haven’t decided if I was unreasonably annoyed or not.

Last night he called and said the work he had scheduled on Thursday got cancelled, and so he could move Sunday’s up, and maybe make it for the weekend.  Then he was like, but don’t get excited, because I looked at the flights and tried to figure out how to make it work, and it would just be too difficult.  Major sad face on my part. Sigh.  That’s twice now I’ve gotten excited about the prospect of a visit only to have my dreams crushed. (Slight exaggeration).  I guess I’ll just continue my 50 day countdown.