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Warding off the Sadness

So, I’ve stated this many times before, but I’m basically an idiot.  Especially when it comes to thinking I’m right about something, there’s no need to check the details, I’ve got it covered.  You know what I mean though right?  You get an idea in your head, and before long you’re absolutely convinced you have the details right.  Where am I going with this?  Well, Dar and I kind of got a delayed Christmas gift in the form of some amazing news yesterday.  (I edited the rest of this paragraph after the first day of posting, just in case I should ever become super popular and easily located through Google.  Email me if you missed what was originally written.)

In other news, in an effort to combat my complete laziness and glutton over the weekend, I hit the gym last night for a workout.  45 minutes on the elliptical and some ab work that included crunches and planks.  I’m really trying to keep up all the workout motivation I had before going on vacation, but now that I’m bundled in sweaters and scarves, it’s much easier to say f-it and go home and put on pajamas.

Once I got home I spend an absurd amount of time playing on Instyle.com using their Hollywood makeover putting bangs on my face.  I have a hair appointment tomorrow, and as you all know, have been trying to decide whether or not to go for it since August.  Obviously these pictures look completely ridiculous because you can tell the hair is computer generated, but maybe they’ll give you a general idea of what I’d look like.

Haha, I am embarrassed for myself, but whatever.  Both of those are Lea Michelle’s hair, and I think I’m going to go for it. Hair grows back after all, right?  HALP!  Also, I’d really like to thank my tan for still hanging around and helping my face out when I have no makeup on.  Lifesaver I tell ya.

Alright, that’s enough narcissism from me today.  Don’t worry, there’s sure to be more on Friday when I end the suspense and let you all know what I ended up doing to my hair!  Later!

My Kind of Celebration

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a big fan of New Years Eve, and huge parties where you pay for a ticket to stand around a more than usual crowded bar.  I did that once, and it was more than enough for me.  So just like last year’s NYE, this year’s was perfect.

Dar and I woke up relatively late, and after I cooked us an awesome breakfast of home fries, and over easy eggs we were off to run errands.  These included tracking down some synthetic oil for my car (the garage that fixed it over Christmas sucked and didn’t fill up my washer fluid or oil), getting a link removed from my new watch, and trying to find something in J. Crew to spend my gift card on.  Shockingly, the only thing I left the store with that day was a new iPhone case, but don’t worry, I managed to spend the gift card yesterday shopping online.

NYE Outfit suitable for 57 degree weather

Leopard flats by Tory Burch, Downtown Skinny Jeans by J. Crew, Blythe Blouse by J. Crew, belt by Burberry.  Also known as, the preppiest outfit I’ve ever put together.  After relaxing with a couple of beers and an episode or 3 of Dexter, we got to work in the kitchen preparing our NYE feast.  I did ultimately  decide to go with Roasted Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, and what Darren referred to as the best asparagus he ever tasted.  Thanks boo.

After dinner, we both changed into sweats and settled in on the couch for the remainder of the evening.  We watched Dexter until about 7 minutes until 12 then turned on the NYE countdown.  We had a champagne toast (Strawberry Andre, only the finest) smooched, and then went right back to Dexter.  That is my version of a perfect NYE.

The next two days were pretty much spent in exactly the same manner, in fact, I never even got dressed.  We knocked out the first two seasons of Dexter, and Dar loves it just as much as I told him he would.  I can’t think of a better way to spend our last two days together than holed up in my bed watching TV in our pajamas.  Darren hit the road home to WI last night around 7 and it majorly sucked.  What sucks even more for him is all the snow he’s encountered during his drive, typical.  He should get back around 1 pm this afternoon.  1 month and 13 days until our next visit.

Obviously today is sucking a lot, not only because after almost a whole month together Darren is no longer here, but I’m back at work with no days off to look forward to until next month.  Lame.  Oh well, at least today is already Tuesday?  Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to go spend the rest of the day photoshopping bangs onto my face to decide if I want to get them Thursday.

It’s Not Easy

Lately, mainly right now, I’m really tired living my life in the form of a countdown.  I feel like I’m always counting down to some event in the future, and not enjoying things happening right now.  Last night I was sitting on the couch thinking how much better last Wednesday night was, when I was looking forward to Darren’s impending arrival.  All I have to look forward to this week, is a weekend with no plans, and a Halloween with no costume.  Lame, I know.

The thing is, there’s no end to this living life from visit to visit in sight.  Darren and I both agreed that while it sucks, the best thing for us to do is keep me here until November 2013 when my 3 year job contract is fulfilled.  My 401k account is fully vested, three-year employment reward is given, and I don’t have to pay back my relocation money. I try to tell myself that this first year went by SO fast, and that two more really isn’t a big deal, but then a visit ends and the week of sadness following sets in.

In this past year of long distance dating I’ve come to realize a few things about the process.  If you can make it to the final three-week countdown, time seems to fly by.  So for us, when we go the typical 6 weeks between visits, the first three are what blow the most.  The first one especially, because you’re still remembering how much better everything was when the person you love is actually with you.  That’s the week I’m in right now, which probably explains my major funk this week, and I know that.  It still sucks though.  So yeah, six weeks exactly until I’m home in December with my love and our families.

Ok, sorry if I was depressing, but like I said that’s the mood I’m in this week.  Yesterday was a pretty standard day.  Work, workout, dinner, wine, tons of TV.  The workout was the cardio interval one I posted the other week.  Alternating 2 minutes sprints with 1 minute recovery for 30 minutes.  Left me purple faced and sweaty, just the way I like it.  Also, you know what sucks?  Realizing you forgot your shower shoes AFTER you finish you sweat fest of a workout and have to go back to work.  Ever showered on your tip toes?  I have.

Anyway, I was convinced today was Friday for a while, it’s not.  I’m hoping I can work from home tomorrow because the heat is going to be shut off in our building all day, so we’ll see what happens.  Have a great Thursday friends.