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Girl Talk

Well, just as expected, once Jill and I got to happy hour and started chatting there was no wrapping it up in a timely manner.  Throw in a free beer from the bartender, and you have me crawling into bed around 10:30 somewhat buzzed.  Despite living 15 minutes away from each other for the past two months, it had been a long time since Jilly and I got together just the two of us.  In fact, thanks to the blog, I know our last outing together was June 5!  Sure we got together for an Olive Garden pasta party the night before the Philly half, but there were lots of other people there too.  Jilly has always been one of the types of friends where no matter how long it’s been since we last saw each other, it feels like 5 minutes.  The two of us are kind of living parallel lives at the moment, so it was really funny to talk about all that’s been going on.  Love you Jill, can’t wait to see you again soon!

Yesterday afternoon I found out that I will be heading out to Chicago for the second time this year in June for a work conference.  I’ve never been before, and now I get to go twice within a four month time period, haha.  Amy claims that I’m going to end up going out there one day and just never come back.  She may be right :).  Anyway, I’m thinking Chicago in June has a much better chance of being warm and nice than Chicago in March, so I’m excited.

It never ended up snowing last night, which I’m fine with, so the roads were clear and I didn’t have to kill anyone this morning.  I did have two cars with Wisconsin plates get in front of me at different points though, which was bizarre, and made me do a double take.  I have absolutely no desire to do any work today, which sucks because I actually have a lot, but I’m tired and my head kind of hurts.  Sigh.

The plan for tonight is ladies night at one of the other girls houses with wine and stretchy pants, which I can fully get behind at the moment.  I haven’t worn my wunder unders in almost a week and I’m starting to go through withdraw, real pants are just not my friend.  I don’t know what I’ll do if leggings ever go out of style, actually I’ll probably still wear them, who am I kidding.  Alright well happy Friday everyone, any plans for the weekend?