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These are a Few of My Fav Things

So I ended up taking the 5 pm cycle and strength class last night, and boy oh boy did I have my ass handed to me. As you can probably guess, the class was split with the first half being cycle and the second half a boot-camp style strength class.  The cycle part was good, lots of hill climbs, and then we moved into the group fitness room for more.  Seeing as my entire back and hamstrings were sore from yoga on Monday night, I was not fully prepared for the next 25 minutes but it was great.

We started with walking lunges, then did walking double lunges, then chest press, flies, a million push-ups, squats of all kinds, and abs. For the push-ups, we would do one narrow, one wide, etc for the set, then one in front of a step, one with our hands on the step, climb over the step and do one with your feet on the step.  I thought I was going to fall on my face.  I was spent by the end, and breathing heavy, again probably partly to do with the fact my lungs are still not fully functioning but whatevs. I’ll probably take it again, it was kind of fun.

Since that’s really all I’ve got at the moment, I’m just going to share a few of my favorite things right now.

This song by Lee Brice.  I like to think this is how Darren feels about me, haha.

Katharine McPhee’s version of Florence and the Machine’s Shake it Out from Monday’s episode of SMASH.

Lastly, the 80 degree weather today allowing me to dress like an Easter egg.  I have every intention of taking my computer outside to do some work later this afternoon.  Hooray for laptops and wireless that travels! Happy Wednesday!