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Football, Beer, Bar Food

So, I didn’t get any of the cleaning done that I wanted to over the weekend, but I did do laundry on Friday night.  I know, I’m so out of control.  I was almost hoping our football game on Saturday afternoon would be cancelled and I’d have a chance to actually clean.  It wasn’t, instead I ran around for an hour in a mud pit trying not to break my knee in half.  We lost our game.

After the exhausting ass kicking only two things sounded good to me, beer and bar food, so Adrienne and I headed to our league sponsored bar to hang out for a bit.  Two $2.50 Miller Lights and a plate of chicken nachos later, I was ready fora nap, instead we bought Red Bulls and went home to clean up before heading out for the rest of the night.

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day with promise of turning into a beautiful fall night, so we went over to Whitlows to hang on the rooftop and watch the Caps game.  Unfortunately Adrienne and I were accosted almost immediately by two young men who couldn’t take a hint and were neither of our types, even if I was single.  Some gems from the evening:

  • Guy 1 referring to his future ex-wife while talking to Adrienne
  • Guy 2 trying to get down on one knee and kiss my hand. Please do not touch me
  • Repeatedly telling me how my grey and orange sweater matches my eyes. My eyes are blue.
  • Complimenting my eyebrows and then trying to touch them. Again, please do not touch me
  • Deciding my sweater resembles Freddy Kreuger’s. Yeah, I also kill people while they sleep. Watch out.
  • If you are repeatedly asking us why we’re not talkative and just staring over your shoulders at the TV, just go away.

Adrienne and I eventually had enough and made a swift departure with our friend Ricky to head downtown to meet up with our friends who were at the Caps game.  Luckily, that part of the night was much more fun, and when I finally face planted in my bed at 2 am I was beat.

Yesterday I got my grocery shopping done for the week before collapsing on the couch for the remainder of the day.  My late night and inability to sleep in did not mix well and I was exhausted.  Darren called at one point and told me I sounded like shit.  Thanks hun, I appreciate it, haha.  Here’s to hoping this four-day week goes by quickly, because I am anxiously awaiting 5:15 pm on Thursday night when my boo gets here!

What are the worst pick-up lines you’ve ever heard?

A Blubbering Fool

Last night as I curled up in bed with Lifetime on, I prepared myself for what I knew would be an emotional hour of television.  Their new show “Coming Home” was premiering, and since I couldn’t even make it through the commercials without tearing up I was trying to mentally prepare myself.  Sure enough I spent a good deal of the show crying like a baby.  Especially when the little kids would cry, that got me every time.  Damn you Lifetime.  It really  is an adorable show though.

Since yesterday was a pretty boring day, I don’t really have much to talk about today.  I watched a lot of Criminal Minds, the Caps game, decided I should definitely not be allowed to read baby blogs, and did some laundry.  I was very excited to have nice clean sheets to curl up in last night, so of course I woke up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat.  Typical.  At least I had clean sheets for a few hours.

Looking at my calendar this morning, I was informed that Lent starts today (I’m such a good Catholic girl) uuuh I doubt I’ll give anything up.  I’ll also probably still eat meat on Friday’s.  In my high school days, I used to use Lent as an excuse to restrict things from my diet.  I would give up meat, chips, soda, all in an effort to try to lose weight, and I wasn’t the only one.  I went to an all girls Catholic high school, and it almost seemed like a competition as to who could give up the most impressive thing.  Lunch time in the spring was a sad sight, as too many girls picked their way through their meal, throwing most of it away.  So yeah, I won’t be participating, as I haven’t in many years.

I have a feeling I’ll be spending most of today browsing hair styles online (mine gets chopped tomorrow) and making an extensive packing list for this weekend.  It’s looking like my rain boots will have to make the trip, so whatever little space in my brain was still contemplating carry on only has officially been eliminated.  I’ll be checking a bag.  That just means I can pack more clothes.  Or go shopping and buy a lot of stuff ;).  Alright, well have a good Monday!