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A Wednesday night dinner party

I was originally planning on having a light workout last night with some walking on the treadmill, but I stopped at Dick’s on the way home and was having trouble even walking around there so I nixed any workout.  When I sent the bf a bbm (blackberry message) saying “I’m limping around Dick’s, no workout for me” I got back “hahahahaha, that’s what she said”.  Haha, I suppose I did set myself up for that one pretty nicely, thanks babe.  I did end up buying a bright orange foam roller, which I used for the next hour after I got home.  I think it helped, because my leg/knee are much better today.

For the fun of it, we had some old friends over for dinner last night, and while I can’t really take credit for cooking this meal, that was all mom, I did eat it.  Well, I guess I can take some credit, I did the top layer.

I think it was called Weeknight Lasagna or something like that.  I make real lasagna, haha.  You use ravioli instead of lasagna noodles.

  • Refrigerated ravioli
  • Tomato sauce
  • Spinach
  • Mozzarella
  • Parmesan Cheese

Put a small layer of the tomato sauce, a layer of ravioli, the spinach and mozzarella.  Top with another layer of ravioli, more mozzarella and Parmesan.  Cover and cook.  It was pretty easy and good for a quick Wednesday night meal.  I have the actual recipe details like temperatures, times, and measures of ingredients at home, email me if you want them.

Mine with a small piece of chicken on the side.  Along with the bottle of wine my mom picked up, our dinner guests brought two more with them, so I am definitely struggling this morning.  I woke up to dry mouth, a screaming headache, and my cat laying on my very full bladder.  How is it they know just where to lay to make you uncomfortable enough to get out of bed?  Ugh, too much wine and American Idol!  I’m very upset I missed out on ABC comedy Wednesday for American Idol, but I was out voted so now I will attempt to watch it today.

This week keeps confusing me, yesterday felt like Thursday, so now today feels like Friday.  At least today is pay-day for me!  Alright I’m off to think about what to pack for the weekend in NYC, and laugh at some Cougar Town.  Have a great day!

and because I think I look ridiculous

A taste of spring

First of all, Happy 27th Birthday Alexis!  So jealous of you and your day off today.

Yesterday was weird.  It was rainy and miserable, but 60 degrees so I couldn’t decide whether to hate the monsoon or be excited about the spring temperatures in January.  Apparently it was the warmest day in January in the past two years.  Well that dilemma is over, it was back down in the 30s again when I woke up this morning and a snow storm is in the forecast for this weekend.

I had to give myself a serious pep talk to make it to the gym last night, what is it about rainy Mondays that do no inspire a workout?  The only positive thing was that it seemed a lot of other people were discouraged by the weather because the gym was not that crowded.  Either that or all those New Years resolution people are starting to lose their motivation.  Well, I’m glad I forced myself to go because I ended up having a really great workout.

Mondays in my fitness plan are speed workouts, so yesterday was a 10 minute warm-up, then 20-25 minutes of fartlek (a combination of fast and slow running for various amounts of time), and a 10 minute cool down.  I ran my warm-up at 10 minute mile pace, and decided to run each interval of fast/slow for the length of the songs on my playlist.  I started at 7.0 mph increasing to 7.2, 7.4, 7.6, and then 8.0, bringing it back down to 6.4 mph between each speed increase.  Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing is a very long song when you are running at 8.0 mph for the length of it.  I did my cool-down at 10 minute mile pace also.  Altogether, 4.97 miles in 45 minutes.  I’ve decided I like runs with intervals much more than just running a certain pace for a set distance, it seems like the workout goes much faster.

After my workout I could not wait to get home and stuff my face full of the leftover lasagna I made for dinner on Sunday night.  For an Irish girl, I’m pretty good Italian cook, in my opinion anyway.

my lasagna

Then I watched the second episode of that new show on the CW, Life Unexpected.  I’m a fan, I hope it lasts.  Although, I probably like it so much because it reminds me of a Lifetime movie.  Girl gets pregnant in high school, gives daughter up for adoption, 16 years later daughter returns, and mom decides to raise her now.  Yup, a Lifetime movie for sure, but better because it’s a whole series!