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And There Goes My Stress Level

Holyyyy crap, just logged into my work email and someone was mean enough to send me like 30 documents to work on after I left yesterday.  How rude, don’t they know it’s Friday and Friday’s are not for working?  Blah.  Uh because I just got absolutely slammed with shit to do I’m going to make this short and sweet.

Yesterday, during a brief lull in my busy day, I managed to escape across the street for about 45 minutes of weights before running back to my desk still in sweaty workout clothes for the final 25 minutes of work.  Yes, I came back to work in spandex pants and a workout top, don’t judge me.  It was 4:15, no one cared.

Dinner was just as delicious as I was anticipating it to be, and involved a whole lotta meat.  There was pepperoni, two types of salami, and ham; as well as cheeeeese.  We made two Stromboli, for three people.  That means there’s still a whole Stromboli in the fridge waiting to be devoured.  I’m excited.

No idea what the weekend holds for me, except some massive cleaning because I am a mess and Darren is not and he will mock me endlessly.  Perhaps a football game, but since it’s been raining for the past three days that will probably be cancelled. With the craziness that was last weekend, it will be nice not to HAVE to do anything.  Anyone doing anything fun and exciting?

Also, I think I’ve definitely decided on lasagna, because I know I won’t mess it up.  Although I really need to try to make some enchiladas because those do seem delicious.  Here’s what I’m thinking, to speed up the cooking process, slow cooking the sauce all day so I don’t have to stand over the stove for an hour after picking my man up from the airport.  Yes?  Anyone done this, I feel as though it would work but I’d appreciate someone to confirm that for me and drop me a recipe if you’ve got one.

Happy Friday!


Sweat, Baby, Sweat

This morning on my way into work I rocked out to the Adele CD the whole time.  It’s my new favorite, especially this song.

Last night I hit the gym for my weekly spin class, since it was Tuesday it was the class more focused on hill climbs and high resistance instead of fast sprints.  It was hard, but miraculously didn’t bother my quad too much.  I think it was made even harder due to the fact that the a/c is broken yet again in the spin room.  It was 76 degrees with no circulating air, I am not exaggerating when I say there was a puddle of sweat on the floor surrounding my bike.  So sexy.  After spin I did this upper body workout.

I liked it, but I think next week I’ll throw in some of the other upper body things I was doing on my own.  Tonight a bunch of us are heading to happy hour to celebrate Adrienne’s birth, so no workout will be happening, unless you count exercising my liver.

Random thought of the day, is anyone wondering why the hell they sang that ridiculously awful song Friday on Glee last night?  Lea Michelle however, killed Christina Perri’s Jar of Hearts.  That is all.

Still eating lasagna for dinner, and since I only have one more night of eating dinner in VA before I head to Villanova for the weekend, some of it will definitely be getting frozen.  Which is probably for the best, because as much as I love lasagna, 4 nights of it in a row for dinner is about all I can take.  Plus I have the makings for my favorite Chicken Lo Mein recipe hanging out in the pantry waiting to be used and calling my name.

Also, my burn still hurts like a bitch.  Happy Wednesday.


Ways in which I injured myself this weekend?  Three.  After suspecting all last week that my quad may be slightly injured, I got confirmation of that when I was up to bat at kickball on Saturday and the minute I kicked/tried to run down the baseline it felt like someone stabbed me in the thigh.  I limped off the field and spent the rest of the game laying on the sidelines.  At least the roommates were nice enough to walk slowly with me to the bar after.  Oh wait, they weren’t, the abandoned me on the streets of DC to walk alone. 😉

After numbing the pain in my leg with Miller Light all afternoon, I tried to come home and get myself cleaned up for the kickball mid season party Saturday night.  PSA: chugging Red Bull, while already slightly drunk, and operating a curling iron will result in this.

I don’t even know, one minute it was twirled up in my hair, and the next it was burning me on the chest.  It hurt.  Especially now when my bra strap rubs against it.  Sigh, at least it’s not on my neck?  Then yesterday while attempting to carry in three bags of groceries, a bag of cat food, and a box of cat litter, I managed to catch my left foot in the screen door as it slammed closed.  My shoe fell off, as did some skin on my foot.  Maybe Friday the 13th attacked me early this year?

Despite those three events, the weekend was fantastically fun.  Friday night was really low key, I spent it curled up in the chair reading a trashy James Patterson book and drinking some vodka.  Saturday was spent with my amazingly fun kickball team.

by day

and night

dance off

I spent most of my time on that chair in the corner resting my injured leg, although I’m thinking observing the dance party from the outskirts may have been just as enjoyable.  Yesterday Adrienne and I enjoyed a nice lunch outside at Front Page in Ballston surrounded by families enjoying Mother’s Day brunch.  I also managed to find Kacy’s future place of residence and send some pictures to her, yes I am a creep.

I also finally made it to the grocery store for the first time since, oh before Easter, which means I also finally had a home cooked meal.  Andrea’s  Gooey Three Cheese Lasagna.

blurry iPhone pic

I messed up the sauce and added way too much Oregano, but it is still delicious, and since I made a giant casserole of  it, I’ll be eating it all week.  Unless someone wants to come over for dinner?  Oh I also added ground Turkey to mine, because that’s how I roll.

It’s Monday again, and that’s really all I have to say about that.  Try to get through it.