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Beach Bum

Hey hey! I’m coming to you this morning from my roommates beach house, and while I’m technically still on the clock for today working from home isn’t so bad when this is the view out your door.  Why not just take the vacation day?  Because by doing this I only use four hours of vacation tomorrow instead of 16 for today and Friday.  Gotta conserve where ya can!

Dani and I hit the road to Bethany Beach around 7:30 last night, and just about 2 hours later we were here!  There’s only 4 of us here currently, but the remaining guests are expected to roll in at various points today and tomorrow.  I love Dani’s families beach house, and I’ll probably cry the day they decide to sell it.  Until then, I will enjoy my view of the marina from the kitchen table.

Mine and Darren’s new oven was delivered on Tuesday night, and look how pretty it is!

Looks like it juuuuust barely fit, haha.  My mom and sister have offered to go in on the matching microwave together as a joint birthday/house warming gift so that’s pretty cool too.  Little by little our kitchen is getting a face lift.

Anyway, that’s pretty much all I’ve got for you.  Happy Thursday! Almost another weekend!