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Extra Crispy

I was once again filled with the typical end of weekend dread last night when I realized it was already 7 pm and Monday morning would be here before I knew it.  Sure enough, here we are and it’s Monday.  Luckily I had a pretty amazing weekend, and it should keep me tired and recovering until oh say about Wednesday.

Friday after getting home from work, I immediately made myself a drink and relaxed on the couch before running a few errands with Adrienne.  Our stops included Dick’s and Target which means I spent about a billion dollars on running shorts and tanks, and really random crap from Target.  Then all three of us were off to Georgetown to see Bridesmaids.  We all agreed it was hilarious, and can’t wait to watch it at home and catch all the jokes we were laughing through.  Seriously, go see it if you haven’t yet.

Saturday started bright and early, so that we could finally take advantage of the gorgeous weather before kickball and descending into a dark basement bar.

We had a double header on Saturday, and since I knew Steph was in town and Kacy had arrived in the area permanently on Friday, I invited them both out to the Mall to hang.  Steph made it for the end of our second game (we won both btw) and Kacy arrived just in time to head to the Bottom Line for $10 Miller Light pitchers and tots.

There were many flip cup games played, pitchers of beer drank, and I totally crushed a basket of tots, they are always nice and extra crispy.  There was also lots of dancing to things like B Spears, NSYNC, and Rihanna.  It was a fantastic Saturday.  Around 8 (I think) the BL started to clear out, and I stumbled my way to the metro station to wait for a train home.  Kacy was still in there waiting for her train, and since mine was arriving first, I told her to hop on with me and I would drop her off.

After I dropped Kacy off, a trip through the McDonald’s drive through was necessary (don’t judge me) and I sat and ate it while watching No Strings Attached.  I passed out soon after, and didn’t wake up until 9 am the next morning when Dani was texting me to come get her.  Oh and in case you’re wondering what four hours of sun exposure for the first time all year will do to you, it’s this.  Extra crispy, just like the tots.

That’s this morning friends, two days later and I’m still a lobster.  It hurts like a bitch, hence the strapless dress, I am dreading putting a sports bra on later.  Yesterday was a bit of a disaster.  After I retrieved Dani, the two of us watched The Hangover, while hugover, and I was a mess, and actually puked up my breakfast and vitamin water, classy I know.  I did manage to throw myself into a cold shower, and pull it together long enough to accompany the roommates to Firework for lunch.  It was delicious, we split a Garlic knots appetizer and I ordered a Margarita pizza for my lunch. Amazing.

The rest of the day was pretty much the same, with some take out Chinese thrown in for dinner.  It was a fantastic weekend which has left me in a daze today, which is probably why I managed to leave my purse at home.  Yeah I don’t know, I made it all the way to work before realizing I didn’t have it.  Thankfully I at least remembered my lunch.  How was your guys weekend?


Ways in which I injured myself this weekend?  Three.  After suspecting all last week that my quad may be slightly injured, I got confirmation of that when I was up to bat at kickball on Saturday and the minute I kicked/tried to run down the baseline it felt like someone stabbed me in the thigh.  I limped off the field and spent the rest of the game laying on the sidelines.  At least the roommates were nice enough to walk slowly with me to the bar after.  Oh wait, they weren’t, the abandoned me on the streets of DC to walk alone. 😉

After numbing the pain in my leg with Miller Light all afternoon, I tried to come home and get myself cleaned up for the kickball mid season party Saturday night.  PSA: chugging Red Bull, while already slightly drunk, and operating a curling iron will result in this.

I don’t even know, one minute it was twirled up in my hair, and the next it was burning me on the chest.  It hurt.  Especially now when my bra strap rubs against it.  Sigh, at least it’s not on my neck?  Then yesterday while attempting to carry in three bags of groceries, a bag of cat food, and a box of cat litter, I managed to catch my left foot in the screen door as it slammed closed.  My shoe fell off, as did some skin on my foot.  Maybe Friday the 13th attacked me early this year?

Despite those three events, the weekend was fantastically fun.  Friday night was really low key, I spent it curled up in the chair reading a trashy James Patterson book and drinking some vodka.  Saturday was spent with my amazingly fun kickball team.

by day

and night

dance off

I spent most of my time on that chair in the corner resting my injured leg, although I’m thinking observing the dance party from the outskirts may have been just as enjoyable.  Yesterday Adrienne and I enjoyed a nice lunch outside at Front Page in Ballston surrounded by families enjoying Mother’s Day brunch.  I also managed to find Kacy’s future place of residence and send some pictures to her, yes I am a creep.

I also finally made it to the grocery store for the first time since, oh before Easter, which means I also finally had a home cooked meal.  Andrea’s  Gooey Three Cheese Lasagna.

blurry iPhone pic

I messed up the sauce and added way too much Oregano, but it is still delicious, and since I made a giant casserole of  it, I’ll be eating it all week.  Unless someone wants to come over for dinner?  Oh I also added ground Turkey to mine, because that’s how I roll.

It’s Monday again, and that’s really all I have to say about that.  Try to get through it.

Amazing is the Only Word

Yeah so I kind of disappeared after Thursday, but for good reason.  As you know Darren was visiting for the weekend, and his flight landed at 6 pm on Thursday night, so most of my attention and time was devoted to him after that.  I mean hey, we do only see each other every six weeks!

After picking Dar up from the airport, the two of us headed out to dinner at Legal Seafood for some much needed food.  We ate, a lot.  I think I ate more crab dip this weekend than the entire year so far.  The rest of Thursday night was spent on the couch with a bottle of wine watching TV.

I’m not ashamed to admit I was up bright and early Friday morning watching the Royal Wedding footage.  Since almost everyone else has mentioned the details about the wedding, and their opinions, I don’t feel the need, but yes I loved it.  Then Dar and I went out for an early lunch at Front Page in Ballston, before running some errands for the bbq/Caps viewing party that was going on at my house later on that evening.

Once the Caps game ended (unfortunately with a loss) everyone switched into party mode, and we moved on out to the shed for a night of drinking games and debauchery.

At some point during Friday night’s festivities I got word from my friend Ashley that her and her boyfriend were engaged!  Yay Ash and Sahil! Congrats again!  As Friday night slowly turned into Saturday morning, we all started to get tired and called it a night.  Saturday morning we were all up bright and early (4 of our other guy friends ended up crashing on various soft surfaces of our house) for coffee and bagels and the girls and I had to prepare for our double header day of kickball.

Yours truly was voted MVP of the day with two RBIs and the game ending double play to seal our second victory of the day.  We are of course, still undefeated.  After kickball, while the rest of the team headed to the bar for games of flip cup and Miller Light pitchers, Darren and I took off in the opposite direction to hit up the Crime and Punishment Museum.

I changed in a Potbelly bathroom, so what

The C&P Museum is seriously awesome, and the two of us spent more than two hours wandering around in there reading everything.  I had a Groupon that I’d bought a month or so ago, so we got our tickets for half price, which made it even more awesome.  Dar definitely loved it, and said it was probably the coolest museum I could have picked for us to go check out.  What can I say, I know my man.

I turned around at one point to grab Dar’s attention, and noticed the back of his neck and head was looking a little funny.

Someones mid-western skin was not ready for a day of fun in the sun in the South ;).  I laughed at him until he got annoyed, and then mentioned that at least he was wearing a hat and his entire bald head wasn’t red.  Then I ran away.  After hours of kickball, walking around DC, and browsing a museum, we were more than ready for dinner when we emerged.  I immediately hopped on my phone to try to figure out whether to stay in Chinatown or head back to Arlington.

What are you looking at? I'm working as fast as I can.

The people in Chinatown were annoying and loud, so we ultimately decided to just hop on the metro and head back to Arlington for dinner.  We ended up at one of my favorite Clarendon restaurants, Boulevard Woodgrill, where I was enthralled by a bulldog puppy for most of dinner.  After another meal with an absurd amount of food, it was back to the house where we enjoyed multiple vodka and sodas while watching The Fighter.  It was an amazing Saturday, and Dar loved being in DC and hanging out with my friends.

I’ll wrap this up now and be back tomorrow with more updates and info about the remainder of the weekend.  I’m exhausted, and I cried in the airport earlier, so now I’m drowning my sorrows in wine.  Have a great rest of the Sunday ya’ll.