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Scenes From my Weekend

This past weekend was a good one.  It was full of great weather, good friends, and at least 3 meals came off of a grill.  I ❤ summertime.  Friday was low-key and spent preparing for the weekend ahead.  I ordered take-out Thai and ate it in my pajamas while watching my new favorite show on HGTV, Million Dollar Closets.  I think the fabulousness of its name speaks for the show itself.  Saturday it was off to The Mall early for our 1 pm kickball game.  We lost, but somehow I played really well both as 3rd basemen and at bat and walked away with the MVP tie.

super sweet american flag mvp tie

As you can probably see, numerous beers were consumed very shortly after our kickball game ended, Call Me Maybe played no less than 4 times in the bar, and at some point this happened:

dance line?

I left Bottom Line around 5ish, don’t count how many hours of beers and dancing that is, to head back home to Arlington to clean up for a graduation party.  Said party took place on a rooftop and there was BBQ and booze so I was excited.

my dress billowing in the wind, not me 11 months pregnant

Adrienne and myself

I *think* I went home around midnight?  All I know is I woke up Sunday feeling much less crappy than I expected to, which was awesome.  I spent the early part of Sunday lounging around in my backyard working on my tan while reading the final book in the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series.  Around 3, lured by the promise of hot dogs, Adrienne I ventured over to another friend’s house for more BBQ and beers.  Apparently all i took pictures of here were puppies, typical.



I wrapped up the weekend by grilling more food, this time in the form of burgers, for Sunday’s dinner.  It was an all around lovely weekend, and now the countdown is really on until my bff’s wedding on Saturday! Eeeeek.  I should probably cut back on the wine and Smartfood popcorn this week, but I won’t.

Happy Tuesday!

I Need Another Day

Holyyyy moly.  The weekend is over?  Where did it go, and has anyone seen my liver?  I think it went on strike.

So, while extremely busy and full of boozing, the weekend was a lot of fun and I’m sad it’s over.  I’m also sad that this is my first full week of work in three weeks, I feel like this is gonna sting a little.  Luckily I have an exciting weekend of visitors to look forward too.  My liver better come back from its strike before then.

I kicked off the weekend as most should start, with happy hour at Bonefish wish some work friends.  I sipped on three glasses of wine while gossiping, and then decided if I didn’t leave then I would probably have to camp out under our bar table for the night.  Another downside of having to drive 40 minutes to get home from work.  I randomly (and somewhat tipsily) cooked myself some chicken fried rice for dinner when I got home, and it was the perfect thing to soak up the wine :).

Saturday was quite gloomy in the morning and I lazed around in bed reading my favorite trashy book for a few hours before finally pulling myself together for kickball.  The sun came out just in time for our 1:45 game, we won (obvi) and even accomplished our good deed for the year.  About half way through our game a mama duck and her babies came waddling through our field, and after taking a five minute nap in the middle of our field continued on their way.  We realized they were heading right for 17th Street and all panicked.  It was then we decided the only thing to do was stand in the middle of the street, stopping traffic so the mom and her babies could safely cross to the other side.  A few of the babies even needed a little assistance hopping up onto the curb from the street.  It was pretty much the cutest thing I’d ever seen in my life.

The rest of the day was spent in a beer and shots induced haze as we watched the Caps take on the Rangers in game one of their series.  I’m not embarrassed to say the night ended at 9 pm with tacos from Chipotle.  Sometimes things like that just happen, especially when this is 6 pm.

Needless to say I woke up feeling like absolute trash on Sunday morning, but had 10:30 brunch plans I needed to pull myself together for.  There may have been some dry heaving involved, I’m not proud of it, but I refused to actually vomit.  My bff was in town visiting her fiance for the weekend and I texted them so much they finally caved to my demands and agreed to have brunch with me.  I met them at Montmarte in Eastern Market where I devoured bread, a lattel, and some eggs Benedict, after which I immediately started to feel better.

We wandered around the Farmers Market and Flea Market for a while before I said goodbye and headed back to my side of the river.  It was then I decided it was far too nice of a day to spend it on my couch moaning about my head hurting, so I quickly did my grocery shopping and then recruited my roommate Adrienne for a Sunday funday.

We headed to the rooftop bar at Whitlow’s where we sat outside watching the Flyers take down the Devils in game one of their series.  Go Flyers!  It was another fun and tiring day that had me in bed by 9:30.  I have a feeling this is going to be one of those weeks where I’m tired until Wednesday.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend as well!

Get Your Good Time On

Why is it that last week took forever to end, but the weekend flew by?  Sunday night came way to quickly for my liking, although at least I only have three days of work this week until I head out to Chicago for the weekend.  My weekend kicked off Friday at noon with a trip to the Leesburg Outlets, where I was extremely successful.  It was a gorgeous day for the scenic drive and ride on the historic White’s Ferry.

Luckily we made it across without getting stuck in the middle of the river, yes that’s been known to happen if there hasn’t been a lot of rain recently.  Then it was on to shopping and my first stop was the BCBG outlet, where I not only found a dress for August’s wedding but also a few other great things.

Thanks to everyone who offered up their opinion when I tweeted the picture of me in the dress, you were um, helpful? Haha.  I also grabbed another sundress and strapless top.

They’re both made of the same stretchy fabric and have the same sort of design, loose and flowy with a sash that ties around the waist.  I had also picked out this really cute romper from BCBG, but after looking at the price tag, decided it was not in my budget.  Then it was on to the J.Crew outlet, where I also managed to find some really cute summer work appropriate and regular life shirts.

I’m actually wearing that first gray one today.  Love them all.  Also, this post is mostly for my sister who requested I post pictures of what I bought, sorry if it’s boring to everyone else :).  My last stop of the day was the Lacoste Outlet where I picked up two things for Dar since I never bought him a “real” birthday present and felt kind of bad about that.

The rest of Friday involved a trek into Georgetown to see a friends art in a gallery, but it was closed when we got there, and then lots and lots of wine.  Surprisingly we were still up and at the pool by 11 am on Saturday morning to grab some sun before kickball and the flip cup tournament.  Obviously this guy was the star of the show on Saturday.

But we didn’t do too badly ourselves, Dani won MVP for a great catch in the outfield, I had 3 RBI’s, and Adrienne carried the team during the flip cup tournament.  We were all home and in bed by 9:45, don’t judge us.

Yesterday Dani and I spent a good 5 hours at the pool enjoying the people watching and relief from the heat, oh and a few Arnold Palmer’s.  Amazing.  It was a great weekend, and I now definitely have a solid base tan going on.

Hopefully the first part of this week goes by quickly, because I cannot wait to get on my plane Thursday and head to the mid-west!