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Holy shinsplints batman

Let me just get this off my chest for a minute, I hate people.  I know, shocker right?  I’m going to take this opportunity to yell at the complete d-bag who found it necessary to pass a school bus this morning.  Really, is that appropriate?  1) the school bus was at least going the 45 mph speed limit, 2) you could have caused an accident with kids on board, 3) is that two minutes you gained from passing it really going to make a difference in the grand scheme of things? 4) you are an idiot.  Ok, I feel better.

Onto last nights workout.  Well, it had been six years since the last time but I fell off the treadmill.  Thankfully this time wasn’t nearly as embarrassing, I did not get flung into the wall behind me and lay in a ball stunned for a minute like Freshman year.  I was standing with my feet on the sides of the belt while I blew my nose, and my left one slipped off and I fell.  I tried to grab onto the handrails to stop myself, but missed and scraped my arm and inside of my ankle.  I didn’t know what else to do, so I started laughing and looked at the guy next to me who was also laughing and he goes, “hey, it happens”.  Moderately mortified i stepped back on the treadmill to continue my run.

My shins typically hurt at the beginning of every run, but the pain usually goes away half a mile to a mile in.  Yesterday, every step for four miles sent a throbbing pain through both shins, and when I finished running I could barely touch them without cringing.  Fucking shin splints, I hate them, after an entire year of consistently running 4+ miles, three days a week or more I should not have them.  And no, I won’t go to a doctor because I am stubborn and know the medical advice will be ice, Advil, and rest.  So I will run through the pain, and then bitch about it here to you people.  Thanks for listening!

Ok so yesterday, 4 miles in 36.30, altogether 4.42 miles in 42 minutes.  Almost to my goal of 4 miles in 35 minutes, and almost a minute faster than Tuesdays run.  Very much looking forward to not having to rush home from work, change, and go to the gym today.  Thinking about just popping in the yoga dvd, and then making a cosmo, or a vodka and club.  I haven’t had any vodka in weeks, for those of you who know me, you know this is extremely unusual and shocking.  Those of you who don’t, there was a period of time during the summer when I was going through a liter of 3 Olives a week.  Those were some dark times… moving on.

No plans for this weekend, and while that makes me very boring, I am looking forward to just being able to chill.  I just need to stay away from places where I get sucked into spending crap loads of money, like Barnes and Noble and the liquor store.  Maybe I’ll finally unpack my suitcase from NYE weekend, yup it is totally still sitting in the middle of my bedroom floor with clothes in it.  For someone so freakishly obsessed with organization my room is a disaster area, for some reason it doesn’t bother me when it is messy.  Well since now I’m just rambling (it’s the caffeine, Friday Starbucks treat!) I’m gonna go.  Happy Friday, hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.