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Oh, so it’s Friday the 13th

First things first, how beautiful did my sister (blondie) look at her senior dinner dance this past weekend?  Brit you looked gorge too!  Not going to lie, I’m jealous of her teeny tiny waist and bootay :).  I wonder if I could borrow that dress…

I can’t wait to celebrate her graduation all weekend at Villanova, I just hope the weather cooperates.  I seriously feel like it was just yesterday when she was at my JMU graduation and I was at her high school grad.  Time goes by too fast, waaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Last night at the gym I did 35 minutes on the elliptical followed by the same core workout from last week.  It takes about 30-35 minutes to get through the three sets of all the exercises, for those who asked last week.  I like the workout, it makes me pay attention to areas of my core that I usually neglect, like the lower back.

So after a beautiful Mon-Thurs this week, storm clouds rolled in this morning and are expected to stick around for the next six days or so.  Typical.  Especially since I have to get in the car and drive this afternoon, because rain never makes traffic better.  Ugh, I might spend all day researching ways besides 95 to get to Philadelphia.

I broke out the white jeans today for the first time this season, there was a moment of apprehension when it came time to pull up the zipper.  They fit, but not as loosely as last year.  You win some, you lose some.  I also just put a piece of tape across the  bottom of my shoe to hold the sole together, I will not give up my favorite pair of Coach wedges, ever.  Staples might be the next thing used to keep them together.

Alright well I’m off, someone was mean enough to schedule a 9:15 meeting.  I haven’t even finished my coffee yet, so it should be interesting.  What are you all up to this weekend?  Oh yeah, and Happy Friday the 13th!

What a Day

It seems I am not alone with my struggles with jeans.  Apparently runners are not the fit models designers use, go figure.  Anyway, thanks for the nice comments.  I’m well aware that I’m not fat, it’s just frustrating to put on jeans that are way too tight, when a year ago you couldn’t wear them because they were too big.  I’m going to start really tracking calories for the next few weeks and see if that makes a difference.  Also, last night was night one of the vodka diet.  One drink, instead of 3 large glasses of wine.  Plus a turkey sub from Subway.

Yesterday was a bad day, I won’t go in to all the details, I’ll just show you this.

Needless to say, by the time I finally got home last night I was cranky, moody, and in desperate need of a drink.  I actually did force myself to work out though, and managed to do 3 miles in about 28 minutes before I died of boredom.  Did I mention I left my iPod in my car and was running sans music?  Yup, realized that just as I walked into the locker room to change, debated just going home, running back out to my car in the rain, or just sucking it up.  I sucked it up, sort of.  It still sucked.

When I finally got home I saw a large box from Victoria’s Secret sitting in my living room, and immediately tore it open.  Everything fits, luckily, and I don’t need to do any returns.  I bought a pair of nude Colin Stuart Pumps, two dresses, a pair of brown tights, and some basic things that I needed.  I can’t wait until summer to break out the new sun dresses.  I’ll show you pics at some point.  My night ended with a Skype date with Dar and TV in bed.  Ehh, I’m still pretty cranky today, and actually threw a pair of jeans across the room this morning.  It’s also rainy and gloomy which isn’t helping, maybe I need more coffee.  At least it’s Friday though, I guess.  Ugh, wow I’m not even that excited that it’s the weekend.

Thunder Thighs

I’ve been somewhat grumpy and down on myself lately, and this post is going to be about that.  So if you don’t feel like listening to me whine and complain feel free to stop reading now.  Although there is a cool video at the bottom, so you can always just skip to that.

I don’t think I kept it a secret that towards the end of half marathon training I started having trouble getting my jeans over my thighs.  Whatever, I chalked it up to the extra mileage I was adding and the muscle I was building.  I used to weigh myself every week, but got away from that habit (I haven’t stepped on a scale since July) because it really messed with my head and would ruin a day if I didn’t like what I saw.  I figured once I stopped training, my jeans would start fitting again.  Then the holidays rolled around, I moved, started a new job, got out of my routine, and probably added 5lbs or so.  That’s a conservative guess.  However, I’ve been back in my routine for a good 7 or 8 weeks now, working out 4 or 5 days a week, and my jeans?  Still too tight on my thighs, and I’m beginning to get very frustrated.

My eating habits are basically the same as they were when I was living at home.  I eat my breakfast, bring my lunch from home, and cook dinner for myself pretty much every night.  I usually go out to eat with the roommates one night a weekend, nothing out of the ordinary.  I just can’t pinpoint what to change to get my freakin pants to fit.  Although they do still fit the same in the waist, it doesn’t matter if I can’t sit down.  Giving up booze isn’t an option, so let’s not suggest that, plus I’m drinking just as much as I was when I was living at home.  If not less, since my weekends have been sort of lame lately as opposed to when I used to trek up to NYC every weekend.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to think about what I did when I lost all my weight back in 2009, and the main thing I remember is vodka.  Lots of vodka.  So maybe instead of drinking a few glasses of wine at night, I’ll go back to one large vodka and club soda?  Haha, sound like a plan?  I don’t know, I’m just really frustrated and starting to hate on myself a lot, so I thought I’d let it all out here.  Am I just getting old and my metabolism slowing down?  Blah, I hope not.

Anyway, last night Amy informed that the weekend I’m in Chicago is their St. Patrick’s Day festivities, so here’s a cool video of them dying the river green.  Not going to lie, I’m pretty excited!  Yesterday was a rest or cross training day, and since I ended up leaving work 35 minutes later than usual, and hitting more traffic than usual I called it a rest day and headed straight home.  I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already, having Monday off made it fly by!  Oh, and this time in two weeks I’ll be leaving for my trip :)!