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I Have Issues

Well my low tire pressure light came on this morning.  Not sure if that’s because of the rapidly changing hot-cold-humid temperatures or because I had a nail in it almost exactly a year ago and the tire patched.  I also clipped the curb outside my house yesterday… oops. Let’s hope I don’t have a flat tire when I go out to the parking garage this afternoon.  Either way, an appointment has been made at the dealership for Saturday morning (yes I know the dealership charges more, but I trust them and they provide free rental cars if you need it).

I finally jumped back on the workout wagon yesterday afternoon and did 50 minutes of cardio split between the treadmill and ARC trainer. Titanic was on TV again.  Are they just going to play that movie once a week on E! from now on?  I pretty much picked up watching it where I left off last week, so that was cool.  I followed the cardio up with some abs on an exercise ball, push-ups, and stretching.  Done and done.

I was home, showered, and finishing dinner just in time for the return of some of my favorite shows.  Glee (yup feel free to judge and mock me), and Raising Hope.  I also watched the New Girl, which I liked an alright amount I suppose.  I can see it getting on my nerves though.  I rounded out my night of TV with SOA in bed, because that’s really the best way to watch it.

In other news, because I am a freak about many things, I’ve already started thinking about what I want to wear for my Christmas “outfit”.  Yes, Christmas gets an outfit.  Last year it was this Anthropology dress, I told you I’m a freak.  The new J. Crew catalog appeared in my mailbox the other day, and I’m sort of imagining myself in something like this.

J. Crew Toothpick Cords in Champagne

A sweater LIKE this Cashmere Cable J Crew version. One preferable not $228

These shoes, or black booties that I do not yet own

Those cords must be tried on in person though, because with a word like “toothpick” in the name, I have some doubts about my legs fitting in there.  Uh, good thing there’s like 3 months until Christmas.  Alright I’m off to go distract myself on the internet until it’s time for lunch. Later!

Get Your Good Time On

Why is it that last week took forever to end, but the weekend flew by?  Sunday night came way to quickly for my liking, although at least I only have three days of work this week until I head out to Chicago for the weekend.  My weekend kicked off Friday at noon with a trip to the Leesburg Outlets, where I was extremely successful.  It was a gorgeous day for the scenic drive and ride on the historic White’s Ferry.

Luckily we made it across without getting stuck in the middle of the river, yes that’s been known to happen if there hasn’t been a lot of rain recently.  Then it was on to shopping and my first stop was the BCBG outlet, where I not only found a dress for August’s wedding but also a few other great things.

Thanks to everyone who offered up their opinion when I tweeted the picture of me in the dress, you were um, helpful? Haha.  I also grabbed another sundress and strapless top.

They’re both made of the same stretchy fabric and have the same sort of design, loose and flowy with a sash that ties around the waist.  I had also picked out this really cute romper from BCBG, but after looking at the price tag, decided it was not in my budget.  Then it was on to the J.Crew outlet, where I also managed to find some really cute summer work appropriate and regular life shirts.

I’m actually wearing that first gray one today.  Love them all.  Also, this post is mostly for my sister who requested I post pictures of what I bought, sorry if it’s boring to everyone else :).  My last stop of the day was the Lacoste Outlet where I picked up two things for Dar since I never bought him a “real” birthday present and felt kind of bad about that.

The rest of Friday involved a trek into Georgetown to see a friends art in a gallery, but it was closed when we got there, and then lots and lots of wine.  Surprisingly we were still up and at the pool by 11 am on Saturday morning to grab some sun before kickball and the flip cup tournament.  Obviously this guy was the star of the show on Saturday.

But we didn’t do too badly ourselves, Dani won MVP for a great catch in the outfield, I had 3 RBI’s, and Adrienne carried the team during the flip cup tournament.  We were all home and in bed by 9:45, don’t judge us.

Yesterday Dani and I spent a good 5 hours at the pool enjoying the people watching and relief from the heat, oh and a few Arnold Palmer’s.  Amazing.  It was a great weekend, and I now definitely have a solid base tan going on.

Hopefully the first part of this week goes by quickly, because I cannot wait to get on my plane Thursday and head to the mid-west!

Shop Till Ya Drop

Well hello again, and happy Monday to you.  I’ll try to keep this from rambling on too long, but seeing as it’s Monday and the day started an hour and a half earlier for me today than usual who knows if that’s possible.  Hopefully this half day on Friday is worth getting my bootay to work at 7 am this week.

The weekend was a good one, and involved spending way too much money, but hey you can’t take it with you.  Friday I fought with traffic and headed right to Tysons Galleria after work for some shopping and to meet the roommates for dinner and a movie.  I only hit one store at the mall, but man was I successful there.  Two pairs of shorts and five shirts from J.Crew for $140.

Already wore this one

Shirt #2, linen boatneck

Shirt #3, linen short sleeve

Oh, and despite the fact that I went into the store with the intent to avoid these shirts, I just can’t pass up a 2 for $20 deal.

Shirts 4&5 That green and plain black

These shorts, but in dark khaki brown

These shorts in Navy

It was a very good shopping trip, and a tip for saving an extra 10% at check out?  Whip out that old school ID, seriously, sometimes they don’t even ask to actually see it.  Secrets of the shopping trade there folks.  After my shopping spree, I hightailed it across the street to meet the roommates for wine and dinner before our movie.

The Hangover 2 was our flick of choice and we all enjoyed it.  No, the story line isn’t original but the jokes are, and unless you have zero sense of humor and personality (ahem) you’ll enjoy it.  We all laughed, a lot, Zach G definitely makes the movie, and Bradley Cooper is so nice to look at.

Saturday was pretty typical, poolside followed by kickball games (we won both), followed by boozing at the Bottom Line.  I started to feel funny at BL, I’m starting to think it’s some combo of my new bc and sun exposure, so I actually didn’t drink at all there.  I tried to pull my shit together for the KickBall Saturday night, but that didn’t happen.  Instead I ended up at Barnes and Noble, which sadly was pretty exciting.  Then I passed out so hard that I didn’t hear the roommates calling me at 1:30 am because they couldn’t get in the house.  Sorry guys!  Luckily they’re pretty resourceful and figured out a way in.

Yesterday was actually my favorite day of the weekend.  Six hours, three bottles of wine, and two pitchers of Sangria, all while sitting out in the sunshine people watching.

And that’s really all that needs to be said about that.  Have a great one!