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Was it really already a month ago?

Hey so remember how just the other day I was whining about how this winter was lame and I wanted it to snow?  Well, yesterday it did just that.  Only, it wasn’t the huge snow storm I wished for that would keep me home from work.  Instead, it was a light dusting that started in the late afternoon, just in time to make my commute home make me want to kill people.

snowwwww, and Christmas decorations that need to come down

I’ll procrastinated at the gym for as long as possible, before I started to get light headed from hunger and finally faced the war zone of traffic for my drive home.  The workout consisted of 45 minutes on the elliptical, abs (three types of crunches) and planks, and push-ups.  Some of my other lady friends have been doing this lifting program, and I’m thinking I might try it out because I’m super bored of what I have been doing.  We’ll see though, they’re all super far ahead of me, and I don’t like lagging behind.

As much as I love the snow in the winter time, I couldn’t help but be reminded that on this day last month I was on my way to warm and sunny Jamaica with my love.

 Oh hi, take me back please.  Dar says we’ll go on another trip, but I don’t know if I believe him.  I also think it might be a tad too soon to start bugging him and planning another one.  He has other things on his mind, like buying a house, or something.  I don’t know, whatever.  I guess I should also finish paying him back for that one before I start talking about another, hmm…

Anyway, it’s Tuesday, which we all know is a far suckier day of the week than Monday.  So, I curled my hair and wore a comfy pink sweater to see if it made it a little better.  No luck so far, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Later!

Best Vacation Ever

Hello!  I’m back from my tropical vacation, unfortunately.  Fortunately, I’m still on vacation, otherwise I may have killed myself.  I’m glad you guys enjoyed the posts that went up while I was away, I had fun going back through all the comments when I got home on Saturday.

Darren and I had an absolutely amazing time in Jamaica, and we can’t recommend the Sandals Royal Caribbean enough.  From the staff, location, food, to the weather everything was perfect.  Our bartenders and entertainment crew knew our names after the first day, and without fail yelled out “Kelly, Darren, how ya doin today man!” everyday.  It was awesome.  Our favorite bar tenders refilled our cocktails before the previous one was even empty and by the time we had to say goodbye they felt like friends.

We spend the majority of our days drinking fruity cocktails on the beach, reading, and our nights experiencing all the different restaurants the two resorts we ventured between had to offer.  We also managed to do some snorkeling and kayaking, but mostly we just relaxed and enjoyed so much time together.  I won’t post too many pictures here, but I did put the whole album on my Facebook page (link is to the right) so if you want to see more head on over there.  For you non facebook users, snapfish album here.

Dar and I are already making tentative plans for our next trip, hopefully next winter, and we will definitely be checking out another Sandals resort, probably in St. Lucia.  All inclusive vacations are definitely the way to go, and the staff at Sandals made our trip even better.

about to land on the island

The resort was all decorated for Christmas

After our dinner at the Thai restaurant on the private island

another day on the beach

can't beat that view... of the ocean of course

The most gorgeous sunsets

Pretty much the only couple not on their honeymoon

beautiful beach

Merry Christmas!

Take me back now please

Tuesday Thoughts

I have to be at work at least an hour earlier than normal every day for the rest of the week.  That means my alarm went off an hour earlier, which was painful to say the least.  Luckily the roommates brought back a dozen bagels from NYC, so I had that to look forward to at least.  Also, my car is slowly turning yellow.  Every morning there’s a thin layer of pollen hanging out.  It’s fun.

There is a lot less traffic at 6:50 in the morning than there is at 7:50, it’s kind of nice.  I think I made it to work in record time this morning.  However, I am not looking forward to sitting in 5 hours of workshop today where I actually have to pay attention, take notes, and relay the information to my coworkers.  How will I find time to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer?

I’ve had my Jamaican vacation booked since like February, and last night I finally forked over the cash for airline tickets to pretty much complete the reservations.  Well, besides the balance on the resort, that’s not due until the fall.  I figure with gas prices projected to hit $5.00 a gallon, airline tickets are only going to go up and better to just suck it up now.  Thanks American Express for giving me a $40 discount with my almost 9000 rewards points, helpful, I guess.  It was a painful purchase to complete, and I officially need to place my Amex in ice and freeze it so I don’t use it ever again.

I finally got my ass back on the treadmill running last night.  Nothing crazy, 3 miles at something like a 9:30 pace.  Surprisingly, after two weeks off, it didn’t feel awful.  Watching the Boston Marathon yesterday morning probably helped to motivate me to get running.  Congrats to everyone who finished/ran/didn’t die, especially AR who PR’d and ran a 3:18.  Amazing.  I was getting so excited every time one of your splits would come through.

I’m hoping that since I’ve gotten myself to work a good hour earlier than normal, that means I get to leave an hour earlier, I suppose we’ll see.  Ugh alright, I’m off to work to actually pay attention.  Catch ya later.