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What a Moron

Just to prove that I am becoming increasingly incapable of doing anything before I have coffee in my system, this morning I left the next three days worth of lunch and breakfast (in frozen meal form) sitting out on my counter, next to the coffee maker.  So sad, mostly because now I have nothing to eat at work today.  And no, I do not plan on throwing said meals out, they will be re-frozen and eaten eventually.  That shit is expensive. If I die, you will all know why.

Anywayyyy, yesterday I drug my poor sore muscles, seriously even the backs of my knees hurt, across the street for 45 minutes on the elliptical during lunch.  I’m thinking about trying to add a second day of lifting into my schedule for the next three weeks.  That means I’ll actually need to get myself to the gym on Saturday’s, so we’ll see how that goes.

In other news, the J. Crew holiday catalog arrived yesterday, and since they own my soul I obviously want EVERYTHING.  Not even kidding, I don’t think I saw one thing I didn’t like.  I specifically would like this whole outfit please.  Mom, Col, Darren?  (Darren refuses to read my blog, I had to text him this picture :))

My favoritest show ever, SOA, kept me up until 11:30 last night with its 90 minutes of intense action, and I think I’ve figured out what about Jax Teller is so damn attractive to me.  Besides his obviously sexy looks.  Darren and him make the exact same “I’m so fucking mad I want to kill you” face!  Jaw clenched, head tilted back, eyes big, the exact same.  It actually made me laugh.  Anyway, Sons was intense last night, and if this season doesn’t wrap up all these damn cliffhangers the end every episode on, I may throw something at the TV.  Three episodes left!

Could you handle all the random in that post?  Clearly the coffee set in once I got to work.  Happy Wednesday!


Christmas Wish List

I don’t really know who will buy me any of the things on this list, since Darren has offered to pay for a new tattoo for me for Christmas and my mom is as poor as I am, but here it is anyway! Also, let’s remember that the point of making a list is to get things you actually want.  So, if you don’t see it on here (unless it’s diamonds or Yurman or something) I probably don’t want it.  Ok, to be fair, anything from J. Crew is probably a safe bet.

The J. Crew Betsy Sweater, in every color they make it in.  Except Decadent Red, because I have that one already.  Seriously, this sweater is perfect, soft, comfortable, warm.  Size small please.

The J.Crew Cambridge Turtleneck Sweater, again size small, again because I’m always cold.

More cords please! J. Crew Vintage Matchstick Cord, size 29 please!  I like the vibrant flame, bristol blue, and dusty clay.

Michael Kors ‘Blair’ Watch in Espresso.

 UGG Australia Ultimate Tall Braid in Chestnut, size 8 (apparently they run big).

So those are the items on my list if money were no object this Christmas.  To be honest, I don’t really expect any of these things to be waiting for me under my tree December 25, but a girl can dream.  Also welcome are checks to help me pay my American Express bill, rent, or school loans in the upcoming months.

What are you wishing for this Christmas?

Not a Fashion Blog

I’m glad you all approve of my purchases from over the weekend.  I don’t consider myself fashionable or trendy by any means which is why almost everything I own comes from J.Crew, and you’ll never see me start posting daily pics of my outfits, because really, I didn’t study fashion or anything like it.  I just like to share a good sale, and man was J.Crew having a wicked one, which is how I managed to get 7 things for $140.  Oh and the 10% student discount, because clearly I’m still a student ;).  Anyway, as expected my entire outfit today is from J.Crew.  I’m wearing the new boatneck linen 3/4 length shirt and navy Cafe Capri pants.

Yesterday I started a new weight routine courtesy of The Daily Burn, yes I’m still using it to track calories and workouts.  What I like about it is they give you 30 day routines to follow, and when you complete it you can choose another.  I finished the Weight Loss Training Plan, and yesterday started the Strength Training Plan.  Yesterday was Chest and Triceps and man were my arms tired after.

I also did the elliptical for 33 minutes before moving on to the weights.  I’m still having issues with random waves of nausea so I think it’s time to call the doctor and head in for a follow up appointment.  After some intense Googling last night, I’ve come to the conclusion that I might have some sort of inner or middle ear infection.  The headaches, nausea, dizziness, and actually random ear ache would all point to this, and the genius’ at the hospital never actually looked in my ears.  We’ll see though, all I know is I’m sick of feeling sick.  Oh and I’m not pregnant, a urine and blood test, and lack of sex all confirm this.

Despite being at work 9.5 hours yesterday instead of the usual 8.5 Monday wasn’t so bad, until I sat in traffic for 45 minutes on the way home not moving.  That wasn’t fun.  Today’s Tuesday, which probably means I’ll be swamped with a shit ton of crappy work to do.  Just looking forward to my half day on Friday and my three day week next week and then Chicagooooooo!