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Le Sigh

Hooray for Thursday, only one more day until the weekend!  So, yesterday I posted a note.  Not this kind of note, this one:

There I was just minding my own business, thinking about how I was so ready for my snack at 10:30, went to get it out of the fridge, and it was gone.  The people in my office have the reputation for being scavengers, and if you leave cake or cookies or anything in the kitchen they’re gone by 9 am.  Silly me to think my beloved Greek Yogurt was safe hanging out in the fridge by itself.  Anyway, I was furious, and hungry which is a bad combo so back to my desk I went where I scribbled this little note.  I guess it worked, because there is miraculously a Blueberry Chobani in the fridge today :).

After the dramas of the day, last night was pretty standard.  I went to the gym, cooked some dinner, and played around on iMovie while watching Raising Helen.


  • 5.02 miles
  • 45 minutes
  • 8:57 pace

The run felt really good while doing it, but later after I had been sitting on the couch for a while there was the old familiar twinge of pain in my knee.  I immediately got on the floor and did some stretches, crossing my fingers that it would feel fine this morning, but no such luck.  I did some more stretching this morning before work, and it’s feeling a little better, but not how I would like it to feel.  I suppose I will be taking a few days off from running to hang out with my ice pack and foam roller.  So frustrating when I have been doing everything right to avoid IT Band pain.  With less than a month before I’m supposed to start my half marathon training, this is the last thing I need!  Grrr, stupid leg.

Dinner was a delicious turkey burger that I had made last week and frozen for future consumption, and some roasted asparagus.

from the crackberry cuz I'm sick of not having photos

The asparagus might have roasted for a little too long, but I still ate it.  My turkey burger was season with Worcestershire sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, and McCormick’s Montreal Steak Grill Mates.  With a slice of American cheese to top it off.  I actually made two of them and brought the other one for my lunch today.  Pretty excited about it, not gonna lie.  No one better eat that sucker, or I’ll quit.

Alright, well I’m outa here.  Have a great day everyone!

Spinach and artichoke pizza

Hooray for Thursday and for what is shaping up to be a gorgeous, sunny, 80 degree day.  That’s more like it May!  Yesterday after work I hit the gym for a nice 30 minute workout on the treadmill.

  • 10 minute warm-up, incline 2.5-5.5 and speed 3.4-4.2 mph
  • 20 minute run, incline 1.5, speed 6.0-6.5 mph
  • 2 minute cool-down
  • Total distance, something like 2.7 miles

This was definitely the best I have felt in a run yet, and as much as I’ve enjoyed swimming it felt awesome to break a serious sweat.  Can’t do that in a pool.  My knee felt pretty good the whole time, and there was no lingering pain after I finished or this morning.  We will see how things are looking when I go to PT tonight.

I also did some crazy ab move that I saw over on Anne’s blog yesterday morning.  You know, the one where you lower your legs to the floor with the exercise ball squeezed between your feet while holding hand weights above your head.  I used a 10lb medicine ball instead of weights, but the effect was the same I think.  I liked this ab move and will definitely be integrating it into my workouts.

After the gym, as expected I had a text from my sis asking what was for dinner.  We decided on a California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza, so I ran in the store to pick on up on my way home.  Now you all know about my love for Spinach and Artichoke dip, so when I saw that CPK had a limited edition Spinach and Artichoke Pizza I knew I had to try it out.  We threw together a quick salad to accompany our pizza.

This was one of those salad kit things that comes in a box with the dressing, croutons, and cheese included.  It was Light Caesar which was perfect with our pizza.

Oh my god, was this good.  The big chunks of artichoke, the spinach, the creamy cheese with a crispy crust.  Amazing.  I may stock up while the limited time lasts.  My sister and I ate the whole thing.  Three servings my ass, it’s perfectly sized for two :).

Yup, I ate four slices and I’m not ashamed about it.  They are pretty small after all.  During dinner my sister and I also watched the movie Valentine’s Day, which honestly was different than I was expecting it to be.  There were a lot more sad moments then I was expecting, but overall I enjoyed it.  Glad I waited until it was out on video to watch it, but still liked it.

Last night was also the season finales of Modern Family and Cougar Town, whatever will I do all summer?!?  Both were hilarious as usual and had my sis and I laughing out loud.  I heard that they were going to change the name of Cougar Town for next season though, since it really isn’t about older women dating younger men at all.  Will be interesting to see if they do and what they come up with.

I’m off to NYC for the weekend after work tomorrow.  One of my best friends is having a law school graduation party on Saturday out on Long Island, so I will also be making a trip out there.  It should be really fun, I hope the weather stays nice!  What are you all up to this weekend?

A general theme

As far as Monday’s go, yesterday was pretty typical.  I had physical therapy from 6-8 last night, which was exhausting as usual.  I told my PT guy that after my run on Saturday morning my knee was feeling awful all day, and that walking up the stairs was painful, so we did the ultrasound treatment again last night.  He also recommended that maybe I should schedule another doctors appointment, and maybe get some Cortisone shots.  So we’ll see about that.

I was pretty negative going into last nights appointment, and didn’t really expect to run for more than a few minutes without pain, but I did 15 and only felt the beginning twinges the last 10 seconds or so.  The one thing I’m hating about PT, is how it has the ability to dictate my mood.  A good session and I’m usually pretty happy and excited, but after a bad one I’m so depressed and feel like I’m never going to get better and that I’m not healing at all.  Very frustrating.  Yesterday was the beginning of week 7 of treatments, and there is still no end in sight :(.

There was a general theme to my meals yesterday, so I took pictures of both lunch and dinner.

A leftover piece of grilled chicken, marinated in Italian dressing, with lettuce on a whole wheat wrap.

Yummy green bean casserole

And cheesy potato casserole.  All leftover from Sunday’s Mother’s Day BBQ.  By the time I showered after PT, it was almost 8:30 and I was hungry.  Cooking wasn’t going to happen, so dinner was more leftovers, haha.

This piece of chicken was marinated in BBQ sauce, and there was an addition of pasta salad for dinner.  My mom ate the same thing, so I think that about takes care of the leftovers.  Now I don’t know what I’ll eat for the rest of the week, but I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

I loved Dancing With the Stars last night, everyone did so good!  I especially loved Nichole and Derek’s 50’s Paso, they are so good.  It’s getting to the point now where I’m going to be sad to see anyone go.  I think it should be either Niecy or Chad, but for some reason my girl EA was in the bottom two last week.  So who knows what will happen.

The boyfriend is supposedly coming to visit this weekend, but I won’t believe it until he is actually in my house.  Especially since he is currently in Virginia with no travel plans scheduled yet.  So uh yeah, we’ll see about that.  And because this picture cracks me up, I’m leaving ya’ll with that today.

Look how much children love me, haha.  I maintain that he was just trying to get down to crawl after the cat, and really didn’t hate being in my arms that much, but whatevs.

Happy Tuesday!! Who’s excited for LOST tonight????!!!