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A little too much fun

Well, Saturday night was delightful and if anything it definitely served as a reminder as to why I no longer drink like I used to in college.  My old and washed-up self cannot handle it.  I spent the entire day yesterday either on the couch or in my bathroom throwing up.  Gross.

I blame the table of alcohol, and my lack of self-control apparently.  Oh well, you live ya learn.  I think the best part of the night was playing The Beatles Rock Band until 2 am, I am a champion, let me just say that right now.  Paige was very tired and not amused by our loud singing.

Also, around 11 or 12 I think we stumbled upon a Britney Spears tribute on the FUSE network, playing all of her old most popular videos.  It is safe to say that a Brit Brit dance party immediately ensued and didn’t stop until the boys changed the channel on us.  Here’s a picture of Ashley, Michelle, and I still somewhat early in the night before we got completely out of hand.

Seeing as I was completely out of commission yesterday, I watched a lot of Lifetime.  There were some quality movies on, and while Misha Barton’s life may be in the gutter she can still play a crazy ex-gf pretty damn well.  I also sat through a horrible Lindsay Lohan movie, I Know Who Killed Me.  Awful, I think the only reason I didn’t change the channel was because I couldn’t reach the remote.  I wonder if Lifetime was running a theme yesterday of “actresses who used to have careers” because there was a movie with Elizabeth Berkley on also.  Hmm…

Anyway, I was doing some online browsing earlier and realized that the ING Philadelphia Half Marathon is September 19 and registration is open.  I’m very tempted to sign up, but if I allow myself 13 weeks to train, that puts me at the end of June/first week of July and I’m wondering if I’ll be fully able to run by then.  I don’t want to sign up for another race and lose the entry fee like I did for Broad Street, but I also don’t want registration to close.  Thoughts?  I’m probably going to ask my physical therapist tonight was his thoughts are also.

Alright I hope everyone had a great weekend, I’ll be catching up my Google reader throughout the day to see what everyone was up to!  Happy Monday!