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Good News!

I have news!  On Saturday our fourth counter offer was accepted by the seller and we are officially under contract! Woo!  Our home inspection is on Thursday, and if everything goes well we should close in May sometime.  I was completely shocked when Dar called me on Saturday to say they had accepted our offer.  We were so far apart price wise, and he didn’t seem to be budging but I guess he was as tired of the process as we were.  The place needs a lot of updating, but the floor plan is great and the basement is finished here’s my favorite room.

The kitchen and living room are one big open great room with huge vaulted ceilings and skylights, which will be perfect for entertaining.  Eventually.  I’ve already started remodeling that kitchen in my head, I have big plans for it.  This is the basement,

And along with the house, that 9 ft pool table is also now ours.  We figured we might as well see if the seller was interested in getting rid of it, and apparently he was.  I absolutely hate that wood paneling, but I figure that’s not too difficult to do something about.  Anyway, so fingers crossed nothing huge turns up in the inspection!

The rest of the weekend was pretty eventful too.  Friday night I met up with Kacy, we had dinner and drinks and then wandered into Trader Joe’s and did some drunk grocery shopping.  I ended up with some really random crap, but it’s all good.  I’m sure I’ll use it eventually.

Saturday I took myself on a date to see The Hunger Games.  It was my first time venturing to a movie alone, and I have to say I didn’t hate it.  I didn’t need to share my skittles with anyone, and no one tried to talk to me during intense moments.  The only weird part was trying to find my seat in a dark theater when I had to run out to the bathroom.  There’s not other person marking it, haha.  Anyway, the movie was really good, although the book is  better but I think they did an awesome job with it.

Saturday night, my roommates and I ventured out in the rain for a girly night of entertainment.  It was a “Passion” party, and was absolutely hilarious.  I don’t think one girl left the house without buying at least something.  Good times. Yesterday, I did nothing except sit on the couch relaxing.  It was fantastic.

Now here I am back at work, anxiously anticipating Thursday. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Mind Your Own Business

So, about a month ago I started wearing my old engagement ring from Darren on a chain around my neck.  I wanted to just wear it on my right hand, but that finger is a little to fat for it (ok sometimes I wear it on my left for fun, don’t tell anyone).  What’s funny about this is it always elicits comments and questions from strangers.  For example, yesterday in the booze store:

Cashier Dude: “Engaged, used to be engaged, mothers?”
Me: Inward sigh because there is no short explanation “Used to be engaged from 18-20, broke up and now we’re dating again but not engaged.”
Cashier Dude: “Oh, wow, that’s interesting.  Just remember things always happen for a reason.”
Me: “Ha, yup.” Give me my wine now please

As I was walking out the door he was still trying to talk to me, something about how he’s still a bartender at heart.  Whatever dude, do I really look that friendly?  I don’t think so.

Yesterday’s workout was 2 miles on the treadmill, 8:46 pace, followed by back, biceps, and legs.  I was sore by late afternoon, which means I’m extremely sore this morning.

Leg Press Calf Raise Dumbbell Curl Incline Dumbbell Curl Standing Lat Pull Down Cable Row
10 x 135lb 12 x 135lb 10 x 10lb 10 x 15lb 10 x 65lb 10 x 35lb
10 x 135lb 12 x 135lb 10 x 10lb 10 x 15lb 10 x 65lb 10 x 35lb
10 x 135lb 12 x 135lb 10 x 10lb 10 x 15lb 10 x 65lb 10 x 35lb

I finished the third Hunger Games book last night, yes I majored in speed reading, and pretty much agree with what everyone told me about it.  While still really good, not as good as the first two.  I loved the trilogy as a whole, but I did have one problem with it.  The majority of the book is so detailed and everything is explained, you really become engrossed in the story.  Then at the end, it’s like the author decided she was over writing or an editor told her to wrap it up, because the end of all three books is squished into like three pages.

I found myself having to go back and read something three times last night, because I was trying to figure out what the hell was going on.  All of a sudden weeks of time were smashed into three paragraphs, and I didn’t like it.  You just get the feeling the book is trying to end quickly.  It was the same for all three, did anyone else feel like this?  Maybe it was just me.

Anyway, tomorrow is the day I leave for Chicagoooo, and I’m pumped.  Although I’m kind of sad no one will be there to meet me at the airport, that’s always my favorite part, big airport hugs.  Hopefully Darren makes it from Wisconsin to Chicago before too late tomorrow!


Last night was kind of perfect.  I didn’t have time to work out during they day, so I hit the gym after work  putting me home a little later than usual, but that ended up working out nicely.  I parked my car at the curb in front of my house, and the second I stepped out I was hit with the smell of charcoal burning away.  That’s a great smell.

Inside the roommates were preparing peppers and onions, and met me simply with a “sausage and peppers?”  I grabbed my book, a glass of wine, and sat my ass on the back porch with the two of them for the rest of the night.  The three of us were so engrossed in our books, me the second Hunger Games book, Adrienne the first, and Dani with the Anthony Kiedis autobiography.  It was so quiet that you could hear the peppers sizzling in their tin foil.

We stayed out there until the mosquitoes staged an attack and it was too dark to see the words on the pages of our books.  Everyone relocated to the living room where we all continued to read until separating to our various bedrooms to sleep.  I finished the second book of the Hunger Games trilogy last night, and am officially addicted.  I started on the third while laying in bed, and will probably finish it soon.  I’m very excited to see how these movies end up.

Yesterday’s workout was 33 minutes on the elliptical followed by chest and triceps, and ouch I am feeling it today.

Chest Press Incline dumbbell Chest Press with Twist Tricep Kickbacks Dips (assisted pull up machine) Tricep Pushdowns
10 x 40lb 12 x 10lb 12 x 10lb 8 x 100lb 12 x 17.5lb
10 x 40lb 12 x 10lb 12 x 10lb 8 x 90lb 12 x 17.5lb
10 x 40lb 12 x 10lb 12 x 10lb 8 x 90lb 12 x 17.5lb

For the incline dumbbell chest press, they have you twist your arms together at the top so that your pinkies are touching.  It’s not easy.  Also, I almost fell off the dip machine because my arms were shaking so much, that would have been embarrassing.

Today is like my Thursday, which is excellent, because I’m so excited to see Darren.  I’m on a 5:30 flight out of DC on Thursday, but I kind of want to see if I can get on an earlier one.  Originally I thought I would have to come in to work that day, but now that I don’t I want to get to Chicago sooner rather than later.  I know United has a policy where you can check into an earlier flight on the same day for $75, and I’m trying to figure out if it’s worth it.  I guess we’ll see on Thursday.

Happy Flag Day!