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Now What?

Now that Christmas and the vacation I was looking forward to since February are over, it’s kind of like, now what.  What can I possibly look forward to now, except two months of cold weather in January and February?  Well, for one, Darren arrives Friday afternoon to celebrate NYE with me again.  If you recall, last NYE was when our relationship pretty much started again.  Probably because I wowed him with an amazing dinner of Filet stuffed with lobster and asparagus.

We’re partaking in the same type of festivities again this year, a low-key night at home with delicious food, and I’m trying to decide what to make.  I’m thinking a simple roasted chicken, perhaps this recipe 😉 with mashed potatoes.  Who knows though, I am open to suggestions.

Then last night on a whim, I logged on to Frontier to check flight prices and managed to score my ticket to Wisconsin for President’s Day weekend for only $157.  I checked again this morning just out of curiosity, back up to $272.  Kelly for the win!  I also applied and was approved for a Frontier Master Card, because that’s just what I need.  Oh well, at least now my spending will give me frequent flyer miles, and maybe I’ll be able to afford my flight to Vegas in April.

I’m thinking about making my return to working out today, ya know, since I managed all of 4 workouts during my two-week vacation.  Oops.  I have my clothes, now it’s just a matter of whether I’ll have the motivation to drag myself across the street.  If today at work is as boring as yesterday, there’s a good chance.  Unless of course I manage to find the entire Tarzan movie on You Tube, yesterday I could only find parts 1-3.

Anyone doing anything crazy for NYE?  Or like me, are you going to be a bum in your pajamas with a straw in your bottle of wine?


Tis the Season

Now that I’m back from vacation, it’s pretty much full holiday mode from now until next Monday, and that means holiday parties and dinners.  We had our annual Christmas dinner with some very close family friends on Sunday night, and it was the perfect way to kick off a week of celebrations.

There was champagne, beef wellington, delicious wine, and finally tequila as parting gifts from their very own distillery.  It’s called Tattoo Tequila, and it was pretty good.  How awesome is that though, they own their own tequila.  I for one, would drink a lot of margaritas.

It was a fun night that ended way too late and left me exhausted and crashing into bed around 1 am, and very unwilling to get out of bed and work out yesterday morning.  Although, with holiday snacks, meals, and cocktails it was necessary.  My sister and I did 50 minutes on the elliptical and then I followed that up with the push-up pyramid work-out.  The rest of the day yesterday was pretty much spent in my kitchen, but the products of those endeavors will be written about tomorrow.

Anyway, today I’m hoping to get in another somewhat decent workout, buying the one last Christmas present I need (forgot about the family Christmas present exchange on Friday) and then who knows.  There are plans for dinner and a movie before my sister starts hers Christmas shifts at work on Wednesday and is gone for 12 hours a day and can’t hang out anymore.  Gotta love long vacations.

I hope you are all hanging in there for your last few days of work before the Christmas weekend!

Time to Celebrate!

Helloooo July, does anyone else feel like it was just Memorial Day, and now it’s 4th of July?  Seriously, what happened to June?  Anyway, I’m crossing my fingers for a 2 pm closing to kick off this long holiday weekend.  The roommates and I, along with some other JMUers are off to Baltimore tomorrow for some fun, on/near the water.

Yesterday I got in a 4 mile run at lunch, 9:09 pace, and then looked like a lobster at work for the next hour.  The right side of my headphones has officially stopped producing noise, so it’s time to buy some new earbuds.  These lasted two years I wanna say, so that’s pretty good.  I cannot say the same thing for my Nike iPod armband, which is almost a year old and falling apart.  Guess I should get a new one of those also.

So my anti-socialness struck again last night.  When I got home from work, our friend Will was sitting on the couch having a beer with one of the roommates.  Will’s in the Army and lives in Tennessee somewhere right now, but is currently up visiting.  They were going out for some dinner and drinks with a few other friends, and I turned down the invite to join.  Instead I sat home watching Going the Distance, which just made me sad.  I need to work on my socializing skills.

In honor of the holiday weekend, today I decided to dress like I was going sailing.  Wishful thinking I suppose.

Three year-old white denim wide leg jeans: 7 for all mankind
Blue and white striped tank: like $4 at H&M last summer
Seahorse necklace: Courtesy of roommate Dani’s necklace collection (maybe she can weigh in on where it’s from)

Lastly for today, new favorite picture of me and the roommates from last weekends goodbye party.

Anyone have fun plans for the 4th?