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Fun (Messes) in the Kitchen

Heyoooo!  Happy Thursday friends! I was too lazy to post yesterday, I’m on vacation after all, so today’s will probably be extra long.  First though, I have a HUGE favor to ask y’all.  My friend Molly and her fiance have entered a contest to win a lighting package for their wedding and she needs votes.  It’s super easy, just click here  click on the photo of Molly and Matt (the third one) and like the photo.  Do it.  Pretty please.

Hokay moving on.  Thanks to boredom and my mom’s awesome kitchen, I spent a lot of time cooking and baking on Monday.  First up was the delicious looking Mexican Lasagna Jess posted about twice so far.  She was tempting me to do it, my sister begged, and I complied.  You know what, it was freaking awesome.  I’m not quite sure how many people the recipe was supposed to feed, but on Monday it fed three.  I followed her recipe pretty close, except I skipped the cilantro and mixed some sour cream in with the ground turkey mixture.  Ya know, cause it needed some more calories :).

Then, because I was still bored, I tackled homemade Cinnamon Rolls.  From scratch, including the dough.  It was my first time with dough.  It was interesting.

They are nowhere near all the same size, but you can’t really tell that when topped with the cream cheese glaze and they all taste good, so whatevs.

While Monday was kind of low-key and boring, Tuesday was the complete opposite.  My sis, Dar, and myself were up and out the door running errands before noon and didn’t wrap up until almost 4 pm.  We hit the mall, Dick’s, the liquor store, the beer distributor, and a local restaurant to pick up a gift card.  We celebrated the end of the long day with dinner at our favorite BYOB, Duck Sauce.  We ate enough food to feed a large country, and ended our evening with some adult beverages with Darren’s family.  I finally managed to drag myself into bed around 1 am.

I love the holidays, but damn are they exhausting.  That’s all for today.  Peace out, and don’t forget to vote!