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So Random, I’m Sorry

Still no flat tire, so that’s cool, the light is still on though.  Actually I’m pretty sure once that comes on it needs to be reset by someone who is  not me, I hate that.  The fun thing is I can wander around the showroom at the dealership on Saturday morning scoping out the shiny new cars and dream about having a ton of money.  Related, I do plan on upgrading to an SUV upon my eventual move to Wisconsin, in like three years, as my car and snow do not get along well.  Never too early to start researching :).

Does anyone else feel like this week is flying by?  I kind of can’t believe it’s Thursday already, and the second  to last week of September at that.  Why does time seem to go so much faster the older you get?  Wait, I just looked at my calendar, wasn’t the Autumn solstice on Tuesday night?  Why is it telling me that tomorrow is the first day of Autumn, am I just that dumb?   Ok, I just looked it up and apparently it happens at 9:04 am tomorrow, but I really could have sworn the news was talking about it happening Tuesday night.  Well, I guess tomorrow is the “official” first day of fall.

I’ve been super lazy during the day at work lately, and unable to get up from my desk to walk across the street to the gym, so more and more workouts are happening at the end of the day.  How sad is that? I can’t get up off my ass to walk across the street.  Anyway, yesterday was no exception.  Ten minutes on the stair climber followed by a weights workout.  I posted my weight routine last week, here so I won’t do it again.  The two exercises listed next to each other on that list are usually done in a super set, unless I’m dying.

Dinner was once again a burger leftover from Saturday.  About how much longer would you say I can go on eating those until I start to feel sick after?  There are still a few left and I don’t want to have to throw them away.  Is a week pushing it? Haha, I mean they were cooked Saturday night and immediately put in the freezer… I also ate a slice of apple pie, I enjoyed every last bite of it, until it was gone.  Then I started to feel bad about eating it and totally falling off the “get in shape for vacation” wagon.  Food guilt, yay.

Tonight should be a good night, because after way too long, I’m finally hanging out with Kacy.  Girlfriend lives 1.5 miles away from me and I haven’t seen her in months, not ok. We are happy houring in Ballston with $1 drinks because we’re poor, and on a budget.  Can’t wait!  Happy Thursday fools!




Birthday’s and More Birthday’s

So I enjoyed my egg thingy more yesterday for breakfast than I did for dinner on Wednesday.  Then again, I enjoy most things more when the flavors have had a day or two to meld together.  Either way, next time I make an egg bake, I’ll probably use bacon, because what isn’t better with bacon?

Yesterday was crazy at work.  I have a huge project, that came to me a giant mess, due on Monday.  Throw in a goodbye lunch outing, and a baby shower, and I felt like I was at work for five minutes.  None the less, I still made it out the door on time because I had places to be.

Yesterday was three of my friends birthday’s, and a giant group of us was meeting at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon to celebrate.  I came bearing a piece of baby shower cake to give to the birthday girl.  None other than my roommate Danielle!

Happy birthday pretty lady!  I hope you had a fabulous time, and continue to have fun this weekend despite my absence.).  I left at 8 after three beers, because I needed to go home and pack for my weekend of fun.

Tonight I’m having dinner with my mom and sister, and I *think* I finally get to meet a hilarious lady I’ve been talking to on Twitter for months now!  Just have to make it through a half day of work first.

What are you all up to this weekend?

Family Tales

So I’m heading home this weekend for my sister’s college graduation, and naturally my mother is driving me crazy (sorry mom but it’s true).  She sent me an email last week with a schedule of the graduation events, times, ceremonies, etc.  After looking at it and seeing there wasn’t anything until 4:30 on Saturday, I wrote back saying it might be easier for me to just come home on Saturday morning.  Then she tells me there is something at 9:30 Saturday morning, ok fine, but if you’re going to send me an email itinerary can’t we include all the details?

Relatively soon after that, it might have even been the same day, I talked to my sister and told her I’d be there on Friday night and was staying at her apartment with her all weekend.  Yesterday morning my sister and I again had that same conversation, and I told her I’d hopefully be there by 8 pm on Friday night.  We also discussed clothing options, but that’s not really part of the story.

Yesterday afternoon I got a text message from my mom asking me what my final plans were for the weekend because neither her nor my sister knew what I was doing.  Really, that’s funny, because I’m almost positive I had a conversation with Col earlier about my exact plans.  Sigh, family, gotta love em, and also want to strangle them at the same time :).  Good news is my sister’s grad present is arriving today, much earlier than expected!

Anyway, like I mentioned yesterday, after work a bunch of us met up at Arlington Rooftop Bar and Grill for happy hour.  It was an absolutely gorgeous night to sit outside enjoying cocktails with friends.


A few people ordered food, and I have to say it all looked amazing, ok I did steal some fries from people and they were amazing.  Adrienne and I also split some calamari which was delicious.  This was our first time there, and I think we’ll definitely go back soon.  I made it home by 9 pm and was sound asleep by 10:30, that’s a perfect weekday happy hour to me :).

And lastly, if you read nothing else today, read this, because YES!