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Oh Right, I’m Running a Half Marathon

With all the excitement about my new job, new house, and moving to a new city, I’d almost, almost, forgotten about my first half marathon in 10 days!  Alright, that’s a lie, I haven’t forgotten at all, but I really haven’t talked about it much recently.  Just yesterday however, I spent a good half an hour on map my run mapping out the course, and THEN I discovered you can watch a 3D video of the course you map out.  So I did that a few, ok 10 times.  It is pretty safe to say that I am already nervous, I can’t help it, I mean I did used to throw up before races in high school.

While there is no doubt in my mind that I can conquer the distance, I do have some goals for this race sitting in the back of my mind.  I was considering keeping them to myself, but hey what else is this blog for then for talking about things of this nature.  So, here we go.

  • Goal A: If there are perfect race conditions on that morning, (no rain, no wind, no stuffy nose or other illness) I really want to break 2 hours.  My 10 miler last weekend at 9:07 pace would put me in this category, so I think it’s an attainable goal.
  • Goal B: Because crap happens, the weather can suck, you can feel like ass, etc I want to run the whole thing under a 10 min/mile pace.  I’m hoping this one will be easy.
  • Goal C: Everything falls apart, the weather, my leg, and I die, I just want to finish the race in one piece, and be able to walk after because I don’t have health insurance currently, so injuries will have to be left untreated.

Not too lofty of goals I don’t think.  Now, since there are 10 days to go the only thing left to do is stalk the forecast obsessively.  I’ve run three races in my life, two of them have been in the pouring rain, I’d like to not add to that number.  Let’s hope for sunshine and not too cold of temps. Who else is running the Philadelphia Half or Full on November 21?  What are your goals?!

And because lately this seems to have become a shopping/fashion blog, I can’t leave you without something along those lines.  I was stalking Fed Ex shipping yesterday, and squealed in delight when I saw my new Coach bag was “on truck for delivery”.  I raced home at the end of the day, and sure enough there was this lovely package sitting on my front steps.

I tore open the packing tape the minute I was inside, and found another prettily wrapped box. (TWSS?)

Finally, I pulled my gorgeous new bag out.

Even prettier in person than it was online, and I’m so happy I went with the blue over the gray!  It’s the perfect size, and the shoulder strap is awesome for keeping it out of the way when you have to buy things, like multiple bottles of red wine.  I mean of course I had to test out its functionality right away.  It passed the test.

Oh, and I actually did work out last night, funny how that got pushed to the bottom of the post.  My training plan recommended a 4×1 mile workout at 8:15 pace.  Sounded hard to me from the get go, so I decided to play it by ear.  I did a half mile warm-up at 10 min/mile pace before getting into my mile repeats.  As expected, the first one sucked and felt really fast, but at the same time took forever to end.  How does that work?  Anyway, I walked a .25 mile recovery before diving into the next mile.  Mile 2 didn’t suck as much, but it still wasn’t fun.  Made it through and walked another .25 recovery.  It was at this point that I made a deal with myself to at least make it through one more, and then stop if I really wanted to.  I did my 3rd mile repeat and my legs felt heavy and slow the whole time, plus my IT band felt tight.  Meh I totally bailed on the 4th one, but whatever.  I think I still benefitted from the point of the workout.  At the finish, the run was 4.5 miles in 44:10.  Whatever, I’ll take it.

Oh hey, it’s Thursday, 7 more days left at my current job and 16 days until moving day!  Do I need to start packing yet?

Training Questions

Waaaah, it is freezing this morning.  I had frost on my windshield, could barely touch the steering wheel, turned my seat heaters on full blast.  According to my car it was 31 degrees, hello winter temps and November.

Last night I did a three mile recovery run, and while my legs felt tight at the start, after the first mile they loosened up and the run went smoothly.  I recovered from Saturday’s long run much better this week than last, which I am pretty happy about.

After my work-out I came home to figure out dinner, and decided to go with the Trader Joe’s Chicken Fried Rice we purchased on Sunday.

Verdict? Not too bad, although it wasn’t ready in 5 minutes and needed some sauce.  So I added some of my favorite Lawry’s teriyaki marinade to it, and that really added some flavor.

It was good for a fast dinner to have when I was home alone, I’d probably buy it again.  Although it could definitely use a few more things to spice the flavor up a bit.  After dinner I relaxed on the couch with some red wine and How I Met Your Mother.

Ok, now I have a few questions regarding the last three weeks of my half marathon training plan.  My long run this weekend is supposed to be 13 miles, followed by 11 the next week, and finally the full 13.1 on race day the week after that.  My problem is, I have a wedding this Saturday that I need to be walking out the door for by 1:30.  Now technically I would have enough time if I could get myself up and out the door by 9 am, but I’m also still trying to decide if I really want to run 13 miles as part of my training.

My last two long runs I’ve started to have IT band pain in my knee around miles 6 and 7, both of those times I’ve been able to stretch and get rid of the pain enough to finish my run, but I don’t know how much longer that method will work.  I want to be able to finish my half without pain, which I think means I should probably take it easier these last couple weeks of training.  My question is, do I really need to run 13 miles this week as part of training, or can I shorten these last two long runs and still be trained enough to finish the half in the time I want to (around 2 hours)?  Any and all opinions are welcome!

Well, it’s Tuesday, my least favorite day of the week.  Add to that the dentist appointment I have this afternoon to get a cavity filled, and it’s really the worst day of the week.  Ugh, have a good one, I will try to also.  I think the cupcake I packed with my lunch may help that ;).



Someone’s Excited

Things my boyfriend said to me last night:

Him: “Can we get late night pizza Sat?”
Me: “haha sure”

Him: “Can we pretend we just met at the bar and have a drunken one night stand?”
Me: “hahaha sure”

Him: “Epiiiiiic. I’m gonna defriend you tonight so I can send you and awkward friend request Sunday.”
Me: “Lame”

Haha, someone is a little excited to pretend like he’s in college on Saturday.  I think my sister is a little happy about it also.

I’m pretty excited myself, I just hope I can remember that I can’t party like a 21 year-old anymore without feeling extremely sick the next day.  Hopefully I can control myself.  Oh, and go Dukes!

Last night I hit the treadmill for a speed workout, 3 x 1 mile repeats at 8:20 pace.  8:20 pace is definitely a tad faster than is comfortable for me, so it felt good to push myself for those three miles.  Here’s how it looked.

  • 1 mile warm-up 10 min/mile
  • 1 mile 8:20 pace
  • .25 walk 4.4 mph
  • 1 mile @8:20 pace
  • .25 walk 4.4 mph
  • 1 mile @8:20 pace
  • .25 walk 4.4 mph
  • 4.75 miles total

I ran into my friend Chris as I was leaving the gym, and invited him over to watch the Phillies game later.  Chris is actually my oldest friend in the area. We met in the 4th grade, although we didn’t really become friends until I lost the  glasses and braces in 8th grade and was cool enough to talk to :).  He was my first serious boyfriend in high school, and we dated for about a year and a half.

This is us in June 2000, probably about two months after we started dating, I’m 14 and he’s 15.

Then this is us last summer celebrating Chris’s 25th birthday.  So even at 24 and 25, I think we look exactly the same as we did at 14 and 15, haha.  It was fun to have someone to watch the Phillies with, and I wore my Brad Lidge shirt which I’m pretty sure helped them win ;).  Also, Chris wants to run the Philadelphia Marathon next month, but forgot to sign up and now it’s sold out.  He’s been raising money for Alzheimer’s awareness for the race, so if anyone knows of someone looking to unload a bib, please let me know!

It’s Friday, hooray! I don’t plan on doing anything at all tonight except sitting on my butt resting for tomorrow mornings 10 mile run and day of drinking at Villanova.  I can’t believe yesterday marked the 1 month count down until the half marathon, it’s going to be here before I know it!  Anyone else up to anything good this weekend?! Happy Friday!