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I Will Not Get Sick

Ah Wednesday, two more days to go, and this is definitely the longest week of my life.  Also, four days until the half, and I am getting extremely nervous, maybe that’s the reason I wake up every morning at 3 or 4 am having to pee?  Seriously, why can I not sleep through the night, I’ve never had this problem before!  Well, I mean I’ve had the problem of waking up a few times during the night, but never because I had to pee.  Super annoying.

I woke up yesterday morning with a scratchy throat, and somewhat stuffy nose, so I took full advantage of my rest day and curled up on the couch in sweats all night.  I also broke out the Zicam nasal spray and Vitamin C tablets, I will not get sick with four days to go!

I had leftover Ravioli Lasagna for dinner last night, and since I neglected to take and post pictures yesterday, I took some last night.

With a side of my favorite Garlic Mozzarella bread of course.  After dinner, I relaxed on the couch watching How I Met Your Mother reruns and waiting for Glee to start.  I was a little skeptical when I saw Gwyneth Paltrow was going to be a guest star, but she surprised me.

This was my favorite, but the duet to Singing in the Rain/Umbrella with Mr. Shue was pretty fantastic also.  I was a big fan of the movie Duets, which she was in, and I’m glad she pulled off her Glee role.  At the end of the episode they announced that the Christmas album was now officially available, and I almost bought it, but I figured I’d wait until after Thanksgiving at least :).

I know a lot of people hate Glee, but I love musicals, and it makes me happy so I watch.  Plus I think it’s a lot better than all the shitty reality shows out there these days, those just make my head want to explode.

Tonight I have my second to last run of my training plan, and it’s a 5 mile tempo, which should be fun.  Weather is still looking good for Sunday, keeping my fingers crossed, low of 41 in the morning high of 51 in the afternoon.  So what do I wear?! Sigh, so much to think about still.

Alright have a good day everyone, just think, this time next week Thanksgiving will be tomorrow!

It’s Almost Over

So, it’s Tuesday, which means that after today I only have three more days left of work followed by a half marathon, and an extra long Thanksgiving break!  At this point, it is safe to say that while I am excited for my first half marathon, I cannot wait for it to be over.  The training, the anticipation, and the nerves of it all, I’m over it.  Come Monday November 22, I will be extremely happy not to “have” to run a certain distance and feel guilty if I don’t.

That being said, this half marathon is something I’ve been working towards since June.  While my official training plan didn’t start until the middle of September, after months and months of physical therapy in the spring my weekly distance was not where it should be.  I knew that before I dove into a 10 week training program that had me running 20 plus miles a week, I had to build my base back up, or risk another injury.

Slowly, but surely, I worked up from a measly 5 miles a week in June to the 24 miles I ran two weeks ago.  My six months of training and running will culminate with the half on Sunday, and I really hope I’m happy with my performance.  Although, I suppose after not being able to run for five months, I should just be proud that I could even take on 13.1 six months later.  So yes, I am excited, and nervous, and I can’t wait for it to be over.

Last night, I shook my legs out in a 3 mile recovery run while watching the woman in front of me absolutely kill 6 miles iPodless.  I see her at the gym every once in a while, and it blows my mind that she can run on a treadmill for that long without music.  I think I’d go insane.

Following my workout, I whipped up some Ravioli Lasagna for dinner.  This time I used some Buitoni three-cheese ravioli and spicy beef and sausage flavor, and a yellow squash instead of frozen spinach.  It turned out deliciously, and there are tons of leftovers currently sitting in my fridge.

Oh right, and 11 days until moving day…

One Week

By this time next week, I will hopefully have finished my first half marathon, and will be well on my way to celebrating with friends and family.  Not only is November 21 the day of my first half, but it is also my sister’s 22nd birthday so we’re planning to make it a pretty fun day.  My last long run was yesterday morning, so I’m officially in taper mode now.

Originally, my training plan called for an 11 mile long run the weekend before the half, but I decided not to risk that long of a run with one week to go and my IT Band acting up occasionally.  So yesterday, I set out with the goal of doing 7-8 miles.  It was absolutely gorgeous out yesterday, sunny, and unseasonably warm.  Unfortunately, my Garmin started beeping about a low battery the second I turned it on, so I just hoped it would work for my whole run.

If you had told me a year, or even six months ago, that I’d be capable of running 7 miles with a sub 9 minute pace, I would have laughed in your face and called you crazy.  Now, those splits are somewhat deceiving because they imply that I felt great during the run.  The opposite is actually true, my shoulders were tight and sore, my right Achilles tendon felt tight, and my toes kept falling asleep.  During mile 4, I actually stopped and stood still for a few minutes trying to decide if I wanted to keep going, hence the 9:19 split.  Clearly I decided to continue the run, and I think feeling shitty made me run faster because I just wanted it over with, haha.  When I glanced down at my watch during the last mile home, I was shocked to see it in the 7 minute range and not feel like I was in an all out sprint. So I think I’m ready for next weekend, but I guess we’ll find out.

After my run, I quickly showered and put on some clean clothes to get ready to spend some more money.  With bedroom furniture purchased, the next big thing on the agenda was a mattress.  I drug my mom along with me for her mattress purchasing expertise, and we went over to Sleepy’s.  Mattresses are freaking expensive!  After trying out a few different ones, I ended up with a Sealy Cushion Top, and it should be getting delivered at some point this morning to my new house, well assuming my roommates are there to let them in ;).

Aided with the caffeine from a Gingerbread Latte, I finally started packing yesterday.  I fit almost all of my clothes, minus what I think I’ll need in the next two weeks, into my two large Vera Bradley suitcases and wrapped my picture frames in sweats so now they’re ready to go in a box.  I’m hoping to get a little more packing done today, but I’m pretty sure the majority of it will get done next week when I’m no longer working.

Well, have a great Sunday, I need to find something to do today, I’m already bored.  Haha.

13 days…