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***start period talk***Thanks for all the reassurance yesterday friends, I’m sure I’m fine, but as someone who has never missed a period or even been late before you can understand why I freaked out.  I’m now resigned to the fact that it’s just not coming this month, for whatever reason that may be.  Also, this is why I refused to go on that Seasonique crap, because I’m a basket case and I couldn’t handle being like this all the time.***end period talk*** 

And now, another volume of shit my boyfriend says coming at ya.  So when I told Dar about my little dilemma with my period being a no-show and maybe possibly being knocked up.  Instead of joining me in Freak Out Town, he said this:

“I wouldn’t be upset if you were pregnant, because we’d be an amazing family with our deadly little ninja warrior.”

Um, what? I simply banged my head against the table multiple times in a row.  He seemed to completely forget the fact that we live 13 hours away from one another, and I would have to stay here ALONE for health insurance purposes.  Men.  Also there was this little gem.

“Kind of ironic since back in the fall I said we should reproduce even if we don’t end up ever getting back together.”  He thinks we’d make awesome babies apparently.

Then, as the day went on yesterday, he just kept randomly texting me “ninja assassin” so finally I asked him if he wanted me pregnant now or something.  His response?

“Possibly, with shades of grey.”

Dear lord almighty, help me, I am not letting my bc out of my sight when he is around.  He’d be one of those freaks that subs baby aspirin for the bc pills.  I know that happens because I saw it on a Lifetime movie, and those are always completely legitimate.

Then, when I asked if we could at least wait until we lived in the same state to start procreating, he said it wasn’t really up to him, it was up to my uterus.  He is a freak, and now I’m rethinking our whole relationship, for a number of reasons.  I kid, sort of.

On to less weird and interesting things.  Yesterday’s workout was 33 minutes on the elliptical followed by some stretching and abs, and yet another annoying gym conversation.  Today I am not taking my headphones out of my ears.  Oh and did I mention this new gym bff happens to be a guy that hit on me in Starbucks a few weeks ago and told me he NEVER takes a lunch to workout during the day.  I may need to change my schedule.

So hey, tomorrow’s July, which just so happens to be my favorite month of the summer because I am immature and still look forward to my birthday.  Although this one much less so than previous, 26 is a scary age to me.  Mostly I look forward to birthday debauchery at Seacrets in OCMD. Weeeeeee!  Alright, well I’m out, catch ya later.

Easily Irritated

Somehow I just managed to hurt my ankle walking into work.  No clue how, or what I did, but it’s kind of annoying me at the moment.  It almost feels like it needs to crack or something, ugh hopefully it goes away.  Anyway, yesterday’s training class wasn’t really that bad.  After the instructor found out I was a journalism major in college, and currently spend all day formatting documents in Word he pretty much ignored me.  He told me to just kind of sit back and relax, since I probably know how to do everything we were going to go over.  It was nice, and yes I did know everything.

Another nice thing was that the class ended at 4, which put me at the gym at 4:30 instead of 5:20ish.  Um, the difference between the gym at 4:30 and 5:30 is amazing.  It was completely empty.  Well except for the two annoying girls in the free weight area.  Wednesday’s are my cross training/lifting days, so I peddled through 33 minutes on the elliptical before heading down to the weights.  These two girls had the 20lb bar, 30lb bar, and 40lb bar as well as an assortment of dumb bells sectioned off between the two of them.  Fine whatever, if you’re actually using them, but they were standing around doing more chatting than actually lifting.  I sent some stares towards the 30lb bar hoping they would wrap up their “work out” soon.  Also the one girl was probably the size of my thigh, had her tank top folded up exposing her stomach, and happened to mention that she only started working out in late January.  Of all days for my iPod to be dead.  I had to listen to their dumb conversation the whole time I was lifting.  I made it through 3 sets of bicep curls and over head tricep extensions before they finally put the weights back.  I grabbed the 30lb bar, did my thing, and then completely bailed on abs and stretching because the same two girls were monopolizing the mats, and I couldn’t stand to listen to them for one more minute.

I made it home significantly earlier than usual, made a nice dinner of TJ’s Lobster Ravioli and spinach, and washed it all down with a few glasses of red.  I know I said I was going to switch to the vodka diet, but I just wasn’t in the mood for vodka last night (shocker I know).  Maybe a nice cocktail will make an appearance tonight.  Oh, I also had a Red Velvet cupcake from Georgetown Cupcakes because Dani came home with a box from her friend Emily once again.  Luckily it’s a smaller box and there are only 6 left now.

One week until Chicago!  The weather looks pretty good, chilly, but sunny which I can deal with.

Time to start mentally packing!  I think shoes will probably be my hardest obstacle.  I always pack too many shoes.  What do you mean four pairs of boots aren’t necessary for a long weekend?  Happy Thursday!

So Evil

Yesterday it was 72, today I woke up and it was 33.  Should I just resign to the fact that I’m going to get sick?  Because seriously, the drastic temperature changes are just a flu waiting to happen.  Crap, and I just remembered I forgot to take my new gummy vitamins the past two days.  I’m a huge failure at vitamin taking, and I’d hoped having fun delicious ones would help.  Apparently not.  Sigh.

I headed to the gym after work yesterday and got in a lousy 4 miles at about 9:22 pace.  I say lousy because if I had to guess, I’d say it was a balmy 80 degrees in the gym last night.  And humid.  I know I complain about this a lot, but last night was seriously on the verge of unbearable.  I have never sweat so much in my life.  I cooled down with 15 minutes on the elliptical, and then tried to find an air vent blowing cool air  to stand under.  Which I did, for a good 5 minutes.  I’ve complained to the front desk before, but the only answer I ever get is that the manager has certain temperatures he has to stay between.  What are they, hot and burning in hell?

In other news, I almost threw Pumpkin out my bedroom window last night.  The little asshole thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to do wind sprints around my room, up and down the stairs, and jumping on and off the bed at 2 am.  News flash cat, it’s not.  I can’t lock her out of my room either, because then she sits outside my door crying and I don’t want her to wake everyone in the house up.  She’s been doing this a lot lately, it’s getting old.  So in a sleep deprived, evil mood this morning, I got some revenge.  When I came walking down the stairs to see her curled up  on the chair sleeping, I said to myself, “Oh hell no, you’re not going to sleep all day and keep me up all night.”  I walked over to her, picked her up and dropped her on the floor (don’t worry she landed on her feet), muahaha, take that cat.  She was quite confused, it made me feel better.  I am evil.

Anywho, happy 1st day of March!  I’m so happy that spring is just around the corner for real now.




Also, this morning I woke up and couldn’t remember what day it was.  Then I remembered it was only Tuesday and cried a little.  Try not to hate it too much.