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In Which, I Put Everything off Until Monday Night

In an effort to save money and be relatively health conscious, I bring a giant bag of food to work every week.  This bag of food typically includes, breakfast, snacks, and lunch all prepared at home and ready to eat throughout the work week.  This means I spend a substantial amount of time in my kitchen doing food prep at the beginning of the week.  That night was last night.  So for fun, here’s a list of things I should do on Sunday, but never get to until Monday.

  1. Decide what I want to eat for dinner every night that week.  Lately this is alternating between stuffed peppers, shepherds pie, and meatloaf.  I decided on meatloaf for this week.
  2. Make a mental grocery list, and think about what main ingredients I might be missing for the dinner I decided upon.  This week, a can of tomato soup.
  3. Head to the grocery store after work and stock up on the usual things:
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce
  • Peppers
  • Cucumber
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Peaches or Apples
  • R0tissiere Chicken (last night they had just a breast available, score!)
  • Ground Beef or Turkey
  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Coffee Creamer (side note, Pumpkin Spice creamer is way better than Starbs PSL, and cheaper)
  • Frozen veggie
  1. Go home, unpack, make dinner. Luckily last night, throwing the meatloaf together was relatively quick and I had it in the oven in about 15 minutes.  While it cooked away for the next hour I prepared the rest of my food.
  2. Chopped up onion and peppers for the egg bake, saute.  Cut up 8 pieces of bacon, scrambled 8 eggs (10 if eating for all 5 days).
  3. Once everything was cooked (peppers,onion, bacon) I transferred it all to a large casserole dish and put it in the oven once the meatloaf was done.
  4. Ground coffee beans to make a giant pitcher of iced coffee for the week.
  5. Tore apart the Rotisierre Chicken breast and put the pieces into Tupperware.
  6. Microwaved some frozen green beans to go with my meatloaf.
  7. Ate dinner at 8 pm exhausted and sweaty.

So, now I’m set for the week, although this typically means I’m coffeeless and mealless on Monday’s at work.  Thankfully I had a lunchtime meeting yesterday where food was provided.  I really need to work on getting my act together and having all this done on Sundays.  I feel as though the beginning of my week would feel much less stressful.  Maybe someday.

I watched Fox’s new show, Terra Nova, while eating last night and I *think* I like it?  I definitely sat there easily enough for two hours watching.  Maybe it will fill the void LOST ending left in my TV schedule.  We’ll see.  Anywho, happy Tuesday.  What does your food prep for a week look like?


Spring Fever

So what does a girl with no date do on Valentine’s Day?  Well, if you’re me, you go to the grocery store and laugh at all the men in there buying flowers and cards.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute fellas.  It was really amusing, and I actually laughed out loud when I got off the elevator on the second floor and saw the crowd of dudes in the card section.  Then I meandered over to the wine and picked out two bottles :).

The gym didn’t happen because I realized yesterday afternoon, with my long run happening on Sunday instead of Saturday that my schedule is all off by one day, and yesterday was a rest day.  Fine by me, since I had to go grocery shopping anyway.  The rest of the night was spent on the couch with my Valentine’s (Dani and Adrienne) watching the Caps play, shocker I know.

So I think the spring temps yesterday actually caused some people to lose their minds, because on my drive in this morning I saw a couple enjoying their Z3, with the top down.  It was 33 degrees.  Let’s not get ahead of ourselves folks, it is still February after all.  Although with a forecast looking like this:

I can’t help but get excited either.  In fact plans for a BBQ and some back porch drinking may already be in the works for Friday.  I’m so glad I brought at least one pair of flip flops down with me when I moved!  Got to love random warm days in February.  All I could think about yesterday at work was that if I were still down at JMU in college, I totally would have bailed on classes to sit on the quad all day or drink in my backyard while playing beer die or something.  Sigh, the good old days.


outside day drinking, circa 2007

So pretty much the only thing getting me through this week, is the though of a three day weekend and having Monday off.  I think I’ve been looking forward to this holiday since we came back after Christmas haha.  Well, being as it’s Tuesday, I got stuck in a shit ton of traffic on my way to work this morning and my gas light came on.  Typical.  Anyway, have a good one!


Rookie Mistake

Well I made it to the gym last night, and just as I expected I’ve lost a significant amount of endurance.  Also, imagine my disappointment when I went to turn my iPod on and it was completely dead.  Luckily, the LA Fitness down here is brand new and has those fancy treadmills that you can hook your iPod up to, and I was still able to listen to some music.  I managed to pull out a 3 mile run at about 9:30 pace and then 20 minutes on the elliptical for a nice 50 minute cardio session.  I’m somewhat annoyed at myself for letting all the work I did for my half slip away, but at least I have three months to get it back.

After the gym I made the rookie mistake of going grocery shopping, after not eating since lunch and starving for dinner.  Let’s just say my bill was a little higher than normal, and I have no idea what some of my random purchases were about.  Also, I looked ridiculous in my dress coat, running shorts and tank top.  No wonder I got some strange looks.

Yes, I am in the Macaroni and Cheese aisle.  What I told you I was hungry and made some random purchases, like bunny shaped macaroni.  After an hour of meandering up and down aisles, I finally made it out of the grocery store and got home only to have every single bag rip as I was taking them out of my car.  Let’s just say there was some cursing, and the jumbo pack of toilet paper may have gotten dropped kicked up to the front porch.

I finally settled down with some dinner and wine just in time for The Craigslist Killer to start on Lifetime.  Don’t judge me, I’d been looking forward to it for a while.  Honestly, it was a little disappointing.  Although I’ll probably have even more trust issues with men now, because it was still pretty creepy.  Next one I’m looking forward to is about Amanda Knox and the murder in Italy.  Yes I’m a geek, and I don’t care.

The plan is to head to the gym again after work today, so hopefully I make it there.  As long as traffic is relatively light I think I’ll be able to convince myself, although it is Tuesday so anything could happen.  Catch ya later!