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Sibling Rivalry

This week there is some intense sibling rivalry going on in my house.  The Phillies are up in New York playing the Yankees for a 3 game series, hopefully my sister and I will still be friends when it’s over.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the Phils and will cheer for them any other time when they are not playing the Yankees, but I’m a true Yankee fan at heart.

This was my first Yankees game, my Uncle took me for my birthday when they came to Citizens Bank Park and played the Phillies (Yanks won).  June 2006.

This was my first game at Yankee Stadium on the day I turned 22, July 18, 2007.  They played Toronto and won this night also.

First trip to the new stadium last summer for the Yankees/Phils series, May 2009.  Yup, they won this game too.

This is August 2009 Yankees/White Sox and mine and the bf’s first official date.  They won this one in true Yankee style with a walk-off in extra innings.  Hopefully my good luck streak for the Yankees continues and they’ll come away with another win tomorrow night when I’m at the game!

Alright moving on to fitness and food.  My sis and I went out for a 1 mile warm-up run yesterday when I got home from work.  Sidenote, why does 1 mile sometimes seem harder than 3?  Anyway, 1 mile in 9:07 and then we moved on to Yoga Meltdown.  This was my sisters first experience with it, and I think she liked it as much as I do.  I think the dolphin poses at the end are my favorite.  I really feel it working so many different muscles, core, shoulders, back, arms.  Love!  We both collapsed into sweaty heaps on our yoga mats when it was over.

Dinner was grilled chicken marinated in my fav marinade, and grilled peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, and brown rice.

And if you are keeping count, I finished bottle number two of the marinade.  Time to stock up, haha!  I realized I eat a lot of peppers and zucchini in the summer, good thing they are delicious.

After dinner, my sister and I sat on the couch watching the game, and the Yankees won, wooo!  She was not as excited as I was, naturally.  Well happy Wednesday, this time tomorrow I will be 2.5 hours away from the start of my weekend!