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Workouts and Videos

Hello, hello and happy Thursday! It’s once again my favorite day of the week, and I’m currently still in my pajamas waiting for my coffee to brew.

Let’s talk workouts for the week, shall we, cuz they’ve been pretty damn good if I do say so myself.


Tuesday was very similar to the Workout of Death, but with 7 different stations this time.  As just an example, there was a TRX band station, wall sit with a barbell, squat jumps, and much more!  I was once again donezo after.


That was a tough one, but it felt really good to challenge myself with exercises I don’t typically do, even if I am missing some skin of the top of my knee from the deadlifts.  Today is a rest day, thankfully, because my muscles need it.  It is no coincidence that my rest days coincide with my WFH day :).

Is anyone out there as nervous as I am for the Grey’s season finale tonight?  I watched the first 6 minutes of the episode, and it’s going to be intense.  Like really intense.  You too can watch the first 6 minutes, here!  They’ve said that someone for certain dies, and I really don’t want any of them to go.  Waaaaah.

Before I leave you, I must suggest you go watch this, because it had me smiling like a fool and tapping my foot on Tuesday night (and right now if I’m being completely honest).  Tootleoo!

Two Different Pumpkins

Last night I had what I thought was a brilliant idea.  This:


scone mix


plus this:




could only equal pure deliciousness right?  That scone mix was part of an Easter basket from way back in April, and I thought I had finally found the perfect way to make use of it.  Just add water and bake!  How much easier could it get?  Well apparently my addition of 3/4 cup of pumpkin threw off some things because instead of a slightly sticky ball of dough, I had this mess.



this is not right...

omg what a disaster


Literally every ounce of dough stuck to my hands, but I persevered and somehow made the sticky dough into scone like shapes.  I still had no idea how they would taste, but I wasn’t willing to waste my pumpkin.  11 minutes later I had a tray of “scones” that looked something else entirely.




Obviously I had to try one right away.  I broke it open, watched the steam escape and tentatively took my first bite.  Well hey, at least they don’t taste like crap!  They were however, somewhat bland, and my beloved pumpkin flavor was noticeably absent.


are you there pumpkin?


They weren’t a total fail, but they weren’t exactly right either.  Now I want to try again from scratch and see if I can really get it right.  Or I might just rely on my tried and true pumpkin chocolate chip cookie recipe to get me through my pumpkin cravings.  Only time will tell.  After my pumpkin scone somewhat fail, I had to turn around and yell at the other Pumpkin.


bad cat!

Look at her, going in for the kill.  Every single leaf in that vase has little kitty bite marks in it.  The best part is she’ll jump up there, wait for me to look at her, and then start gnawing on the plant.  The second I yell at her she’ll jump down, but it’s like she’s waiting to get yelled at.  Why is she such a monster?


Grey’s was last night, I really only have one thing to say about that because really I have no idea what happened in the entire episode.  I was too busy swooning over this guy.

omg so hot

Hello Jesse Williams, I see you went to Temple, will you be returning to Philadelphia for a visit any time soon?  Can I take you out for a drink?  Seriously though, the eyes, the abs!  I’m not sure it gets any better. Ok, time to move on before boyfriend gets offended.

I’m wearing my new jeggings today, and I don’t think I want to wear real pants ever again.  Seriously, most comfortable things ever, and they fit inside my boots amazingly and without a struggle.




So yes, if you have been on the lookout for jeggings I highly recommend these from The Limited.  Comfy, dark wash, with real back pockets.  Also, if you buy two pairs of any pant one is $25 off!

As I said yesterday, I’m off to NYC for the weekend after work.  I’m really hoping to meet up with Jacquie while I’m there, maybe on Sunday afternoon? Would any other NYC bloggers/readers be interested?  Let me know!

What is everyone else up to this weekend, anything good?  Have a happy Friday!