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Old and New

Happy Thursday everyone! This is my very first post from my brand new MacBook and using ecto. Yesterday after work, I immediately went to FedEx to pick up my new baby, and then when I arrived home I saw another package waiting for me on the front steps!


So many prizes! The smaller box is my new Nike armband for my iPod nano and the iPod touch I received with my computer. And then of course, the big box was this!


Hooray! I have wanted a Mac for years and years, when I was in college all the computer labs in my majors building only had Macs and I became addicted. Now I finally have one of my own. I immediately set to work transferring my old iTunes library to my new computer and playing around. Just so you have an idea of what I was working with before, I give you old vs. new.



Haha everything is significantly smaller. After I had a sufficient fill of playing with my new toys, I took a break to heat up some dinner. Leftover Zucchini and Yellow Squash Lasagna with a piece of garlic mozzarella bread on the side.



Just as delicious as it was the first time. After dinner I sat on the couch some more with my new computer and just hanging out watching some TV. I caught a re-run of Tuesday’s Teen Mom, so I was finally able to watch the last half an hour. The boyfriend hates the show, but it is definitely one of my guilty pleasures.

This weekend coming up is one of the only weekends of the entire summer that I am home. The bf is hosting his brothers bachelor party up in NYC, so I plan on vegging out at the pool, doing some shopping at KOP, and hanging out with my sister. After this it’s go, go, go again. Whoever said summer was time to relax was clearly delusional.

Alright, well I hope everyone has a fantastic day! Almost time for another weekend!