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Acting Like an Adult

Happy Friday friends, we made it through another work week!  Yesterday was relatively uneventful, except during a casual Facebook chat with my sister she dropped the bomb that our dog died.  Like two weeks ago.  She just forgot to call me.  Now granted our dog went to live with my dad when my parents divorced so I hadn’t seen her in a few years, but it was still sad news.  We got her when I was in 7th grade, so she was old and apparently had Cancer, but she was a good puppy and I was shocked when my sis casually inserted that news into our convo.  RIP Tara :(.

After work I rushed to the gym to get my run in because I had some plans last night (I’ll get to that in a minute).  The first thing I noticed, besides the heavy humid air, the sun shining in through the wall of windows into everyone’s eyes.  Whoever designed this gym was seriously a moron.  Here’s a list of things I would have done differently.

  1. Cardio equipment on the bottom floor, heat rises dumbasses
  2. If you’re going to have a wall of windows facing West, make sure there are blinds
  3. For the love of god, if the doors are fogging up due to the heat, crack one!
  4. I don’t have a 4th thing, but I didn’t want to end the list at 3

Anyway, my training plan called for 4 easy miles, but I didn’t have time for that so I did 3 at a somewhat uncomfortable pace. 1st mile at 9:22, 2nd at 9:05, and then third starting at 8:57 and working down to 7:55 pace.  After a few minutes of stretching I was out of there and heading home to shower and make myself presentable for the public.

In a rare display of generosity and philanthropy, my entire group of friends congregated at DC’s 9:30 Club last night for a fundraiser benefiting Doctors Without Borders, thrown by my friend Massoud.  Massoud spent the better part of last year traveling, photographing, and blogging about his adventures.  Check it out here if you have time, all his posts are amazing, and so last night we all got together to buy some photographs and bid on items in a silent auction.  All the proceeds from lat night went to DWB, and I’m hoping that Massoud surpassed his fundraising goal.  It was a really nice time, and I’m glad we could all show up to support our friend.  I also can’t wait to get the two prints I purchased because they are beautiful!  Here’s just one of the photos I bought, the other is a gorgeous red sunset, but I couldn’t find it online.

Alright, enjoy your Friday.  No idea what’s up for the weekend yet.  All my girlfriends down here have a bachelorette party to attend tomorrow night, so looks like I’ll be hanging out by myself.  It’s almost going to hit 50 this weekend, so I’m hoping to get my long run in outdoors for the first time since November.  Fingers crossed!