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Fun New Things

Sigh, and yet another Monday morning is upon us. I got home from NYC around 8:30 last night and immediately settled in on the couch to catch my favorite Sunday night shows like True Blood and Kourtney and Khloe. The rest of my New York visit with the boyfriend was fun and exciting.

Yesterday morning after I finished posting and updating you all on Friday and Saturdays activities, the boyfriend and I headed out to start our trek uptown to the Natural History Museum. We made a pit stop at the Union Square Whole Foods store for some lunch first. Shocking, I know, but this was actually my first time in a Whole Foods and I was not disappointed. I checked out both the salad and hot bar, but ultimately ended up getting a Turkey and Pesto Mayo sandwich. It was delicious, although now I think I’ve been bitten by the Whole Foods bug. Thankfully the closest one to me at home is still a little bit of a drive, so I probably won’t go completely broke. After a little subway misstep (taking the express A train all the way to 125th street instead of 81st) we finally made it to the museum.


Being a weekend, the museum was a little crowded, but we still got to see the exhibits we were looking forward to, the dinosaurs and gemstones :).

Mr. T Rex

Attacking his prey

Chomp chomp!
After walking around for a good 3 hours, the bf and I were both exhausted and hungry again. Luckily we stumbled upon Shake Shacks newest location as soon as we exited the museum. The line was out the door, but we decided it was worth the wait.

I ordered the Shack Burger, fries, and a diet coke. The bf got the same and then a Black and White Concrete (milk shake) which was incredible.

Yummy, yummy burger

I’d like fries with that please!
After eating, it was time to head back downtown so I could pack up my stuff and get right back on the subway and head to Penn Station. That’s always the worst part, saying goodbye and traveling home all alone. You would think after a year of doing this, it would get easier, but saying goodbye is always hard. At least I know that I’ll be seeing the bf every weekend this month and there won’t be any long 3 week breaks again.
Alright, well I’m off to read about what everyone else was up to this weekend. At least I always have that to occupy and entertain me on Mondays :). Have a great day everyone!


My pinkie toenail that is!  Last night I was sitting on the couch watching Glee, and kept feeling something on my foot catching on the fabric.  I looked down, and my poor nail on my baby toe was hanging by a thread!  Now it’s gone, and totally ruined my pedicure.  Does this make me a real runner now that I’ve started to lose toenails?  Haha.

Yesterday I had my mind set on doing a 3 mile run, so I hit the pavement after work.  The cool breeze and lack of humidity were such a nice break, and my legs felt great!  It would have been an awesome run had I not been suffering from awful heartburn/acid reflux.  I felt like I had something on fire in my chest the whole time.  Awful.  Honestly I just kept waiting to throw up, because that’s what it felt like.  Note to self, lean cuisine lasagna is not good pre-run fuel.  I made it through though and am happy to report no IT band pain yesterday or today!

I love that mile 3 was my fastest!  Yay for negative splits!  Mile 1 had a huge hill in it that I walked up, because my therapist told me to avoid hills for now, haha so it’s justified.  While a 9:30 pace is by no means fast compared to what most of you do, the last time I ran more than 2.5 miles was February 1, the day I officially admitted I was injured.  So, I am happy with that pace and will only get faster!

After my run, I walked for about 10 minutes to cool down and then stretched reallllly well and foam rolled my IT Bands.  I’m not taking any risks or shortcuts! I also did a few ab exercises and push-ups.

Dinner was a hodgepodge of leftovers.

Asparagus, Caribbean Jerk Chicken in a wrap, and Ore Ida French Fries.

1 piece of chicken, lettuce, shredded Mozzarella cheese, and mayonnaise.

The Glee season finale was fantastic.  I laughed, I almost cried, I sang along, and was delighted to discover that I’ll be able to catch the whole series again from the beginning on Thursdays this summer.  My poor boyfriend, he might opt to walk to the Outer Banks next month instead of listening to Glee for 8 hours.

“You know what Wednesday is Sue?  Hump day.”  Enjoy!

Oh Monday

Blah, I can’t believe it is Monday again already.  Did anyone else look at their calendar this morning and go “holy crap it’s almost April!”?  Because I sure did.  I hope it doesn’t seem like the summer months fly by as fast as these past few.  Anyway I spent another good three hours in my backyard yesterday, and rigged this up for Pumpkin so she could come out without me worrying about her escaping under the fence.

She was not a fan.  Then she figured out if she pulled hard enough the safety release on her collar would snap and she was free.  So back inside she went.  I tried.  Why is it that after a long day in the sun a cold beer sounds like the most refreshing beverage in the world?  I gave into the temptation and drank this icy brew like it was water, which I suppose can be argued that it mostly is.

It was probably the most delicious Bud Light that I have ever tasted.  I was scorched after two consecutive days in the sun.

For the life of me last night I could not decide what I wanted for dinner.  I looked at all the takeout menus for places around me, the Red Robin menu, nothing was really winning me over.  Finally I got off my butt and drove to the grocery store to check out their prepared foods section.  The second I saw them sitting in the case, I knew it was what I wanted.  Crab Cakes!  After a long summery feeling day in the sun, they would be the perfect ending.

Crab cakes, asparagus seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder, and french fries.  I was going to make my own french fries, but when I looked in the bag of potatoes all of them were growing very funky roots so I just bought a bag of classic Or Ida Fries and sprinkled them with seasoned salt.

I ate about one and a half crab cakes and all the asparagus and fries.  They were so good and you could really see and taste the crab meat as opposed to just breading.  After dinner, there was a lot of watching Pumpkin do this.  Which is so amusing and I tend to spend a lot of time watching.

There’s cat nip in the little ball that hangs on the end, the whole thing is suctioned to that cabinet.

And then this happened.  I watched for a while to see if she could figure out what to do, but eventually she just looked at me and started meowing so I had to help her out haha.

All in all it was a pretty relaxing Sunday, and weekend in general which is exactly how I like it sometimes.  I watched Kendra last night, Hank is such a cute husband.  She’s really struggling with her body image lately and he’s just so cute and loving, it’s adorable, and baby Hank is sooo cute.  That stupid show after about those idiot 3 girls though makes me want to strangle someone.  I can’t handle it.

Well Happy Monday everyone, hope you all had a great weekend!