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A Shared Attraction

There are many reasons why I love my significant other, his stunning good looks and muscular stature aside.  Alright, alright, it’s the bald head that really does it for me :).  No but seriously, part of the reason is that we can have conversations like this, where it’s hard to tell who in fact is the female in the relationship.

Ahem, I’m in the green, for you non-iPhone people.  So uh yeah, at least we have the same taste in men?  Anyway, the show in discussion was Kitchen Cousins and I am officially obsessed because damn are those boys fine, and they can build me my dream kitchen? Where do I sign up?  HGTV was playing back to back episodes last night, which helped me get through my 60 minutes on the elliptical, broken up into two 30 minute sessions with some biceps and triceps thrown in the middle.

As far as the house goes, we still have not heard anything because apparently Dar and I pick THE WORST houses to put offers on. The first one was a REO, which means it had been foreclosed on, and was now a bank owned property so they could take their sweet ass time deciding about offers.  Now on this one, the couple is going through a less than amicable divorce where the husband now live in Green Bay and the wife is in the house with the kids.  Apparently the decision to sell the house was not something they agreed on, but more of a necessity therefore no one can come to an agreement on what to do with our offer.  If we don’t hear anything today, we are going to submit another offer at a slightly higher price uh because we really low balled them with our first.

Anyway, I should really get some work done so I can get out of here at 2 today to entertain my family members.  We have dinner reservations at my favorite, American Tap Room, tonight and then I’ll probably fall asleep because I cannot stay up past 10 pm these days.  That could have more to do with the NyQuil/codeine combination than actual tiredness though. Happy Friday!

Obligatory Happy Friday Post

Heeeeyo, happy Friday! Thank god for the weekend because if your week has been anything like mine and my other lady friends, it’s been trying to kill you.  Remember how I got three types of medicine for my diseased lungs?  Well, the one I’m supposed to take during the day for my coughing made me feel like I’d had 17 too many vodka and sodas.  Full on room spinning dizziness and nausea.  I was walking around work with my arms out to my sides to keep my balance.  It. Was.  AWFUL.

I got home and laid down to see if it helped, but nope, I forgot that laying down only increases the room spinning effect and brings on the “omg I’m going to vom everywhere feeling”.  Needless to say I have not taken the medicine since, simply been sticking to my codeine laden cough medicine and inhaler at night.  Fun stuff friends, fun stuff.

After work tonight, the roommates and I are hopping in the car and road tripping up to Long Island for one of our very best friend’s bridal showers!  I’m driving, which means I’ll need an afternoon coffee to keep me awake and alert for the 5 hour drive.  I told the roommates if they didn’t want to listen to the country station on Pandora the whole way that they better come prepared with playlists.

Dar is going to look at six houses today, so let’s keep our fingers crossed he likes one enough for us to put an offer on.  He has strict instructions that if he does like something enough I require extensive photos and video footage of the house.  One of the downfalls of me not being able to go look with him.  If he doesn’t like anything very much, we’ve pretty much decided to put an offer on one I did see.  So hopefully things go well this weekend!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Thirsty Thursday

I had a great time with my ladies last night, and the respective boys that showed up to hang out as well.  I hightailed it out of work at 4:30 to head into Crystal City for our 5:30 dinner reservations at Jaleo.  No we’re not grandma’s, we just wanted as much time with our girl as possible :).  Jaleo is a Spanish Tapas restaurant with delicious wine and sangria.




Meghan got engaged in October (I’m a bridesmaid!), and I hadn’t seen her in person since, so obviously the first thing I had to do was check out her bling and try it on myself :).


bling bling


Annnnnnnd it’s time for this girl to get another manicure, but the ring is gorgeous.  Nice job Ben.  After ordering almost everything on the Jaleo menu, we all headed over to Mackey’s to meet up with the rest of our group and to have some more drinks.


the boys


After a few more beers, and lots of chatting, laughing, and inappropriate convos later, it was time to call it a night and head home.  I did have work today after all.  I had a fabulous time catching up with Meghan though, and hopefully we’ll see her again soon when we make a trip down to visit her in Florida!

I’m tired today, but happily not hungover, I do think I need to bring some coffee to my staff meeting today though.  Those things drag onnnnn and onnnn.  I’m super excited about girls night and bowling tonight, I am an excellent bowler surprisingly.  I credit all the Friday nights Darren and I spent in the bowling alley in high school with our fellow grocery store employee friends.

Happy Friday friends!  Hope you have a great weekend.