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Plan of Attack

Hello! How has everyone’s week been? Mine has been mostly good, with the exception of Tuesday which I told to suck a dick, but let’s not dwell on that.  Work is absolutely crazy right now, which I was prepared for since last August-November was the exact same, and on top of all the “real” work I’m about to start studying for my Regulatory Affairs Certification.  I haven’t taken or studied for anything since college, I’m nervous.  The test is at the end of November and review sessions start next week…. I guess I should read the first three chapters of the book, huh?

So, clearly I’ve recently started going out more, and since I’m not longer 21 and afforded the luxury of escaping the craziest of nights hangover free I’ve learned to plan my happy hours accordingly.  You see, I work from home on Thursdays which means on Wednesday nights I can stay out a little later/drink a little stronger because I can stay in my pajamas all day nursing myself back into shape for Thursday night.

Thursday happy hours work out well because I’m home all day, and have time to shower/straighten the hair before heading out for the evening.  The problem I face on Thursday night’s is exercising enough self-control so I don’t hate my life in the office on Friday.  Normally I’m pretty good at that, but sometimes it’s a little more difficult.  Like last night, for example.

One of my friends is moving to Boston at the end of the month, so last night we had a little going away happy hour for him.  It started innocently enough with a  few pitchers of sangria, then we changed locations, and this happened.

you can’t very well turn down a bottle of free champagne!

free champagne credit all goes to Michelle

happy people

Somehow, thankfully, I woke up on time this morning not feeling too terrible.  Probably helps that I did manage to make it home by around 11 pm. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t wish I was lucky enough to have a summer hours Friday today.  Sigh.  Weeknight happy hours: better than late night drinking outings since 2008.  Happy Friday!