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Back in the Game

So, I went on a date last night. It wasn’t the first one I’ve been asked on, but it was the first time I decided to say yes. Probably because despite my drunken warnings about all my emotional baggage (met him when I was out Sunday night with Dani), he still sent me a text at 9 am the next morning asking to meet up for drinks.  Guys, it was my first date in 5 years. The last time I went on a date I was 22 and didn’t give a shit about anything. In fact, I showed up with my hair in a ponytail and a Yankees t-shirt on (it was September, there were playoff implications). However, we dated for two-years after that so I guess it worked for me?

Anyway, so I went, and it was good. Fun even. I laughed, made some jokes, he mostly got my sarcasm, and dry sense of humor.  After a five-year hiatus from the scene, this was my first outfit back. A step up from jean shorts and a Yankees t-shirt I suppose.

Flowy, sheer white tank- Dani’s closet
Favorite 7 jeans of all time
Coach sandals
Yurman on the right wrist, Michael Kors on the left
Hair in desperate need of a highlight and trim

My long weekend leading up to yesterday was lots of fun as well.  Dani and I went out on Friday night and ended up drinking a lot more than I think we meant to. There were shots, and beers, and mojitos (ok I just gagged again) haha, and dancing.  Oh lord was there dancing.

before the shots

after. moving so fast we’re just a blur

Needless to say, I spent all of Saturday in bed. Whatever, there was an extra day to go out and recover. The aforementioned Sunday night, was much more low-key, and lacking in shots but still fun.  Now, it’s Wednesday already (which is awesome) and the NFL makes its glorious return tonight!  I’m hoping my fantasy team has a good showing this year, last year we sorta fell from grace.

So, happy Wednesday. Any dating tips for me? I’m seriously inexperienced in this matter.


Weekend Things

So, I’ve been really bad about blogging lately.  My mom even wrote me an email on Friday to make sure I wasn’t dead, since there was no post.  I apologize, but like I said a few months ago, I’ve been feeling rather boring and uninteresting so I don’t want to bore you all also.  Plus, on Friday I had a meeting from 9-11 and then left at 11:30 for our Holiday Party so there really wasn’t time to blog.

This year our party was at restaurant in Rockville called Timpano, and was absolutely delicious.  From the mini crab cake appetizers, to the chocolate fountain desert station (which I discovered some people think are gross) everything was amazing.  I broke my no drinking rule and had 3 glasses of red wine (they were free!) throughout the course of the afternoon, and made it home for the evening around 4:45.  I proceeded to spend the rest of my night relaxing in my living room watching TV and not drinking.

Chocolate Fountain!

I woke up Saturday morning  hydrated and un-hungover, which was unusual so I decided to take advantage of it by going for a run.  Ok by the time I had coffee, ate breakfast and actually made it out the door it was almost noon, but who’s keeping track.

Dark circles, previous days mascara (which by the end of my run was streaming down my face)

It was perfect running weather, about 45 and sunny, and for my first outdoor run since the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler in April, it surprisingly didn’t suck.  I completed 3.1 miles at a 9:15 pace and my last mile was 8:57.  Although I forgot how much harder outdoor running is on the legs, because despite the “hilly” 5ks I have been doing on the treadmill my shins and quads are still a little sore today.  Guess I have to get outdoors more.

The rest of Saturday involved a trip to a bar to watch JMU lose to North Dakota State in the 2nd round of the playoffs, boo.  It was fun though, Adrienne I managed to snag two seats at the bar with a TV showing the game directly in front of us.  I again broke my no drinking rule and had 3 beers, but whatever, I still drank a lot less this weekend than normal.  We were both in bed by 10 pm on Saturday night.  It was glorious.

Yesterday, the only time I left the house was to hit up the grocery store for enough food to last me the next 4 days.  So, pretty much I bought a chicken. Oh, and some carrots and grapes.  Sounds fun and filling right?  Once the sun went down, I decided it was chilly enough to use the fireplace for the first time this year.

It kept us warm through the Packers game and Dexter, after which I called it a night and retreated to my bedroom.  It was a nice relaxing weekend to prepare me for what will probably be the longest week in the history of the world.  Thursday night cannot come soon enough!  Although,  I am already having problems falling asleep due to travel nerves.  Flying out of an airport 1.5 hours away is stressing me out more than my usual 10 minute drive. Oh well, I’m sure I’ll live.

Happy Monday!

Friendsgiving 2011

Well hello and happy Monday to you!  I had a crazy busy weekend that involved wedding related errands with my bff, crazy amounts of cooking, spending time with out-of-town visitors, and of course lots of wine.  Let’s get to it, shall we.

Friday morning I drove into DC to pick up my friend Meghan, in visiting from FL, and her fiance to accompany them on some errands with the promise of a lunch in the future.  Our first stop was back in Alexandria to order all 8 bridesmaid dresses for their upcoming May wedding.  I had my measurements taken, and then the woman tried to tell me which size dress she recommended ordering based on those measurements.  It was larger than the size of the sample I tried on a few months ago, which I informed her had actually been too big.  So back into the sample dress I went, it was still too big, and I ended up with a size smaller.  Bridal salons and their crazy desire to put you in something two sizes too big.  The woman was kind enough to tell me that I was lucky my chest was so small, because that dress would not fit anyone who had cleavage.  Thanks.

After finally getting all the dresses ordered in the respective colors and sizes, the three of us drove back into DC  for lunch and to pick up the wedding bands.  I got a sneak peak of them, and they’re gorgeous.  Especially Meghan’s band of diamonds :).  Our afternoon wrapped up around 3:30, at which point I drove myself home, parked it in the living room and did not move for the remainder of the night.  It was glorious.

Saturday kicked off bright and early with a 10 am football game, where I scored a touchdown because I am awesome.  I had one or two other catches and we pulled off a 1 point win.  After a quick post-game stop at Starbucks, Adrienne and I headed home to slave away in the kitchen for the rest of the afternoon.  For Friends Thanksgiving this year, I was in charge of the turkey and green bean casserole and Adrienne the stuffing.  Our house still smells delicious, in case you were wondering.

the turkey, covered in a butter, thyme, and lemon zest rub

In past years, I’ve always just thrown the turkey in a bag with some poultry seasoning and onion and called it a day, but I found a recipe in a magazine this year that I really wanted to try.  Along with the butter rub, there was an onion in the roasting pan, lemon juice squeezed over top with salt and pepper, and onion and lemon stuffed inside the cavity.  (Side note: the scream that came out of Adrienne’s mouth when I pulled the giblets out of the body was hilarious.)  Into the oven for about 4.5 hours, basting after two hours had gone by.  My baster melted by the way, that was cool.


Is that a good looking bird or what?  It tasted insane also.  I think my favorite compliment was, “Wow, this is even better than my moms.”  Winner.  I also took on another first time project, gravy from scratch.  As we were cutting it close on time, I had to multitask while whipping up the gravy.

Just doing some cooking with my hot rollers in, the usual.

Luckily, Thanksgiving can’t start without the turkey so it didn’t really matter how late we were.  We eventually made it out the door, turkey and gravy in hand, to head over to the dinner location.  Trying to figure out how to transport a 21 lb turkey without making a mess was another obstacle, but we managed.  Finally, it was time to eat.

Friendsgiving Success!

I stuffed my face full of my favorite things, and then the drinking games commenced.  It was a great evening, and I really felt like we were back in college.  That’s the great thing about continuing a tradition that started way back then, it automatically brings you back.

JMU Friendsgiving 2011!

JMU Friendsgiving 2006

Yesterday involved a lot of couch sitting and hanging out in pajamas.  The perfect way to spend a Sunday in my opinion.  Now, there’s only 7.5 work days to get through until real Thanksgiving!