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Make a wish!  Haha I’m one of the dorks that always makes a wish if I catch the clock at 11:11, so hopefully today will be full of good luck and wish making.  So thanks to everyone yesterday for their positive and wonderful comments, if not for you guys I probably would have been drinking by noon.  Some of my real life friends were not nearly as supportive, and were actually kind of judgmental and harsh.  So yeah, yesterday was rough, as can be expected when you’re getting yelled and cursed at all day.  Here’s to hoping today is better.

Needless to say, by the time the end of the day rolled around, I was more than ready to head home and hit the bottle.  I managed to talk myself into a run, thinking that would help get rid of some of the negative energy.  It helped, a little.  I still went home after the gym and made a vodka and soda.  Nothing notable about the work out, 3.2 miles, 10 minutes on the stair mill.

Something that is notable, apparently I am completely incapable of tending to a fire without burning the shit out of myself.

Yes, those are three burns, all in a row.  I have no idea, someone keep me away from the fireplace.  Today, I will be sitting at my desk and staring out the window waiting for it to start snowing, and listening to the country music radio station because it is commercial free Tuesday.  And I’m an emotional cutter.

I don’t really have much to say today, still kind of in a crappy mood.  So, instead leave me some suggestions of things I must see and do in Chicago in March.  Already mentally noted is Deep Dish pizza.  Enjoy your Tuesday.