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The League

So, I’ll admit, I was pretty excited to flip my calendar over to September this morning.  That could have more to do with my love of a fresh new clean month of the calendar to look at than the fact that it’s September though.  Yup, one of my favorite things to do is colorfully add weekend plans to the month as they come up.  I’m a freak.

Despite the still 80 and 90 degree days, September means the start of fall, and with talks of winery trips, zoo visits, joining of a flag football team, and actual football starting I am a happy girl. The beginning of football season is nearly upon us, and last night my house was the location of a yearly tradition I first became a part of back in 2008.  The Fantasy Football Draft!  This was the scene in my living room at 8 pm last night:

geeks with computers

There were two more of us out of view sitting at the table in the corner.  This was the first year I was able to participate in the “live” draft, since for all the previous ones I was alone in PA.  It’s much more fun with other people around.  The draft started at 8:30 and things wrapped up about 2 hours later.  I think I’m happy with my team, but only time will tell!  Somewhat related, I am sporting a wine headache today.  Ugh.

Moving on to things that don’t involve drinking a whole bottle of wine and baked potato flavored potato chips.  Yesterday I managed to squeak out 45 minutes on the elliptical during lunch, and have I mentioned my abs are still sore from Monday?  Well, they are.  Uh today’s plan was to run, but aforementioned wine headache may derail those plans.  Woof.

Anyway, the last official weekend of summer is almost here, and I have no plans, haha.  What a loser.  So tell me what you guys are up to, anyone got anything good going on?  I’m just hoping to get out of here a little early tomorrow and maybe hit the pool one last time.


Winter Wish List

I really, really, really am not a fan of getting to work before the sun is even up in the morning.  6:30 am feels early enough without it still being pitch black out, thank god daylight savings time is next weekend and we turn the clocks back and gain an hour of sunlight!  Also, how come it’s so late this year?  Isn’t it normally Halloween weekend?  Either way, I’m excited to actually see sunlight in the mornings again.

Last night my training plan called for 3 miles at an easy pace, but my calves and hamstrings were still really tight and sore so I opted to do my 3 miles on the elliptical.  I paged through a Rachel Ray magazine, bookmarking some fall recipes, while working out and my legs felt much better after shaking them out.  I did a lot of stretching, focusing a lot on my hips and IT bands, did some abs and push-ups and peaced out.  I still have some knots in my calves today, and my glutes are kind of sore, but definitely an improvement from Sunday and Monday.  Another easy 3 miles in on the plan for tonight, and I think I’ll be able to get that run in.  I’m just really nervous that my knee is going to start bothering me, so fingers crossed.

After the gym, I watched some of the Monday Night Football game while enjoying two glasses of red wine.  Two of my fantasy team players were up last night, and I was hoping for some big points from them so I could hold on to my first place ranking in my league.  Unfortunately, my QB was knocked out in the first half with a broken collar bone after only scoring five points for me.  Luckily my one WR picked up the slack scoring almost 30 points, and I still won my game keeping me in first place.  Whoop!

Let’s move on to more exciting things then Fantasy Football, huh?  Recently I’ve started to compile my “winter wish list” and I thought I would share some of the things on it.

A real, heavy-duty, winter jacket, because if there was one thing I learned after braving New York City winters last year, it was a jacket will keep you much warmer if it covers the tops of your thighs. (Click the pic to go to the website) Sadly my mom refuses to buy me a coat like this because she thinks I’ll look like a marshmallow, but at least I’d be a warm marshmallow.


click for website

Obviously, anything and everything from lululemon, but specifically these running tights in this length and full length.



click for website

I’ve mentioned these rain boots before, but two weeks ago I found them in a store and actually tried them on and am still in love with them.  Size 9 please :).


Those are really the three big ticket items I’m in need of this winter, well and new bedroom furniture, but I’m thinking I might delve into my savings and splurge on that for myself.  What are some things you all need for the upcoming cold months?

Have a great Tuesday!

College Nostalgia

I miss college.  Yes, I’m well aware that I graduated waaaaaaaaay back in 2007, but my four years at James Madison were by far the best four of my life and I miss them.  Specifically on mornings like this, when it’s cool and crisp, and I can imagine myself walking across the quad in Uggs and a Ralph Lauren cable knit sweater, coffee in hand, to my 9:30 Italian class.  I met my four best friends on the first day of Freshmen year, we all lived on the same hall and were Irish Catholic girls, and we’re still just as close now if not closer despite living in four different states.  I miss college every day, but I especially miss it in the fall when I’m reminded of football tailgates, blockparties, and the changing of leaves on campus. JM I ❤ U.

My favorite place

Sigh, alright enough nostalgia for today.  Yesterday after work I hit the treadmill for a run, and almost immediately knew it would be a rough one.  You know, when you think you’re at least 1.5 if not 2 miles into your run only to look at the display and see you’ve just hit 1.  That was kind of crushing and I was pretty defeated from that point on, which is when the bargaining began.  Ok, if you just do 4 today, you can do 5 tomorrow and add an extra after your 5k Sunday.  Or, just run the whole 45 minutes but you can slow your pace down.  In the end, the second choice was what I went with and did about 4.8 miles in 45 minutes.  I’m finally feeling significantly less tired today, so hopefully my run goes better.

After the gym, I kind of had to book it home to shower and eat dinner because I had my Fantasy Football draft at 8 pm.  Yup, I play.  My college friends and I all play together, this is my third year.  I think I ended up with a decent team, but we’ll see how it goes once football actually starts tonight!  True story: two years ago I took the Friday off after the first Thursday of football so I could go out and have fun and not worry about work.  That won’t be necessary this year, but I’m still very excited for the return of football.

Dinner was absolutely delicious.  All day at work I was dreaming about the sweet potato I had at home, but couldn’t decide what to have with it.  My mom happened to stop at the grocery store on her way home from work and picked up lunch supplies, and nothing sounded more delicious than a ham and cheese sandwich with my sweet potato.

ham and cheeeese

sweet potato chips/fries

For my sweet potato I simply cut them in round slices, seasoned with olive oil, cinnamon, and nutmeg and popped them in the oven at 425 degrees for 20 minutes, flipping every five.  Soooooooo good.  I of course had a lovely side of ketchup for dipping.  I can’t believe I used to think I didn’t like sweet potatoes, what a fool I was!

That’s it from me today, have a great Thursday everyone, only one more day until the weekend!  Is it sad that I’m super excited to sit on my couch and watch movies this weekend and not have to go anywhere?