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I Hate Odd Numbers, but Happy 2013!

Hey there and Happy New Year! Yes, I’m aware that we’re 10 days in to January already, but I operate on my own schedule.  Did everyone have a lovely holiday season? I spent 8 days in PA at my mom and her fiance’s house, and it was a busy week full of family time.  I came home to VA just in time for New Year’s Eve, and then promptly came down with a plague that has kept me down and out for the past week. I’m not going to do a full holiday recap post, because let’s be honest no one really gives a shit, but I will share some of my favorite pics. No resolution post either, because I already have enough to focus on without adding something mundane like “stop saying fuck so much” to the agenda.  Also as you’ve probably noticed, posting here is super sporadic so you’ll have much more luck keeping up with me on Twitter and Instagram (kelster718 on both).

A lot of the East Coast was lucky enough to experience a white Christmas this year, and we were some of them! Not only did we get snow on Christmas Eve, but an even bigger snow storm the Saturday after Christmas. Since I am still six years-old at heart, I was incredibly excited by all of this and ran around in it like an idiot.


my sister and I on Christmas Eve in the snow. It ruined my hair, but whatevs.

We spent Christmas Eve meeting my mom’s fiance’s extended family and participating in a tradition Italian seven fishes dinner. I don’t eat fish, so I mostly drank champagne and played with my future step nephew. Not gonna lie, the amount of time I spent over Christmas with cute babies did nothing to quell my baby fevah. Gimme.


what you can’t see is his chubby little (candy cane covered) fingers tangled in the back of my hair.

“here aunt kelly, it’s yummy!”

We spent Christmas day with my mom’s family, played an epic game of Monopoly, and drank a lot. Epic because I lost in what might be the quickest amount of time in Monopoly history. My sister said it’s because I play Monopoly like I live my life, buying all the properties and not paying attention to money. Haha oh well, it is what it is.

Fam on Christmas. (Side note, doesn’t my mom’s fiance look like Jack Nicholson?)

Let’s see, what else what else. My sister and I got shit faced in the hot tub on Christmas night, she head butted me and gave me a fat lip, I was super hungover on the 26th. I got to have dinner with two of my buddies from my old job, got my hair did, and had an amazeballs family day in the city. We saw Jekyll and Hyde at the Forrest Theater, and then dinner at The Water Works, which has some of my favorite views of the city.

more snow!

Mom and her girls

Like I said, I made it back to VA just in time to ring in 2013 with some of my closest friends and it was wonderful. We spent it at one of our regular weekend bars, just slightly more dressed up than usual, and I stayed out later than I had in quite some time.

Yes, I wore the same dress. It was expensive. And fabulous.

In OTHER news, my sister and I just booked an amazinggggg trip for April. The two of us are heading to Ireland for 7 days and I am so flipping excited. I can’t think of anyone I’d rather spend a week exploring our homeland with. April is going to be a crazy month, because the day after we return from Ireland my mom is tying the knot! I expect to be completely jet lagged and barely functioning, but I’m so excited for her and Gabe to finally get married. Now… I just need to find a date.

Anywhoodle, I’m off to go slather Neosporin all over the inside of my nose so I can continue to blow it every 5 minutes without crying. Happy Thursday!

Yup, Still Depressed

So, I haven’t blogged about anything really break-up related in a while and there’s a reason for that. Pretty much everything is exactly the same as it was two and a half months ago. I still am half owner of a house I will never live in, still waiting to get my money back, and I still struggle to get through just about every day of the living hell that is my life. I’m still sad, all of the time (I cried in the middle of a restaurant last week), and I nearly have a panic attack every time my phone makes a noise because I’m afraid it might be a text coming from him, and they usually don’t say anything nice or uplifting.

I’ve logged onto the Verizon website numerous times and put his number onto the “block” list, but I haven’t been able to pull the trigger and hit submit.  I also realized, after going on about 4 dates, that I am definitely not ready to be dating anyone. Number one clue was that I was inadvertently dodging any kind of contact and cringing if it happened. So that’s on hold until I can actually feel emotions besides rage and sadness again. A friend asked me how I was doing the other day, and the best answer I could come up with was “depends on the day, anywhere from train wreck to fine.”  I really think that’s the only answer right now, and I want to feel better than “fine” someday soon.

Despite the cloud of depression constantly hovering over me these days, I still managed to have a fun weekend. Just like last year, the roommates and I threw a family BBQ that involved lots of wine and delicious food.  Photo montage coming at you in 3…2…1…

Hopefully the ridiculous faces I’m making in the pictures help counteract the depressing first part of this post. Happy Monday?

The Best Day

I had the best day ever with my sister yesterday. Actually the whole weekend was pretty damn great, but the photos from the wedding on Friday are on my camera still.  So I’m starting with Sunday.  Well I guess I can start with Saturday, I have those pictures as well.

Saturday morning after the wedding,I managed to check out of my hotel room on time, thanks largely in part to the blueberry muffin my mom had the foresight to give me. I swear the blueberry muffin saved me from a morning of vomiting. Open bar- 1, Kelly- 0, but I suppose that’s pretty much always the case.  Anyway, I had a nice hour long drive into Philadelphia ahead of me for a 1:15 hair appointment. I made it into the city with just enough time to cram some Cosi into my face before spending the next two hours getting beautiful.  Then after some quick stops in Steve Madden and J. Crew it was off to NJ for my Aunt’s 60th surprise party.

my sis and I at the party

with our momma

My escapades from Friday night eventually caught up with me, and once we got back to my sister’s apartment later that night I passed out cold on her couch. It worked out for the best though, since we had big plans for Sunday. For years now, my sister and I have been tossing around ideas for matching “sister” tattoos. Nothing corny, nothing that would resemble “best friends forever”, but something we could both get that would have meaning to each of us.

Back in the beginning of the year, during some intense idea googling, I stumbled across our family crest, and instantly LOVED the motto on it.  I immediately emailed my sister, she was on board as well, and we finally knew what we were doing. The plan was to get them done back in August, during a trip to WI that never happened, and we’ve been trying to find time ever since. When I realized I was going to be at her apartment on Sunday, with no plans, I told her we were doing it.  So there we were, yesterday at noon, standing outside waiting for the doors to open. I think we both got hit with nerves when we walked up to the door.

Col went first, and was a complete pro. Although, some of the faces she made during the process made me a little more nervous.

oh ya know, just ready to vomit

once we got started, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was expecting. There was only one letter that nearly made me bite through my lip

All finished, and red. It says “sine timore” and means “without fear”

I love it. Could not be happier. Obviously drinks were needed immediately afterward, and lucky for us there was a bar directly across the street playing all of the football games. Our day continued to rock at the bar where we got 4 free shots, a fee drink ticket, and ended up having our food comped. It was a fantastic day with my sister.

I can’t wait to see her again on Saturday when she comes down to VA!