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Holler, happy Friday, we made it!  I’m hoping I have only 3 more hours of work left, 5 at most, fingers crossed people, fingers crossed.  It’s once again a scorcher here in DC, and perfect weather to attend a baseball game tonight, which is what I will be doing.  Although it’s the Nats, so I doubt I’ll actually watch the game very much.  Cheap tickets and Red Porch here I come!

My lunch time workout yesterday was amazing, don’t tell anyone but I was gone for more than an hour.  Only by like 15 minutes and I didn’t have any work to do anyway, so whatever.  I snapped a picture of the new fancy gym while I was on the elliptical, so here it is.

Wall of treadmills in the front, ellipticals, stationary bikes, stair climbers, and weird ellipticals that confuse me in the back.  All the way down at the end of the gym are free weights, and the weight machines, both the spin room and group fitness room are through doors to the right.

I did 35 minutes on the elliptical while watching the Food Network, ironic I know, followed by a core workout.  This core workout to be precise, except I increased the reps to 25 for the regular crunches and bicycle kicks.  I wrapped my workout up, showered like a speed demon, and wandered back to work for the rest of my afternoon.  It was really nice to just be able to go home after work, relax, and eat dinner before 8 pm.  I brought clothes with me today in case I feel like another lunch time workout, we’ll see.

Weight Update

Ok, as you all know, I’ve been counting calories and really working it in the gym in an effort to get back in my summer wardrobe.  As you also know, I don’t weigh myself, and I haven’t since last July, which makes keeping track of whether I’ve lost any weight or not kind of difficult.  Well this morning as I was staring into my closet trying to decide what to wear when it’s 90 outside, but also work appropriate, I hesitantly pulled out my white denim capri pants.

That’s them and me in them in September last year.  (Ignore Dani’s look of pain, she was just whining).  Well this morning, I pulled them on, and they fit!  I know what I weighed then, so I have an approximate idea of where I am now, and it’s still a few pounds away from where I’d like to be, but at least it’s progress.  I think.  I should probably try on some jeans that were snug from the winter to be sure.  It was a great way to start the weekend :).

Alright dudes, happy Memorial Day weekend, have a great one!

Hamburger Helper

I was stalking UPS tracking all day yesterday watching my shipping status update and hoping my purchases from Victoria’s Secret would be on my doorstep when I got home from work.  They were not.  I sadly trudged up the stairs to pull on my swimsuit and headed out to the gym.

The pool last night was the most crowded I have ever seen it.  Usually for at least some length of my swim I am the only person in the pool, but last night every lane had someone in it at all times.  Luckily for me I managed to grab one while it was empty and didn’t have to share, I hate sharing.  I did my usual workout and felt pretty good.  During my warm-up my arms and legs felt heavy, but that went away by the time I started my sets.  After my pool work-out, which took about 35-40 minutes, I walked on the treadmill at an incline for 15 minutes.  I was going to do 25, but my hip started to feel funny so I cut the time short.  Then the necessary stretches and ab work.

When I walked up to my front door after the gym, there was a large box sitting on my front stoop.  I may have let out a little squeal of glee :).  Speaking of Glee, it came back last night, wooo!  Anyway, I immediately ripped open the box and tried on my new digs.

Horrible Crackberry pic, but I sent it to the bf also.  It occurred to me only after looking at everything that I ordered the two tube tops in JMU colors, haha do we think I loved my college?  I also got a pair of Havaianas flip-flops and a dress.  I love getting things in the mail, so exciting!

Dinner was a homemade Hamburger Helper.  I used a box of Trader Joe’s organic white cheddar mac and cheese, and the last of my leftover hamburgers from last week.  Funny thing though, we were out of regular milk so I used 3 tbsp of Vanilla Soy Milk, interesting.  The mac and cheese definitely had a vanilla taste to it, still good though.

Yum.  While the TJ’s mac and cheese isn’t as cheesy as the Kraft 3 cheese, I still think it’s just as tasty.  Then for dessert I had a Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle Bar.

I love these things, they are so good.  I enjoyed my dessert while watching last nights episode of LOST.  Which is getting crazy, btw.  I definitely let out a holy shit last night while watching at one point.  Still loving it though, the previews for next week featured that crazy ass song from Willy Wonka and totally creeped me out, weird.

So I think the boyfriend is coming tomorrow, although I’m not quite sure because he hasn’t told me whether it will be Thursday or Friday.  Also, I think he may have finally decided on a law school so we may be celebrating that this weekend.  Happy Wednesday everyone!

Cheeeeseburger in Paradise

I hope everyone’s Sunday is looking as sunny and fabulous as mine!  I’m currently sitting on the couch sipping on my iced coffee and icing down my right hip and leg.  I went to the gym again this morning, and had a decent workout.

  • 5 min walking at 0.5 incline 4.4 mph
  • 5 min running at 0.5 incline 6.8 mph (only five minutes because that’s when my knee started to hurt)
  • 5 min walking at 6.5 incline 4.4 mph
  • 33 min on the elliptical

In order to not get insanely bored on the elliptical, lately I have been sprinting for the chorus of songs, and slowing down for the verses.  It gets the heart rate up better and keeps me more entertained.  After the cardio I did the upper body workout that I did the other day.  Toned arms and shoulders here I come!

The rest of my day yesterday was spent like this:

in my backyard.  It was delightful.  I found a lovely book in my moms room that I hadn’t read yet, and layed out from 1230-330 reading.  I am now sporting some pretty sexy tan lines :).

Whenever anyone is outside, poor little Pumpkin cries and cries from inside to come out also, so yesterday I felt bad and let her out with me.  She loves rolling on the warm concrete.

Then the little brat face crawled under the fence and I had to go chace after her, so she got banished back indoors where she layed in an open window and meowed at me.  Probably the most exciting part of our day was when a little mouse scampered across the patio, Pumpkin realllly wished she was still outside for that one, I thought she was going to jump through the window screen, haha.  I’m not a little concerned, because this mouse disappeared behind our brick chimney and never reappeared.  It may be living in our basement.  Gross.

For some reason whenever it is nice out I crave Cheeseburger in Paradise, and I cannot say that without then singing the song in my head.  Yesterday was no exception, luckily I was able to convince my mom and her bf to go there with me for dinner before they headed down to the beach.  I started out with a delicious Blackberry Sangria.

And my mom and I shared the Crab and Spinach dip as an appetizer.

Soooo yummy, I ate a lot more of this than what is pictured, haha.  For my meal I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to try and be somewhat healthy and order the Jerk Chicken wrap with grilled chicken, or indulge and order a delicious cheeseburger.  My mom is always willing to share and suggested I order the wrap and she order the burger and we split, which sounded perfect to me!

Soooo good.  Not going to lie, I cleaned my plate.  My mom ended up not eating her half of the wrap, so guess what Kelly’s having for lunch?! Woot, woot!  With my meal, I enjoyed this 22 oz Paradise Beach Ale.

Mmmm beer.  I love the beers that Cheeseburger has on tap, I can never decide between the Paradise Beach and the Landshark Lager, last night I wanted a darker beer so tha’s what I went with.  Needless to say I was stuffed after dinner, but it was so good and I hardly ever go there so it was worth it.  After dinner I came home and vegged on the couch, did you all see that Kansas vs. Northern Iowa game?!  Insane!  I can’t believe the overall number one seed was eliminated.  After that game was over, I decided to indulge in my Twilight guilty pleasure and ordered New Moon On Demand.  My attraction to Taylor Lautner is seriously inappropriate.  Also, thanks to some urging by Kelly and Pen via the Twitter world, I indulged in my other guilty please Vodka and Club Soda.  Haha thanks girls!

Alright well I’m off to change into my bikini and spend the rest of today like I spent yesterday!  Happy Sunday everyone.  Also, congrats to everyone who ran races today!  Pen, Amy, Leslie, Heather I bet you all rocked it!