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You mean, there’s a world outside my house?

So this weekend I did a lot of nothing.  Well, I cooked a few things, but other than that I did a lot of nothing.  Friday after work I went to happy hour with a few of my co-workers, and then found myself slightly buzzed in the grocery store at 9 pm at night.  Thank god for my list and budget, otherwise who knows what would have happened.  Actually I know, I would have ended up with 7 frozen pizzas and a bag of cheez puffs.  Luckily, that did not happen.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling like complete death.  I’m blaming a 24 hour bug, because unless I all of a sudden lost all of my tolerance, there is no was 2 beers and 1 glass of wine would cause me to barf three times in three hours.  So yeah, after the third barfing occurrence I popped a Phenegran and passed out until 5 pm at night.  Apparently it was almost 70 degrees on Saturday, but I wouldn’t know since I was comatose in my bed.  Oh well, I’m still hoping for a giant snow storm at one point this winter.

Sunday I woke up feeling much better, and managed to drag myself out of bed to do something with all the food I bought on Friday night.  First up was something I’d seen in multiple places recently, and struck my interest while also looking delicious.

egg cups!

So simple!  All I did was place two pieces of deli ham in my cupcake tray (sprayed with non-stick spray) drop in two mozzarella balls, crack an egg, and season with pepper and seasoned salt.  I cooked them for 15 min, which was a tad too long, at 375 and they were still amazing.  If you like your yolk a little runnier I suggest 10-12 minutes.

While my breakfast was cooking, I got to preparing my dinner in the crock pot.  Jess posted this recipe last week, and the second I saw it I knew it was for me.  Things I did not add, Mexican oregano, cilantro (gross), corn (because I forgot), and black beans because I couldn’t find a bag of frozen veggies that had some.  It was good, but a little bland, which I suspect is my fault for omitting some key ingredients.  I remember to throw the corn in after my dinner last night, so tonight’s will at least have that.  I’ll definitely make this again, but probably use a pack of taco seasoning, and maybe some hot sauce.

Cheesy Crockpot Chicken Chili

Other than that I watched a lot of TV.  The whole first season of Homeland (awesome) some One Tree Hill, and yesterday mostly football.  Then last night I had a dream that I had a Theology test today after only going to one class the entire year so far.  Talk about dream panic.  Luckily I woke up and remembered I graduated college almost 5 years ago and there are no tests to take today.  Phew.

Hope you all had a nice weekend, and that Monday doesn’t suck too much.