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Yes to the Dress?

Dinner and dress shopping was a lot of fun last night, and I think we gave Meghan a great start to her birthday (it’s today).  Her loving fiancée is taking her out for a romantic dinner tonight, so we gave her a night of fun and laughter.

my bests

Megh is an awesome bride, and has pretty much given us free rein when it comes to choosing bm dresses.  Her only requirements are that it be short, from the JLM line, and the silky taffeta material.  See all examples here, her colors are Raspberry and Midnight.  We all immediately got to picking out dresses, and when I had the one I liked in hand, the girl helping us said, “that one is somewhat difficult to wear if you have a large chest because of the way the top is cut.”  Then we all looked at my chest and laughed.  That won’t be a problem.  These were my two favorites of the ones I tried on, keep in mind they’re two sizes too big and need to be hemmed.

Number 1 choice

Number 2 choice

Dani actually really liked the second one and will probably end up ordering that one.  I fell in love with the first one the second I put it on, especially because of the fact that it has pockets.  My first experience with bm dresses wasn’t bad at all, and I could actually see myself wearing that dress again.

On the way home I found myself trying to explain something to the roommates, but they just ended up looking at me like I had 17 heads so I’ll try again here.  I go through weird phases, one where I want to go out a lot and hang out with friends and the other where I’d rather sit at home and not talk to anyone.  After so many weekends of going out, socializing, and boozing my face off, I have like zero desire to see people right now.  I was trying to explain how this weekend I would love to just sit at home not doing anything or having to talk to anyone, and they were shocked.  They couldn’t understand how I could want to “waste the weekend” that way.  I was like, well it wouldn’t be a waste, the weekend would still happen and I’d still get to relax.  They didn’t get it though.  Anyone else feel like this?  Am I just a weirdo?

Anyway, it’s Thursday, and I have a half day tomorrow, but like I said, haha I don’t really feel like doing anything.  However, Steph is in town again and I think there are tentative plans to get together with her and Kacy?  I can probably get over my antisocialness for dinner and drinks.

Kicking off the Weekend

Fun fact, I have not worn real shoes to work one day this week.  At first it was because my feet were swollen and the thought of not wearing flip flops made me want to cry, now it’s just because I’m lazy and they are more comfortable than heels.  Embarrassing fact, I have watched 7 seasons of Desperate Housewives in a very short period of time, and now I don’t know what else to watch on Hulu.  Suggestions?

Like I said yesterday, last night I returned to the gym.  Nothing crazy, 35 minutes on the elliptical, and then some weights.  When I lift I typically do two different exercises for biceps and triceps, chest presses, the lat pull down machine, and abs.  I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I think I pull off pretending well enough.

In terms of running, I’m trying to decide whether I want to take a break or not.  I know I really irritated my IT Band on Sunday, because I can feel how tight it is and the pain in my knee.  I also don’t want to accept being injured, so I’m thinking avoiding a return to running right away might help me also avoid admitting that.  Instead, I’m thinking about giving spinning another shot.  I’ve tried it a few times and usually hate it, mostly because my ass hurts for days after, but Dani loves it so I’m considering it.  Plus I’m thinking a change in cardio might jump start my metabolism and help me fit in my jeans again.

My weekend pretty much starts tonight.  My bff Meghan is in town on Air Force/JAG business and Dani, Adrienne, and I are meeting her for dinner followed by drinks with everyone else.  I haven’t seen Megh since our friends Adam and Karyn got married in September and I’ve missed her!

Tomorrow night is another girls night out with some bowling at Lucky Strike, then Saturday I have two kickball games followed by the DC United game at night.  It’s looking like a long weekend of drinking, so uh my liver better prepare itself.  The next three weekends are all pretty crazy like that, which is kind of a good thing because it will make them pass quickly and Dar will be here for his visit before I know it!

Happy Thursday everyone!  What are you all up to this weekend? Please wish me and my liver well, because it’s been a while since I drank multiple nights of a weekend.

Weekend Fun

It’s a rainy and dreary day here in VA, as I believe it is up and down much of the East coast.  A perfect day for staying inside and watching movies, which is exactly what the roommates and I have been doing.  So far we’ve watched 127 Hours and now have moved on to Across the Universe.  The three of us actually saw this in theaters together and then spent the night roaming around the streets of Baltimore singing All You Need is Love at the top of our lungs.  That seems so long ago now. Sigh.

Anyway, backing up, Friday night the three of us headed out to Sushi Rock for dinner and drinks.


ready to go out!


fun drinks with rock candy

The food at Sushi Rock was average, but the atmosphere and drinks were fun.


Adrienne and Dani

Dani and Me


Unfortunately after dinner and a few drinks I had to call it a night and head home so that I’d be able to get my long run in on Saturday morning.  I think I was in bed and asleep by 11 pm, I really can’t wait until training is over and I can stay out and play :).  My alarm went off at 7:30 and I was up and out the door by 8:30.  The run wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t amazing either, and I really really need to get over my hatred for the first three miles of every run.

Also, clearly I didn’t run 8, mainly because I ran out of bike path after 3.5 miles and just decided to turn around and come back.  Whatever, I’ll take it.  My IT band is a little tight today, and I’m experiencing twinges of pain every once in a while which is annoying, but I think with some stretching, ibuprofen, and foam rolling all will be alright.  After my run I ended up sitting at the car dealership waiting for my car to get serviced for two hours.  On an empty stomach.  After a long run.  By the time I got out of there at 2 pm I thought I was going to pass out, and couldn’t wait to get food in my face as fast as possible.  Sadly, that’s as eventful as my Saturday got because I was exhausted and in pain.

This morning I woke up, went to the store, and cooked a lovely breakfast of homefries, bacon, and eggs for Dani and myself.  I’m currently walking around looking like a giant slore, because I burnt the shit out of myself on Friday with my curling iron and it looks like a giant hickey.

Classy right?  If only people knew that me having a hickey right now is about as likely as a nun having one.  Hopefully the burn fades soon, and I can at least cover it up with makeup, otherwise I’ll be wearing my hair down all week at work.  Anyway, that’s about it from me for the weekend.  I kind of want to go get some ice cream, but the chances of me leaving the house again are slim to none.  Have a relaxing Sunday!