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Yes to the Dress?

Dinner and dress shopping was a lot of fun last night, and I think we gave Meghan a great start to her birthday (it’s today).  Her loving fiancée is taking her out for a romantic dinner tonight, so we gave her a night of fun and laughter.

my bests

Megh is an awesome bride, and has pretty much given us free rein when it comes to choosing bm dresses.  Her only requirements are that it be short, from the JLM line, and the silky taffeta material.  See all examples here, her colors are Raspberry and Midnight.  We all immediately got to picking out dresses, and when I had the one I liked in hand, the girl helping us said, “that one is somewhat difficult to wear if you have a large chest because of the way the top is cut.”  Then we all looked at my chest and laughed.  That won’t be a problem.  These were my two favorites of the ones I tried on, keep in mind they’re two sizes too big and need to be hemmed.

Number 1 choice

Number 2 choice

Dani actually really liked the second one and will probably end up ordering that one.  I fell in love with the first one the second I put it on, especially because of the fact that it has pockets.  My first experience with bm dresses wasn’t bad at all, and I could actually see myself wearing that dress again.

On the way home I found myself trying to explain something to the roommates, but they just ended up looking at me like I had 17 heads so I’ll try again here.  I go through weird phases, one where I want to go out a lot and hang out with friends and the other where I’d rather sit at home and not talk to anyone.  After so many weekends of going out, socializing, and boozing my face off, I have like zero desire to see people right now.  I was trying to explain how this weekend I would love to just sit at home not doing anything or having to talk to anyone, and they were shocked.  They couldn’t understand how I could want to “waste the weekend” that way.  I was like, well it wouldn’t be a waste, the weekend would still happen and I’d still get to relax.  They didn’t get it though.  Anyone else feel like this?  Am I just a weirdo?

Anyway, it’s Thursday, and I have a half day tomorrow, but like I said, haha I don’t really feel like doing anything.  However, Steph is in town again and I think there are tentative plans to get together with her and Kacy?  I can probably get over my antisocialness for dinner and drinks.

Heating Up

Heyooo, happy Thursday!  Just as expected, here in the great state of VA we’ve pretty much skipped any signs of spring and plunged right into summer.  What’s up high of 91 today.  I’m wearing my favorite pink and white JCrew dress to celebrate.  Also my new VS bathing suit arrived on Tuesday just in time for the opening of the pools this weekend.  I’m not entirely sure I don’t look like a fat monster in it, Dar disagrees (I sent him a pic, no I won’t post it here), but eh whatever.

So I got to check out the brand new gym at work yesterday, and it is amazing.  Seriously, I love it.  Brand new equipment of all kind, treadmills, ellipticals, precors, stair climbers, weights, a spin room, and a group fitness room.  The locker rooms have giant showers with body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, and giant towels.  Not the usual baby size towels that gyms normally provide where your hooha hangs out.

After my tour of the gym was complete, I hopped on a treadmill for 30 minutes.  I ran a 10 minute warm-up followed by 2 x 400 m at 8.2 mph and 1 x 200 m at 9.0 mph, and then a cool down.  All together, an even 3.1 miles in 30 minutes.  After cardio, I wandered into the empty group fitness room and set up for some leg work.


Set 1: 15 x 18 lbs
Set 2: 15 x 18 lbs
Set 3: 15 x 18 lbs

Plie Squats

Set 1: 15 x 12 lbs
Set 2: 15 x 12 lbs
Set 3: 15 x 12 lbs

Split Squats

2 sets of 12 on each leg

I opted to shower at the gym after my workout instead of driving home all sweaty, plus the showers at the gym are bigger than my one at home.  Not bad, and the body wash smells good.  I’m going to try out a lunch time workout today and see how that goes.  So what are everyone’s plans for the holiday weekend?  The way it’s look for me so far is baseball game tomorrow night, pool time on Saturday, BBQ on Sunday, and more pool time on Monday.  Sounds pretty delightful.