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Ch, ch, cha changessss

Over the weekend I got to thinking about some things. Mostly, how it seems my birthday is suddenly one month away and I would like nothing more than to barely acknowledge the day. If you know me IRL, this is the opposite of how I normally feel about my birthday. For the previous 4 years I have spent a wild and drunken weekend at my BFF’s beach house boozing my face off.

24, 25, 26, and 27

24, 25, 26, and 27

Granted I did get dumped on the second night of last year’s trip, so that put somewhat of a damper on the weekend, but at least no one judged me when I showed up to the beach on Friday with a Nalgene full of vodka and not water. Now, since I was broken up with 6 days before my birthday last year, I could pretty much drive off a cliff, into shark infested waters, and have it be more enjoyable than whatever I was doing last year (I’m pretty sure it involved crying into vodka) but that’s not the point. I think last year just kinda ruined it for me, and that’s fine I suppose. I mean I’m well past the age where you should get excited about your birthday, but it kinda sucks too. It falls on a Thursday this year, which is my WFH day, so I’m sure I’ll be at a happy hour or something to celebrate, buy I am definitely a grumpy guss this year. Sigh. I suppose it doesn’t help that, as my mother so eloquently put it, “hunny you are almost 30!” I’m not, I will be 28 dammit. Haha.

Anyway, moving on. I also started thinking (I was alone most of the day on Saturday) about how I’ve seemed to adopt an “Out with the old, in with the new” policy in my life recently. First, I cut off about 7 inches of my hair back in March:


It’s awesome for summer, and it curls so much better, but I’m sure I’ll be sick of it once winter rolls around. Then, spurred by what can only be classified as insanity my roommate and I completely tore apart our backyard. We’re talking an entire Saturday of cutting down tree branches, pulling up weeds, raking old leaves killing the ivy that takes over. It was a mess, and now it looks awesome. We have plants, and flowers, and vegetables assuming I didn’t kill them when I planted them.



The interior of our house also recently got some upgrades and changes, mostly out of necessity since when our third roommate left us to go live with a BOY she took a lot of our furniture. After nearly three years of living in Virginia, we finally have a couch that didn’t also exist in 1954.



I’m still obsessed with that rug and vacuum it weekly. Let me tell you, I’m pretty sure there’s already an ass shaped impression in that corner of the chaise. Best purchase, ever. Also, for $40 freakin bucks at Homegoods I purchased the prettiest and girliest bedding, and I love it.

photo (2)

And, AND WE GET AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLED STARTING TOMORROW! It’s not central air, but both upstairs bedrooms and the kitchen are having ductless units installed and I’m so happy I could cry. No more crappy window unit rattling my brains at night! I might even be able to turn my blow dryer on without blowing a fuse! Perhaps though, the biggest change coming is this sweet girl coming to live with me, Adrienne, and Pumpkin on Saturday!

image (7)

photo (3)I don’t think Pumpkin really understands that this is happening, and I suspect she’ll be pretty pissed for a while, but the dog needed rescuing and well we wanted a dog. It’s not technically my dog, I just get to be her cool aunt. Can’t wait to meet her on Saturday! So lots of changes going on, most not really life changing but good things nonetheless. Oh, and I have a date on Wednesday. The last date I went on there was snow on the ground, and it was so terrible I gave up dating for 4 months. Hopefully this goes better than that one :).


The Best Ever

Hello, I’m back!  I say that less than enthusiastically, as yesterday’s goodbye may have been the hardest and saddest one in the past year and a half of long distance dating.  I had a wonderful, extra long, weekend in Wisconsin with my love in our house, and I don’t want to have to wait 7.5 weeks to go back.

I have lots of pictures to share, including a deck restoration post, but I’ll save that for tomorrow and just share some general house pics and stories from the weekend today.  After realizing it wouldn’t cost me anything to change my flight, I headed out to WI a day early on the 6:30 pm flight Wednesday night.  An hour and a half later, we were back on the ground in a new time zone.  Since I was super excited to get to the house, we just picked up some takeout on the way home, and then Darren gave me the grand tour.

The house is amazing. I love every single thing about it, and I was so happy I almost cried when we were walking around. It was just so surreal to think that it was officially ours to do with what we want.  The rest of the night we just kind of hung out watching TV and eating our dinner.  We both had to get up and work on Thursday morning, me from the comforts of our kitchen table and Darren was off to the condos he’s painting.  Can I just say how awesome it was to wake up together on a weekday, make our bed, and then go to work?  It almost felt like we were a normal couple for a minute.

This was my work set-up for Thursday

I hung out at the house all day, working and taking pictures of things, while also waiting for the AC repair guy to tell us what we already suspected.  Yup, it’s broken, haha.  We knew it would have to be replaced sooner rather than later since it’s from 1987, but 11 days after closing?  Sigh.  Luckily, the temps were staying in the high 70s and dropping into the 50s at night, so we didn’t really miss it that much over the weekend.

Since our bedroom is really the only fully decorated room in the house, I’ll start with those pictures, also because I’m obsessed with it.

Anything smaller than a king size bed now feels like I’m being smothered.

Darren mounted the TV on a rotating arm and hid the cables behind the wall. It’s sweet.  Also sweet? A ceiling fan above the bed.

This is the room that will eventually have my Pottery Barn furniture, but is currently serving as a guest room/office.

Now, the next few rooms strongly resemble a frat house from 1980, but that’s only because we’re currently using old furniture that we already had or was given to us until we can afford to furnish the rest of the house.  Ya know, cause we have to buy things like a new air conditioner.

Don’t tell Darren, but the wood paneling started to grow on me.

Just one of the 23 TVs in the house.

Giant couch and TV

At least the couch is comfy

The kitchen is nothing fancy, yet, but I did add some feminine touches to take away from the multiple containers of protein powder atop the fridge.


Wine rack!

Wine canvas, both from Target, duh.

Also, did you notice our floors?  They are real hardwood, and I am OBSESSED.  I think I cleaned the floor three times in the 4 days I was there.  I love them.

so beautifullll and this picture pretty accurately shows just how light they are

The outside of the house isn’t too shabby either, and we have a giant back yard and side yard.  The landscaping needs some work since the sellers hadn’t lived there for a year, so don’t worry, we’re working on it.

The brown will be painted gray shortly

our pretty birch tree

So that’s pretty much it.  We do have an unfinished basement that spans the entire size of the house.  It’s currently serving as our gym, Darren’s work space, and a paint storage facility.  I’m going to save the pictures of the backyard until tomorrow when I post about our deck restoration, but now here’s some photos of people!

Standing in front of our house

Enjoying our first BBQ.. I’d had a lot of sangria

Anyway, so happy Monday! How were all your weekends?


You guys, it’s happened.  Hell has frozen over.  For that can be the only explanation as to how my super sexy, but oh so stubborn and lover of all things plain and manly, boyfriend and I have agreed on bedroom furniture.  Don’t get me wrong,  by no means did we easily reach an agreement, but sometime around 10:30 pm last night, it happened!  Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

You see, I have BEAUTIFUL bedroom furniture currently that I love and splurged on when I moved to VA 1.5 short years ago.  It’s this set from Pottery Barn, and you would have to pry my cold dead fingers off of it before I’d willingly give it up.



Isn’t it fabulous?  Well Darren hates it.  He thinks it looks like it belongs in a beach house or something, and repeatedly tells me how stupid it was to spend that much money on furniture to put in a house I rent.  I retaliate with something cunning like “No, you’re stupid.” Sigh.  Anyway, the real problem lies in the fact that my gorgeous bed is queen sized, and Darren and I are rather large people who like our space when we sleep.  Throw in the fact that he was gifted an almost brand new king sized mattress and box spring, and we were in the market for king sized furniture.  Insert compromise here;  my furniture will be guest room furniture and I will forever be jealous of our guests.  Alright let’s be serious, any guests will most likely just my sister.

Anyway, so we started looking for nice furniture that wouldn’t break the bank since we have an entire house to furnish, and some remodeling to do.  At this point it became apparent that I am clueless when it comes to knowing how much furniture should cost, and consulted my dear friends who pointed me in the direction of Value City.  Also, a trip to Kacy’s apartment solidified that decision.  I picked out three different bedroom sets on Sunday, and yesterday Darren went to look at them in person.  We immediately nixed one of them, and were left to decide between a plain masculine looking set and a more detailed elegant one.  After much deliberation and pointing out that the one dresser would barely fit in the room, we came to an agreement.

ta da!

Paired with this bedding, that I did purchase from Pottery Barn (on sale!) and the two shade of gray paint we’ve selected (a dark for below the chair rail and a lighter for above) and I think our master is going to look awesome.

Don’t hurt my feelings and tell me it’s going to look awful, please?  And for shits and giggles, here’s the kitchen table we’re getting.  It’s bar height, and then eventually we’ll get a nice dining room set for our formal dining room.

There you have it.  One room done, and an entire house left to go.  Although, the rest won’t get done until much later, once my bank account has recovered.  Oh, and just because I think he looks really cute here :);

the paint stained clothes are another story