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That Reminds Me

Happy December!  I’m not quite sure there are words to express how happy I am to see this month finally arrive.  For one, I’m heading to PA (again) in exactly one week to get ready for vacation, we fly out of Newark, and two it’s almost Christmas! I love Christmas, and I probably always will.  I just get great joy out of giving people gifts, things they’ve asked for, and seeing the joy on their faces.  Even if I’m struggling financially, like I am right now, I always try to find a way to buy some sort of present for the ones I love.

Also, despite being on my 5th day without booze, I’m in a fantastic mood.  Darren says if I’m viewing that as some sort of accomplishment, I have a problem.  Psh, what does he know.  Something I’ve realized since kicking my nightly bottle glass of wine, is that I’m more likely to shove handfulls of frozen chocolate chips in my face if I don’t have something to sip on.  That reminds me, need to stock up on more flavored seltzer water asap.

Some things making me happy today?

This page of my calendar.  Cute puppy, and multiple days off written in.  However, that is wrong, I don’t get paid again until next week, unfortunately.  That reminds me, mom want to send me some money so I can afford gas to drive home with next week? I’m not kidding when I say I don’t have enough.

I picked up the two pairs of pants I bought at J. Crew a few months back from the dry cleaners the other day, and now that I’ve had the waist band taken in my fav winter white cords fit like a glove.  My thighs and ass are huge, so I had to size up to fit there, but then the waist was gapping.  Tayloring, totally worth it.  That reminds me, I have an Anthro dress I want to take the hemline up on…

Lastly, somehow, it’s already been 5 weeks since I last saw my love and next week he’ll most likely be waiting for me at my mom’s house when I arrive home late Thursday night.  Just one more day of work to get through this week, our holiday luncheon is all day tomorrow, and then 4 days next week and I am home free.  I think I can make it.

And just because I normally mention it… yesterday’s workout was 40 minutes on the elliptical and abs.

Roommate Dinner

Well roommate dinner didn’t go exactly as planned.  For one there was no fire.


The chimney sweep never showed up, but that was probably for the best since it was about 60 degrees last night and a fire would have been unnecessary.  Second, there was a dinner crasher who went from person to person begging for food!

Who, me?!

I guess technically she is a roommate also, but she was not invited for dinner and she was not happy about it.  Girlfriend definitely wanted her share of peppers, onions, and sausage.

oh baby

There was wine, roommates, and Glee though, and those were the three most important ingredients.  Thank you Adrienne for cooking us a delightful and delicious meal!  I promise to make you some cookies soon ;).  In regards to last nights episode of Glee, meh.  The fact that it went like 20 minutes before the first song annoyed me, and then song choice wasn’t really that great.  My favorite one was the last performance, I guess the thinking “save the best for last” still holds true.

The weather here is out of control this morning!  Right now there is a Tornado Watch, Flash Flood Watch, and a Coastal Flood Advisory.  When I woke up and heard the wind and rain pounding on my window, I was so tempted to ignore my alarm and skip the gym.  Then I thought it would probably be a bad idea to start skipping on the second day, so I dragged myself out of bed and out the door.

I’m not sure if it is because of the unseasonably warm temperatures (it’s currently 63) for the past two days, or what, but the gym has been unbearably humid and warm.  I sweat a lot to begin with, but within seconds of my cardio starting, I am drenched.  Oh well I guess sweating out the toxins is good for me.  Anyway, todays workout was pretty similar to yesterday.

  • 18 minutes on the treadmill
  • 16 minutes on the elliptical
  • stretching and ab work

If I hadn’t accidentally driven into DC like a dummy this morning because I wasn’t paying attention, I definitely would have been able to squeeze a little more in.  Either way, I like having the workout over with by 8:15 and knowing I can just head home at night to relax or have fun :).  Also, for everyone who asked yesterday, I work in Gaithersburg, MD and this is what my commute looks like.

It’s about 29 miles door to door, and luckily I avoid most major traffic points, although I do feel sorry for the people I see heading the opposite direction every morning because they are constantly in traffic.

Anywho, first day of December, only 24 more shopping days until Christmas!  Happy Wednesday!