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Thanks everyone for your input yesterday, I got 2 “no’s” and 8 “yes’ ” regarding the bangs dilemma so we’ll see what I go with this afternoon.  It’s going to be a game time decision.  And yes, I realize how absolutely ridiculous and self-absorbed this discussion is.

So I mentioned earlier that I was gifted with a J. Crew gift card for Christmas, and took advantage of their post-Christmas sales, and additional post-Christmas 25% off and did some online shopping Monday night.  My order arrived yesterday and I loveeeeee everything.

All of this ended up costing me only $32. That top right sweater is a pale pink, not sure why it looks white.  I’d like to thank them for including a matching silk cami to go with that blouse, because it’s incredibly sheer.  Also, I think I officially need to join J. Crew-ics Anonymous.  They have that right?

Another post-Christmas purchase arrived yesterday also.  Over the course of 2011 I was using iPhoto to make a 2012 calendar, with March 2011 photos for the March 2012 page, etc.  I finally finished up the month of December after Christmas and am thrilled with the result.  The calendar looks beautiful, and the photos look like high quality prints.

Dec 2012 page = Dec 2011 events

I think it will be fun to flip through each month and remember what I was doing during that month last year, but then I’m a geek who enjoys things like that.  I’m done spending money now.

After work I managed to make it to the gym for a workout that included a 15 minute warm-up on the ARC trainer, followed by a back and chest lifting session.  I can’t tell you the last time I did a bench press, so my chest is feeling it today.  Then I cancelled out the entire workout by stopping at Baja Fresh on the way home and getting a burrito.  I don’t even really like burritos, but I couldn’t stop thinking about one.  We’ll just blame that on a certain monthly visitor making an appearance later this week.

Anywho, happy almost Friday!  We’re almost through the first week back after the holidays!  You can do it!

Warding off the Sadness

So, I’ve stated this many times before, but I’m basically an idiot.  Especially when it comes to thinking I’m right about something, there’s no need to check the details, I’ve got it covered.  You know what I mean though right?  You get an idea in your head, and before long you’re absolutely convinced you have the details right.  Where am I going with this?  Well, Dar and I kind of got a delayed Christmas gift in the form of some amazing news yesterday.  (I edited the rest of this paragraph after the first day of posting, just in case I should ever become super popular and easily located through Google.  Email me if you missed what was originally written.)

In other news, in an effort to combat my complete laziness and glutton over the weekend, I hit the gym last night for a workout.  45 minutes on the elliptical and some ab work that included crunches and planks.  I’m really trying to keep up all the workout motivation I had before going on vacation, but now that I’m bundled in sweaters and scarves, it’s much easier to say f-it and go home and put on pajamas.

Once I got home I spend an absurd amount of time playing on Instyle.com using their Hollywood makeover putting bangs on my face.  I have a hair appointment tomorrow, and as you all know, have been trying to decide whether or not to go for it since August.  Obviously these pictures look completely ridiculous because you can tell the hair is computer generated, but maybe they’ll give you a general idea of what I’d look like.

Haha, I am embarrassed for myself, but whatever.  Both of those are Lea Michelle’s hair, and I think I’m going to go for it. Hair grows back after all, right?  HALP!  Also, I’d really like to thank my tan for still hanging around and helping my face out when I have no makeup on.  Lifesaver I tell ya.

Alright, that’s enough narcissism from me today.  Don’t worry, there’s sure to be more on Friday when I end the suspense and let you all know what I ended up doing to my hair!  Later!

Out of Touch

So apparently I have a hair appointment this afternoon.  Didn’t I just get my hair done?  Hold on, I’m going to go check.  Hmm, it looks like it was 8 weeks ago, I guess my highlights need to be redone?  Haha I randomly realized yesterday that I never set up my new voicemail when I got my iPhone, and as soon as I did 6 messages beeped through.  Woops. One of them was my hair salon confirming an appointment for today, so I guess I’m going to pamper myself this afternoon.

Despite still feeling tired from the weekend, after all the eating and boozing I did I couldn’t wait to get a workout in.  33 minutes on the elliptical followed by 45 minutes with the weights.  I’m having some weird quad pain, and I can’t decide if I’m just sore from weekend escapades or if I may have pulled something during my MVP day of kickball, so I opted for just light cardio on the elliptical.  That was still somewhat bothersome to the quad though.  I guess we’ll see if it goes away.

After the gym I came home and watched the Flyers lose in overtime a game they should have won very easily.  Absurd, I may quit watching the hockey playoffs. (I won’t really, but that game pissed me off).  Also, I had a really weird dream last night that President Obama commented on my blog, haha.

So back onto the topic of the LDR, there’s one thing in particular Dar does that I love.  It may sound corny and lame and it started back when we were in college, but every time he comes to visit, he’ll spray my pillows with his cologne before he leaves.  The past two nights when I’ve gotten into bed, I’ve been able to stuff my face into the pillow and sniff and feel like he’s still sort of there.  It doesn’t last very long, but it’s a nice touch.  I also steal t-shirts to sleep in because I am a boys clothes thief.

Anyway, happy Tuesday, only 4 weeks until a holiday long weekend!