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Crock Pot Barbecue Chicken

After taking a few weeks off, I decided to bring back Crock Pot Sunday’s yesterday, and Pulled Barbecue Chicken was on the menu.  I stumbled across the recipe in the February issue of Fitness Magazine and couldn’t wait to give it a shot (tried to find a link to it online, but couldn’t).

Chop a medium onion and dice 3 cloves of garlic and add them to your crock pot with 14 oz of tomato sauce.

Add 1 Tbsp of Red Pepper flakes

Add 1/3 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and Molasses each

And 3 Tbsp of Tomato Paste

Stir everything to combine it

Season your chicken with salt and pepper before adding it to the sauce mixture.  Cover evenly with the sauce and cook on low for about 8 hours.  Once finished, remove the chicken from your crock pot, shred, return to sauce and stir.  Serve on a toasted roll with a slice of mozzarella and piece of lettuce.

So, the recipe says it makes 4 sandwiches, but that’s bs because I can see myself getting like 10 out of this.  They must make really big sandwiches at Fitness Magazine.  The sauce is sweet, and thinner than most barbecue sauces which is cool with me because that’s the kind of sauce I like anyway.  I had this for dinner last night, and have it packed to enjoy for lunch every day this week.  I predict by Friday I will be amazingly sick of BBQ chicken.

Crock Pot Barbecue Chicken
2 lbs of boneless skinless chicken breasts
14 oz can of Tomato Sauce
3 Tbsp of Tomato Paste
1/3 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
1/3 cup Molasses
1 Tbsp Red Pepper Flakes
1 Medium Onion
3 cloves Garlic
Salt and Pepper

Chop your onion and dice the garlic, add to your crock pot with the can of sauce and tomato paste.  Add in the red pepper along with the vinegar and molasses, stir to combine.  Season the chicken with salt and pepper and add to the sauce mixture, covering evenly.  Cook on low for 8 hours.

You mean, there’s a world outside my house?

So this weekend I did a lot of nothing.  Well, I cooked a few things, but other than that I did a lot of nothing.  Friday after work I went to happy hour with a few of my co-workers, and then found myself slightly buzzed in the grocery store at 9 pm at night.  Thank god for my list and budget, otherwise who knows what would have happened.  Actually I know, I would have ended up with 7 frozen pizzas and a bag of cheez puffs.  Luckily, that did not happen.

Saturday morning I woke up feeling like complete death.  I’m blaming a 24 hour bug, because unless I all of a sudden lost all of my tolerance, there is no was 2 beers and 1 glass of wine would cause me to barf three times in three hours.  So yeah, after the third barfing occurrence I popped a Phenegran and passed out until 5 pm at night.  Apparently it was almost 70 degrees on Saturday, but I wouldn’t know since I was comatose in my bed.  Oh well, I’m still hoping for a giant snow storm at one point this winter.

Sunday I woke up feeling much better, and managed to drag myself out of bed to do something with all the food I bought on Friday night.  First up was something I’d seen in multiple places recently, and struck my interest while also looking delicious.

egg cups!

So simple!  All I did was place two pieces of deli ham in my cupcake tray (sprayed with non-stick spray) drop in two mozzarella balls, crack an egg, and season with pepper and seasoned salt.  I cooked them for 15 min, which was a tad too long, at 375 and they were still amazing.  If you like your yolk a little runnier I suggest 10-12 minutes.

While my breakfast was cooking, I got to preparing my dinner in the crock pot.  Jess posted this recipe last week, and the second I saw it I knew it was for me.  Things I did not add, Mexican oregano, cilantro (gross), corn (because I forgot), and black beans because I couldn’t find a bag of frozen veggies that had some.  It was good, but a little bland, which I suspect is my fault for omitting some key ingredients.  I remember to throw the corn in after my dinner last night, so tonight’s will at least have that.  I’ll definitely make this again, but probably use a pack of taco seasoning, and maybe some hot sauce.

Cheesy Crockpot Chicken Chili

Other than that I watched a lot of TV.  The whole first season of Homeland (awesome) some One Tree Hill, and yesterday mostly football.  Then last night I had a dream that I had a Theology test today after only going to one class the entire year so far.  Talk about dream panic.  Luckily I woke up and remembered I graduated college almost 5 years ago and there are no tests to take today.  Phew.

Hope you all had a nice weekend, and that Monday doesn’t suck too much.

Winner, winner!

Thanks to everyone that entered my giveaway!  The winner of the $40 CSN gift card is….

Kacy at Low and Behold!  Email me your information and I’ll get the gift card out to you!  Congrats!

The bf went back to NYC last night, but before he left we had a delicious dinner of Crock Pot Chicken Tacos.  All you do is mix together a jar of salsa and taco seasoning, throw it in the pot with some chicken and let it cook for a few hours.  So easy, and so good.  Unfortunately my camera still isn’t working, so I have no pictures of it :(.  You’ll just have to take my word for it that they were delicious.

I ended up skipping yoga last night so that we could eat dinner, and still have time to get him on a somewhat early train back to the big apple.  Then I came home and vegged on the couch with a few glasses of wine watching all my favorite shows.  An episode of Glee that I had somehow never seen before, which is completely shocking, Make it or Break it, and The Rachel Zoe Project.  I’m such a dork, but I got really excited when I realized that last nights episode of Rachel Zoe was during NYC Fashion Week last February and that I was there that week.  It also happened to be during one of the many blizzards of the winter.  I am not looking forward to another NYC winter, so cold, with so much wet feet.

Well, at least it is already Wednesday right?  I’m actually headed back up to NYC to see the bf this weekend (I think this might be the shortest amount of time not seeing each other) to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.  We’re having dinner at The Park, which I think looks really neat and then who knows what else.

Sorry this post is so visually boring, hopefully I’ll have my camera up and running again soon.  If not I might be forced to break out my old one from my photojournalism class in college that I have no idea how to use anymore, and likes to eat batteries for breakfast.  Happy Wednesday!