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My Favorite Workout

I have a new favorite upper body/core workout, and if you follow me on Instagram you may already have an idea as to what that is. First there was this photo from last weekend on The Mall downtown.

it’s more fun to be upside down

Then there was this one that I posted on Friday afternoon.

This one is much prettier

This one is much prettier

Holding a handstand really does require an epic amount of upper body and core strength, specifically in your shoulders, but every muscle in your arm will get some work during this. Without fail, whenever I mention that I can still pretty easily kick up into a handstand at the ripe old age of 27.5, the number one question I get is, “How?” I find it pretty difficult to explain, mostly because it’s something I’ve been doing since age five, but I decided to make a video for y’all with some things that will make mastering the handstand easier for you.

  1. warm-up, just with any workout regime you don’t want to go in cold. I usually run a few miles before tackling mine and then stretch out and warm up my wrists. Wrist flexibility and strength is also really important, so roll them around, flex them back and forward, better yet just watch this
  2. You want to work up to a minute for the hollow body hold, in my gymnastics days we called it six inches because hint your body is only supposed to be six inches off the ground.
  3. Honestly? I find the handstand facing the wall more difficult that kicking up into one facing away from the wall… something about having to walk your feet up.
  4. I look like a giant nerd in the video, but the majority of it was filmed on Sunday in my living room so I had to make do with the space I had.
  5. My ass jiggles, a lot, I’m not really happy about it.

Again, like with anything, practice makes perfect. I think the most difficult thing about doing a handstand is getting a feel for that magical center of balance. The strength and conditioning will only take you so far, it’s really about mastering the feel of balancing upside down. Also, by no means are my handstands perfect or nearly as pretty as they used to be. The walking happens because I lose my balance when trying to stay still.

If you have any questions, lay em on me, and don’t be afraid of falling. You most likely won’t, and if you do it doesn’t hurt that much :). Plus it only takes one or two falls out of a handstand before you master the art of the forward roll fall out. Outatkes of me falling out of my handstands.

No Morning Should Include Cat Pee

So I was standing in my bathroom this morning straightening my hair, and I looked around the corner to see where the cat was and why she wasn’t in her usual spot, the bathroom sink.  She was perched over a pair of jeans that happened to be laying on the floor, PEEING ON THEM.  I obviously screamed at her and she bolted out the bedroom door, but why would she pee on a pair of pants when her litter box is in the same damn room?  There was plenty of litter in there, and it was relatively clean.  Was she just being an asshole or should I be worried something might be wrong with her?  As far as I know, she’s never really done this before.  She’s about 7.5 and had a clean bill of health at the vet on her last check-up.

Anyway, moving on.  The other morning on the radio I heard something that reminded me so much of Darren, and was cracking up.  A woman called in because her husband had used vacation days to stay home playing the new Call of Duty game, and now wouldn’t be able to travel home with her for the holidays.  She wanted to know if she was justified in feeling pissed off.  Well, boyfriend didn’t exactly take off from work since he is the boss, but he stayed home almost the entire day on Tuesday playing the exact same game.  Men and their video games.  Adrienne sent this out in an email the other day, and just, yes.

After getting all the way to the gym locker room on Tuesday night, and then realizing I forgot my sneakers, I was more than ready for a good workout yesterday.  35 minutes on the treadmill followed by lots of core work and push-ups.  Push-ups are not getting any easier, and I’m still struggling through 2 sets of 10. Wah.  Then I battled traffic for an hour going home, and made it just in time to watch the CMAs.

The CMAs are pretty much the only award show I watch, 1) because country boys are dead sexy 2) Carrie Underwood is hot, and 3) it’s back to back performances of all my favorite songs.  Last night’s show didn’t disappoint, well until Taylor Swift won entertainer of the year.  Can’t we just all agree she’s pretty much pop now?  I mean I still like her, but she shouldn’t really be considered country.

Well, happy Thursday! Almost to the weekend, unless you are lucky enough to have tomorrow off. I am not.



Holler, happy Friday, we made it!  I’m hoping I have only 3 more hours of work left, 5 at most, fingers crossed people, fingers crossed.  It’s once again a scorcher here in DC, and perfect weather to attend a baseball game tonight, which is what I will be doing.  Although it’s the Nats, so I doubt I’ll actually watch the game very much.  Cheap tickets and Red Porch here I come!

My lunch time workout yesterday was amazing, don’t tell anyone but I was gone for more than an hour.  Only by like 15 minutes and I didn’t have any work to do anyway, so whatever.  I snapped a picture of the new fancy gym while I was on the elliptical, so here it is.

Wall of treadmills in the front, ellipticals, stationary bikes, stair climbers, and weird ellipticals that confuse me in the back.  All the way down at the end of the gym are free weights, and the weight machines, both the spin room and group fitness room are through doors to the right.

I did 35 minutes on the elliptical while watching the Food Network, ironic I know, followed by a core workout.  This core workout to be precise, except I increased the reps to 25 for the regular crunches and bicycle kicks.  I wrapped my workout up, showered like a speed demon, and wandered back to work for the rest of my afternoon.  It was really nice to just be able to go home after work, relax, and eat dinner before 8 pm.  I brought clothes with me today in case I feel like another lunch time workout, we’ll see.

Weight Update

Ok, as you all know, I’ve been counting calories and really working it in the gym in an effort to get back in my summer wardrobe.  As you also know, I don’t weigh myself, and I haven’t since last July, which makes keeping track of whether I’ve lost any weight or not kind of difficult.  Well this morning as I was staring into my closet trying to decide what to wear when it’s 90 outside, but also work appropriate, I hesitantly pulled out my white denim capri pants.

That’s them and me in them in September last year.  (Ignore Dani’s look of pain, she was just whining).  Well this morning, I pulled them on, and they fit!  I know what I weighed then, so I have an approximate idea of where I am now, and it’s still a few pounds away from where I’d like to be, but at least it’s progress.  I think.  I should probably try on some jeans that were snug from the winter to be sure.  It was a great way to start the weekend :).

Alright dudes, happy Memorial Day weekend, have a great one!